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Monday, November 21, 2016

Been a while...

Its been a while since I last wrote anything. Vitamin M bermaharaja lela, as always. Also been busy with work etc. 

Anyways, the past half a week been great in terms of the weather. I mentioned before, a great weather brings a lot of positivity in everything.

I'm going to change the way I write. I love writing. I love this blog. It's been my mini outlet (all the smart & dumb things). But unfortunately, it is getting harder to sit & write properly due to time constraints (alasan je kot). 

Last weekend:
Friday- went to see Fantastic Beast movie with the other half & a couple of our friends. Me no see movie, that's me all the time. So went in with low expectations, plus I've never seen the rest of Harry Potter movies nor read the series (probably the only one on the planet, Harry has never interested me anyway). But really enjoyed the movie tbh. And we spent a few hours eating pancakes & borak2 at the nearby 24-hour Pancake Parlour. Nak celebrate bday Dr. A.

Saturday- Lepak, laundry 4,5 rounds (reasons many rounds ialah I tend to separate my gentle white, gentle coloured, towels/sweaters, daily mixed, etc, tu yg bunyi mcm byk gila laundry). Also went to Marmara, Dandenong, to get some party pies & deli meat for tomorrow's adventure. 32°c!

Sunday- Went to Cherry Haven, Wandin East with some friends from Malaysia. Someone I used to go to high school with. She used to study here, last here was 12yrs ago! 32°c today too! Woohoo! Great cherries. Sent them back to their AirB&B. We got stuck for a few moments on Exhibition St/ Bourke St because ada rally oleh group 'Say No to Racism'. Banyak police. Apparently hari ni both right & left wing groups ada rally. 

There. See ppl soon

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday to ~SodaPunch&RojakBuah~

So yesterday was this blog official 11th birthday. Goshh! Been that long blogging!

This blog was initially created from the suggestion of my younger brother H3. I like writing, but at that time had no idea what to post online on this blog. I didnt want it to be my 'pour-all' online journal, but rather what's happening in my life with other thoughts. Somehow a journal but not a private one, so no private matters I suppose. So the first post was a short note on my Nickelback concert in Melbourne then. Haha. Boring. 

Over the years, I added extra stuff, including mebbie a little private stuff about work & life. Reading back, hmmm, kinda embarrassing on how dumb the writings are. Mebbie should just delete them. But somehow all those embarassing notes are reminders that life was once dumb but beautiful & we can only learn to be a better person now & the future, right.

And over the years, I've become lazier/ rather busier with work & life, so less & less posts.

Yes, I've matured a little if to compare me back then. I dont have many little hobbies to fill in the gaps of my daily life, but I am hoping that writing could be a way of maintaining my sanity in going through life & appreciate all the little things.  

This year, in spite of busy with work & stuff, I aim to continue posting regularly. So hopefully this will go on. 

Haaaappppyyyyy 11th birthday to ma' blog!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016: All the best

Agak-agak kemalasan hard core. I copied & pasted some old ones on new years resolution.
This blog has been moldy agaknye been a while since I last wrote anything unimportant =)

Kinda late-ish to wish happy new year to all. Sometimes I get a bit lagged on writing the dates esp at work, kinda 1 year behind. Sigh...

This year, so far I have been semangat nak stick to my azam tahun baru:
1. Continue azam tahun-tahun lepas yg tak berapa dipenuhi.  Oh well, I dont even remember most of it. But will refer to them bila-bila senang.

2. Nak datang kerja on time. So far so good. Datang on time, or awal 2,3 minutes, really naikkan semangat bekerja =P

3. Nak senaman lebih sket. So far been to the 1000-steps/ Kokoda Memorial Trail kat Dandenong Ranges almost every week with Encik Hubby or with a group of friends. In mid January baru ni, I was forced to go to the 1000 steps by my workmates. Not only naik turun satu loop, diorang paksa go up & down twice. And yes, am happy I actually did that. Cant believe been in Au for a while & didnt know/ didnt even step a foot there. 
Also we went to Tasmania early January baru ni, did lots of walking & outdoor-sy stuff. Really enjoyed being active.

4. Nak kurangkan gula, garam, oil; other rubbish in food. And replace with balanced food. 
Now I drink tea with only half a teaspoon of sugar VS dulu 2 teaspoon. And slowly I find that even that somehow manis esp for the decaf tea. And for coffee, no sugar for many years now. Yes!! Jimat gula!

5. Nak kurangkan bazir-bazir esp on beauty items, food stuff, pakaian/kasut/bags. One good start is to keep tab of those stuff. And derma most of the items yg dah tak nak, or dah tak muat.

6. Nak keep in touch with others more. I will start with 1-2 ppl dlm my contact list to just msg via watsapp/ fb/ viper/ etc a week. No man's an island. 

7. Nak keep in touch with my artsy self more. For a start, to continue regularly updating this blog =). Today's post is a start for 2016.

8. Nak tengok more documentaries, cooking show, etc that's not related to drama/ fiction.
My current favs: Cutthroat Kitchen. Tiny House Hunters. History channels. Cartoons (Scooby Doo, Legend of Chima, Batman, etc)

9. Nak look after the garden more. We have 5-6 chilli trees of different variations now. Yg lama mati during the last winter. Alhamdulillah growing with lots of hasil. Also our daun kesum, given by Mak Long & Pak Long growing, surviving. Aloe vera tree, given during pindah dulu still alive. Now next nak start grow some serai & mebbie lemons/ limes in a pot.

10. Nak be a better person in general. 

11. This year, I am doing a part time job. A lot on my plate currently. One of it is to complete my 4:10/ masters diploma for my Advanced Training. Also nak start studying for the fellowship exam yg ntah bila aku nak sit. This year ED college dah tambah some new rules e.g. more assessments to be completed etc. So need to focus on that. THese are only the career bit. Ada lagi menda lain yg aku nak buat/ approach for this year. Latersss. 

Banyak la pulak azam tahun baru ni. Well, I truly want to fulfill these this time. Bubuh kat blog supaya ingat bila baca-baca balik what I've written here. 

Selamat tahun baru 2016. Semoga it fills with joy, prosperity, love, and all the best in life, and beyond to all of us. 

Take care all.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Minggu ke-3 Ramadhan 1436H

Alhamdulillah, dah nak masuk hari ke-21 Ramadhan 1436H. I am writing this at the hospital at around 430am. Will have my sahur, some light munchies at around 530am nanti. Doakan no patients come in until handover time, yo! InsyaAllah.

This is my 6th of 7 night shifts, and 3 more shifts to go until cuti raya!!! Sad because leaving to this place, which has been good to me, but I'm very excited raya!

Sedih sungguh dengar lagu raya & tengok iklan-iklan raya in between patients tonight. In fact, I have been doing it since 3 malam yang lalu. Pagi-pagi around 6am lepas sahur around Subuh time ada rancangan Ramadhan on channel 31. Aku tak berpeluang nak tengok of course, while doing night shifts so far. Other than that kat sini takde rancangan Ramadhan, iklan raya, rancangan raya, apa-apalah yg berkaitan. So feel nye kurang sedikit. Tambah-tambah lagi waktu puasa yg pendek, & orang-orang sekeliling tak beberapa memahami. Ada some Muslim groups & masjid-masjid yg buat solat Terawih with their buka puasa + moreh. Those yg tak berkesempatan to join, buat sendiri je kat rumah with own family. Kena sendiri proactive & kuat.

Persediaan raya hmmm... takde kot from here. I will probably buat some kuih later on, after puasa la kot. Some friends will be sitting for their specialty exams around hari raya time and again around raya haji nanti, so tak berapa meriah sangat this year.

Oh ya! I wouldnt know my patients Muslims or not kalau tak pasal nama or the way they dress themselves. There has been a few times when some names yg aku tak recognize, to my surprise tapi they wish me selamat berpuasa & ask me if ubat mata/ telinga will affect their fasting. Banyak nama yg aku tak kenal from Turkey, South Afrika, Eastern European, Rusia, China sana, dan lain-lain. Nice. Kalau bukan bulan puasa, from my observation so far, kind of difficult to recognize diorang tu Muslims or not. Tapi bulan Ramadhan, it brings all these Muslims together. Pakai tudung or not, janggut or not, tattoo or not, modern tradisional, practising or not, semua are connected somehow. It is a nice feeling. Bulan berkat. Alhamdulillah.

And Alhamdulillah, so far Allah swt permudahkan my Ramadhan. Semoga di akhir-akhir Ramadhan, Allah swt continues giving berkat, kemudahan, kekuatan to all Muslims as well as others. Take care all.
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