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Monday, November 21, 2016

Been a while...

Its been a while since I last wrote anything. Vitamin M bermaharaja lela, as always. Also been busy with work etc. 

Anyways, the past half a week been great in terms of the weather. I mentioned before, a great weather brings a lot of positivity in everything.

I'm going to change the way I write. I love writing. I love this blog. It's been my mini outlet (all the smart & dumb things). But unfortunately, it is getting harder to sit & write properly due to time constraints (alasan je kot). 

Last weekend:
Friday- went to see Fantastic Beast movie with the other half & a couple of our friends. Me no see movie, that's me all the time. So went in with low expectations, plus I've never seen the rest of Harry Potter movies nor read the series (probably the only one on the planet, Harry has never interested me anyway). But really enjoyed the movie tbh. And we spent a few hours eating pancakes & borak2 at the nearby 24-hour Pancake Parlour. Nak celebrate bday Dr. A.

Saturday- Lepak, laundry 4,5 rounds (reasons many rounds ialah I tend to separate my gentle white, gentle coloured, towels/sweaters, daily mixed, etc, tu yg bunyi mcm byk gila laundry). Also went to Marmara, Dandenong, to get some party pies & deli meat for tomorrow's adventure. 32°c!

Sunday- Went to Cherry Haven, Wandin East with some friends from Malaysia. Someone I used to go to high school with. She used to study here, last here was 12yrs ago! 32°c today too! Woohoo! Great cherries. Sent them back to their AirB&B. We got stuck for a few moments on Exhibition St/ Bourke St because ada rally oleh group 'Say No to Racism'. Banyak police. Apparently hari ni both right & left wing groups ada rally. 

There. See ppl soon

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