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Friday, April 20, 2012

Autumn, and It's Time To Get Serious!!

Ni bukan dah kira bersawang lagi, dah berkerak-kerak, kena masuk autoclav for sterilization agaknye. I'm talking about how long ago I last wrote anything here.
Each time nak tulis something, mesti rasa bersalah coz I know I will take a long time to write stuff here. It will involve writing itself (+/- editing),
gambar-gambar semua kena diedit/diwatermarkkan, etc.
I feel guilty coz I actually hafta really focus on my study, lagi 3months je nak start primary exams ni. I'm only doing 2 subjects but the amount of knowledge to know & be able to regurgitate memang massive!!! Tambah-tambah lagi stuff to do in relation to work, e.g. presentation, prep for pop quiz, teaching the kiddies, etc.
Stress.. stress.. stress...!!!

Wats been happening in my life: mebbie kalau aku tak rasa bersalah to write I will cerita more on each of these. Buat masa ni list je la.
- interesting stuff happening at work.
- my mistakes at work.
- my new phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with me tanpa sengan silu re-activating my 3G/ mobile internet service. I am truly on the go now.. haha.
- my eBay purchases =P

- dr. HAK birthday dinner in the city early April hari tu.
- visit to Surfers' Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland about 2wks ago. was soooo nice & warm. balik melbourne balik, jadi depressed. Now dah autumn... sejuuukkkkksss!!!! hate the weather!

Now, wat's happening next:
- night shift starting tonight, abis monday a.m.
- monday arvo, seeing my gastroenterologist for the first time, in view of gastroscopy, etc. due to my ED admission mid Feb hari tu pasal gastritis exacerbation.
- wednesday a.m., my turn to teach the kiddies. i was supposed to teach on ENT stuff, but coz I sed sth stoopid in front of my scary mem besar at work, now kena teach on snake bites in Australia. huhu.
- thursday arvo, mortality & morbidity morning. I have a case to present. big meeting coz will involve many people frm the big bosses to the kiddies to the nursing staff :'(
- friday until sunday will be my APLS course (advanced paediatrics life support), all 3 days will be full day course. kena abiskan baca the reading material coz aku dah bayar au$2000, so kena la pass assessment diorang.

So u can imagine, my schedule will be really busy :(

Dah 4 hari fm Tuesay aku dok makan nasi lemak :D nyam nyam. thought of cooking tonight but nasi lemak byk lagi. mebbie esok je la.
Tonight, harap-harap hubby bawak balik kebab, coz aku dah bosan makan nasi lemak tu lunch dinner since Tuesday.

And, now back to working on work. Tonight night shift..

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