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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday to ~SodaPunch&RojakBuah~

So yesterday was this blog official 11th birthday. Goshh! Been that long blogging!

This blog was initially created from the suggestion of my younger brother H3. I like writing, but at that time had no idea what to post online on this blog. I didnt want it to be my 'pour-all' online journal, but rather what's happening in my life with other thoughts. Somehow a journal but not a private one, so no private matters I suppose. So the first post was a short note on my Nickelback concert in Melbourne then. Haha. Boring. 

Over the years, I added extra stuff, including mebbie a little private stuff about work & life. Reading back, hmmm, kinda embarrassing on how dumb the writings are. Mebbie should just delete them. But somehow all those embarassing notes are reminders that life was once dumb but beautiful & we can only learn to be a better person now & the future, right.

And over the years, I've become lazier/ rather busier with work & life, so less & less posts.

Yes, I've matured a little if to compare me back then. I dont have many little hobbies to fill in the gaps of my daily life, but I am hoping that writing could be a way of maintaining my sanity in going through life & appreciate all the little things.  

This year, in spite of busy with work & stuff, I aim to continue posting regularly. So hopefully this will go on. 

Haaaappppyyyyy 11th birthday to ma' blog!

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