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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Palm Oil... Threats From Lush

Freezing morning today... bila ckp berasaaap.. fuh! Its kinda nice & sunny outside now but its still cold. How deceiving.. but I'm thankful of the sun shining out there.. at least it isnt gloomy.

I've been wanting to talk about the brand Lush for quite sometime but was distracted with some other things. Its a quite well-known brand here in Melbourne with only 13 shops all thru out the country; being 2 in Melbourne only (Chadstone & Melb city). When I last went back to M'sia, there's still no Lush branch there (thank God for that) & i think there's 1 or 2 in S'pore. For those who doesnt kno wat Lush is, just walk pass the store & you'll be pinching ur nose fainting gasping for air. Ala-ala sesak gitu. haha. That's their trademark lah.

Their latest campaign since end of last year if I'm not mistaken, especially now, is to boycott palm oil, especially those from South East Asia, namely Indonesia & Malaysia. It is clearly stated in their latest summer 2009 catalogue edition.

Their main reason: oil palm trees plantations are hurting the environment.
Their arguments (tak tau la diorang ni bangang ke apa, tapi yg pastinye article tu menunjukkan diorang ni either ignorant or kurang berpengetahuan sebelum meng-war-war-kan pemboikotan ni): rain forest being cleared for each season of plantations, the trees are set to fire, killing natural flora & fauna especially the orant utan habitat & of course contributing to environment disaster.
Hmm... diorang ni org zaman batu la agaknye.

Funny how they dont include this campaign on their webbie.

Well, tak dinafikan, zaman dolu2 cam ni la org tanam apa2 pun, termasuk la kat Australia nun. Kerajaan kita dah maju sket dp ni, with the hutan simpanan for orang utan & other animals, also ruther research of oil palm trees plantation & better use of the whole tree rather than buahnye saja, and so on. Dunno wat the Indonesian gov is doing, but I'm sure diorang pun dah maju sket & there must be some measures are being done as we speak. Tak dinafikan jugak, masih ada di Indonesia & di M'sia (harap2nye takde or kalau ada pun, minimum & bakal dihapuskan) yg bakar2 hutan utk their plantation.

Lush UK has successfully stopped using palm oil in all their soap production. Lush Au & NZ are following closely behind, with them actively seeking alternatives to palm oil thru their forum A.S.A.P. (Actively Seeking Alternatives to Palm), and them supporting the Sumatran Orangutan Society thru their global product sales. Bagusla tu buat menda2 charity ni thru their profit, but the boycotting US? hmmm....

Menda yg buat aku sket berasap (bukan berasap sejuk pagi tadi) ialah they widely & openly do this campaign of boycotting our palm oil. Kinda outrageous when they dont get the facts right & senang2 nak hurt our economy, thus those who rely on the palm oil industry esp. kat kampung2 sana. Do they care about world economy or world food crisis at all?

Latest readings of wats going on in M'sia now: research of palm oil for replacing petrol use, pelepah palm utk oil spill on the coast, oil palm for skin care, new ways for environment friendly plantations, and some other very impressive researches of the whole palm trees.

Well, dolu2 masa mula2 sampai sini, aku ada gak guna some of their products, despite the stinking shop. My hubby dreads going there with me, he gets bad migraine each time we pass thru. hahahhaa... I dont deny that some of them are quite good..blablabla natural ingredients (that I dont really care..as long as my skin is supple & brilliant). They are expensive. Well, lotsa other cheaper products are 'natural' & very good, so tak rugi pun tak guna these Lush products. Whats even better is, we can all make some of them ourselves e.g. the facial mask, soap, shampoo, etc if we kno & have the time to make them.

Therefore.. in conclusion, marilah kita sama2 menjayakan industri kelapa sawit kita sambil totally AVOID Lush products no matter how tempting it is to try. Dlm erti kata lain... pulaukan Lush!
Hidup Malaysia & South East Asia!

(for reviews of skincare/beauty products try this excellent webbie: www.totalbeauty.com)

Oh well, its time to toss the stoopid Lush catalogue right into the recycling bin, my deed for the environment.

Sources: Lush.com.au, Lush webbies, Lush summer 2009 catalogue, www.totalbeauty.com, google for palm oil industry

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Virtual Life.. is it the way of life nowadays...? Part one

Have I mentioned that I soooooo hate the stoopid weather now? Gloomy, rainy, windy, cold... benciiii!!!

If only I could choose the type of weather I wanted to have, like choosing the settings of ur email/webbie watsoeva, I would have a bright lovely sunny day, not too hot, some nice cool breeze in the early morning & in the arvo, occasional nice warm showers anytime of the day, nice temperature in btw 23-28 degree celcius. Hmmm.. how nice would that be..

Talking abt choosing settings in the virtual world, our lives has become virtual real fast nowadays, whether we realize it or not. Our real life social network has their own virtual twins. We have these FB, frenster, myspace, hi5, kawanaku, usrah, yahoogroups, msn groups, etc.. and the newly renowned twitter. Dont forget ecircles, which was famous mebbie 7-8yrs ago.

Mcm2 reasons we join these netties: just for fun, keep in touch with long-distance/ infrequent contacts, business promotions, recruiting agents, socializing, to have own social circles, etc.

We also tend to choose who we want to be in our contact/frens list. Mostly friends of course. Then there are colleagues & family members. Obviously we want these ppl to actually be aware of our daily lives, unless we set some privacy setting that they can only have a peak of wat we actually want them to see & hide some others.

The reasons why we have them in our list:
- frens that we want to keep in contact, because in real world they r either long-distance or uncontactable coz of busy lives or simply some old pals to re-live the old memories. sentimental la konon2 ni. hehehe...
- family members, mebbie in real life tak mampu nak jumpa diorang all the time coz of distance & own personal busy life
- colleagues who we like to have in our personal social circles
- saje suka2 menambah koleksi kawan2 nak tayang popularity, despite we kno these ppl or not.. hahahhaha.. (mesti ramai yg buat ni..)
- others for whateva reason such as business, purpose grps, etc.

The reasons why we DONT have them in our list:
- enemies. enuf said.
- we cant find them in our search for them. (this is an active effort from our part) mebbie they want to be private in the search setting & they dont want to be found, mebbie we dont have the exact name they use in their virtual lives, mebbie they dont even have an account to these groupies (they may actually value real world better than virtual reality), mebbie for whateva reason it is.
- we dont want any of these ppl to be in our list for wateva reasons, despite if they r family/friends/someone we kno. mebbie we dont want them to kno our personal/virtual lives for watever reason. (this may be an active part from the other party to search us).
- other ppl try to search for us thru the search function but cant find us like the 2nd reason above of why we dont have them in our list.
- etc etc etc

Then, there r some ppl yg kita dah set the settings so that they can only view some parts of our page, but not the rest. Hmmm.. yg ni susah sket. Mebbie kita tak nak family/ frens mengesan kerja busuk kita slama ni tapi tak sampai hati nak reject their frens request/ remove them from the list. Ahahahaha. Mebbie kita memang tak suka kat dia in real life tapi kasi can je masuk dlm frens list ni. Hmm.. mcm2 kan. So apsal susah2 nak simpan diorang ni dlm list? Baik takyah ada dlm list kan. Well, relationships evolve as people change thru out their life time. So, tu la.

Ni nak citer a story of some ppl that I kno. Dia mengisahkannye begini. In real life konon2nye family members/kawan. Never had one of them in the frens list all thru out the so many years, dia tried to find org ni nak add jadi member dlm one of the webbies. Tapi tak jumpa. Then found out some mutual frens ada la org2 ni thru some postings. Tried to add, tapi rupanye dah di bar. Then lagi sorang yg originally ada dlm list & sorta mengikuti perkembangan kehidupan dia coz dia tersgt la open. At the same time lotsa things happening in real life. Dipendekkan cerita org yg dah ada dlm list ni pun mem'block' la this poor person & removed dia from the list. Tapi in real life, mengaku plak 'sedara kandung'.. & kalau di dlm kesusahan baru la terhegeh-hegeh meminta simpati, yg menyampahnye tu, terpaksa plak tolong, kalau tak dia akan get in trouble later on apsal tak tolong manusia2 ni yg di dlm kesusahan. bangang tak? ... alahai.. They can be lovy dovie dgn kengkawan lain tapi its all fake with own 'sedara kandung'.. hmmm...apa punya manusia la tu. The issue why this is happening in the virtual world between these people remain unspoken...

All of us dont want to be labelled as childish, so we dont talk about these issues of why they block us in the frens list, why we r not in their list, why this why that.. tu satu issue.

(p/s= Takde kena mengena dgn org2 in my list anyways, just a story of someone who's close to me, I just hate seeing that person being hurt, that person deserves all the happiness in the world. Apologize for any coincidence if it is)

Ada baaanyaaak lagi issues mengaitkan virtual world ni. E.g. privacy & safety, public lashing, atas pagar, etc. Yang pastinye.. kehidupan manusia zaman sekarang dah byk diganti or ditambah dgn dunia VE. Mungkin tidak bagi org2 di negara2 dunia ke-3 yg what they do thru out the day is to fullfil the aims for the day which are pretty much feed their mouths & keep safe to continue the same thing the next day, very simple life. Wheter we like it or not, it is fast becoming our own lives, as the world evolve & progress.

Til then, baik aku sambung lain kali je la & gi lipat kain yg menimbun2 tu. Despite virtual world or not, sebakul terlebih2 kain tu takkan melipat diri sendiri bila aku tengok diorang. Memang takkan ada sapa2 lipat kalau dibiarkan cam tu je. Walaupun aku byk lagi baju bleh tahan sampai lagi 2,3 bulan kalau biar je laundry. So... here it goes. bleh...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tag from TTM

Tag from TTM hari ni. Boleh la tu. Cuaca pun tak best, gelap gelita hujan windy sejuks. Aku pun still kureng sihat dah brapa mlm tak cukup tido. Selain dp study (sepatutnye la kan) & masak & research ntah apa2 on the net, ni la menda yg aku suka buang masa buat kat rumah masa2 off ni. Susah jugak. Here it goes:

1. The Rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below.

2. Then, you must choose a picture in the first page of result and post it as your answer.

3. After that tag 12 people.










Q.10 : MY HOBBY?

Q.11 : My WISH ?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Soo... kau pikir kau bleh dance Aussie? hehehhehehee

Cuaca kat luar tu sejuk gila. Rainy, windy, dark & gloomy. Not the right weather condition to my liking.

Was thinking of going to Bunnings to buy some pots & soil for our growing baby vegies in the backyard, but its too harsh outside, so we decided to stay in.

TV shows on Sundays kat sini tersangat la membosankan. Car racing, footy, ntah apa2 lagi Australian history dlm war. Duh!.

Tambah memBOSANkan lagi ialah the too frequent iklan of final of So You Think You Can Dance Australia. I sooooo hate that show ever since it started its first season last year. It is excruciatingly BORING!!!
I hate the host, si Natalie Basingthwaite. I hate her hair style, I hate her words, I hate her fashion, I hate the way she talks, I hate everything about her as a host. Tak layak langsung. Buat rosak show je. Dgn muka mengah tak semangat dia tu, pas tu the way dia deliver her comments, uurrgghhh, jijiks. She's good as a singer, but definitely NOT as a host. I thot afta bad reviews of last season, the show would replace her wit someone better. But alas, dia lagi.. bosan!
I hate the judges. Ntah apa2 je comments diorang. Yg tak bagus, dia kata bagus, tang mana skillful yg diorang nampak tu tak tau la. Malu gua nak dgr kata2 diorang tu. I think they are all gay who dont kno wat they r talking about. I dont think they even kno how to dance properly.
I hate the lightings & the choice of songs. Tak matching langsung dgn type of dance that's chosen for the dancers. Such a turn off.
I hate the dancers as well. Too much drama. Dance je la. Kecoh betul. Diorang memang kureng berbakat. Kalau sekadar bleh lompat2, pusing2 & split at the same time, baik tak yah. All the martial arts practioners bleh buat lagi hebat. Yang lagi boringnye ialah u dont really see where their improvement is in each episode, cam semua sama je, semua pun bosan. Tah mana ntah yg judges ni nampak diorang ni bagus, tak tau la. Cam mana ntah bleh ada top 4 dancers. Mebbie yg paling bosan di antara semua tu kot.
Some of the choreographers pun ntah apa2. Some takde identity sendiri, mcm tiru the Americans (like they always do here). Bosan, bosan...
Memang nak tido la each time terpaksa endure watching this coz there's nuthing exciting to watch on other channels.

I had big hopes abt this show before it started just because of the
So You Think You Can Dance America, which is BRILLIANT!! Tapi segala2nye hancus. 2nd season was thought to be so much better than the 1st one. Ye la dgn Mary & Nigel from the American show appearance as guest judges, and I cant believe these two kasi good comments of the Aussie show! Mebbie sebab nak jaga tatasusila diorang in public eyes kot. Diplomatic nyee. Well, wat to do.

So You Think You Can Dance America memang best. I've been following the show since season 2, would be very angry if I missed one episode. The host memang best, cun, semua la. The judges ada yg tak best, but love Mary, Nigel & Mia Michael & most of them. They give very good constructive comments & very relevant. The dancers are superb, they work very hard and u can see how they progress each episode. The choreographers are all excellent with the dancers depicting their stories thru the dances. Just superb. Love the choice of songs & outfits, also the matching movement of lightings. So uplifting. Terasa nak dance je (kalau aku try sure masuk spital patah riuk).
Tak sabar nak tunggu this year's
So You Think You Can Dance America Season 5. Dengar kata akan start audition afta American Idol abis, which is pretty soon.

Malam ni aku mmg takkan buka So You Think You Can Dance Aussie on channel 10, tak rugi pon tak tgk the finale. Nuthing else to watch, so baik main Wii =D

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My 'Window-Shopping' trip =)

Walaupun still kureng sihat today, I was kinda excited sebab nak kuar gi Essendon DFO, konon2 nak gi beli Correlle sambil2 window shopping di hari ANZAC yg indah ini. Its a public holiday until 1pm so kami i.e. Dr. MJ, hubby & me bertolak lepas zohor. Almost everything opens after 1pm on ANZAC day, sebab nak kasi laluan kat ANZAC day parade/memorial kat Shrine of Remembrance kat Melb city tu.

Anyho, its starting to get cold now with strong winds & drizzling, gloomy w
eather. Along the way, here's my experiences:

1. Gila ramai people going out today, despite the weather & recession. Amazing. They may be going to the footy. They may be coming back from the ANZAC day memorial serv
ice. They may be just going shopping, to escape the gloomy weather. They all may be having fun, just having fun outside coz its Saturday, the weekend.

2. Punya la byk kenderaan kat jalan raya. And sepanjang pengamatan aku, org2 di Melbourne dah drive cam kat M'sia plak. Byk yg kurang ajar & dah makin kurang yg berhati perut. Cutting lanes, no signals, speed gila babas, slow gila babas kat lane tengah or lane kanan, tail-gating, etc. Memang gila. Its starting to be more noticeable for the past few years I must say. Aku ingat kat rural je org2 gila drive, kat city pun sama. Masa awal2 dtg sini, aku cam kagum dgn kesopanan pemandu2 Melbourne ni. Well, itu 8-9 thn dulu beb. Kini, tidak lagi. Yet again, aku tak drive kat M'si
a sana. Hahaha. Aku tau kat sana lebih gila, but wat I'm trying to say is, Melbourne now dah jadi lebih kurang sama. Lebih menakutkan sebab org2 kat sini gemoks & they know Aussie by heart. Kita ni cumalah menumpang saje.

3. Masa sampai kat sana, punya la ramai org. Mungkin mereka2 ni nak mengisi masa lapang indoors, (yg bukan rumah sendiri) masa cuaca yg buruk ni. Punya la susah nak cari parking. Orang rebut2, ada yg saja2 parking kat curbs/ tpt no parking. Yg tak cacat pun berlagak cacat parking kat tpt orang kurang upaya (cacat otak la tu). Then kami tiba di satu selekoh agak dekat dgn bangunan DFO tu. Masa tgh indicate & aku yg baik ni gi kuar fr kereta nak cop tpt tu. Tetiba sorang pompuan gemok berambut & bermuka merah dlm kereta merah yg besar honk kat aku. BODO betul pompuan gemok ni. Aku malas la nak gaduh2, padahal kitorang yg nampak spot tu dulu. Kang tak pasal2 dia lenyek aku, penyek kang. So dgn marahnye aku masuk balik kereta & kami pun
pusing2 lagi. Then masa tgh ikut2 org yg baru kuar shopping mall, seb baik this family tunjuk kat mana dia parking & diorang pun dgn baik hatinye indicate kat semua org yg diorang nak kasi spot tu kat kitorang. =) hilang mood marah aku. So sweet the family, the little girl was soo sweekt too. Masa nak gi ke spot tu, adohai, apa la malangnye nasib kami, jumpa lagi si pompuan gemok bengong tu, honking to us, agaknye dia marah kat hubby buat stunt nak gi ke parking spot tu kot. Siap buat tangan lagi kat kitorang. Gemok tu bodo ke apa, wat happened to the spot yg dia ye ye je nak rebut dgn kita tadi? Bodo, so dumb. She must be a *u**e. hehhehehehhehehee.. sapa lagi yg bodo takleh diajar kalau bukan species tu. Gila.
Aaahh.. apa2lah, yg penting dah dpt parking.

4. Kami went straight to the food court pasal dah lapar. We spent too much time on the road & byk sgt rollercoaster tadi. Letih + lapar. Pegi ke sushi bar ni. Apa je lagi yg bleh makan. Semua pon bosan. Tambah lagi dgn my throat yg tak baik betul ni. Diorang ni memang berselera je mak
an. Seronok plak tgk diorang. Well, org yg kat sushi tu pun, ish, nak kata kurang ajar, memang ye pun, nak kata bodo, memang jugak. Mintak duit je terus, gua blom abis order lagi la, makcik. Tapi dia tu org C, so no komen la. Diorang memang terkenal jugak dgn sikap kurang sopan diorang. (well, to be fair, kat mana2 pun, kaum apa2 pun ada je yg kurang ajar, ada je yg baik hati). Aku malas la nak amik2 hati coz memang takde energy & mood nak marah dia balik.

5. Punye la ramai manusia kat sini. Mcm kat shopping complex kat M'sia plak. Mungkin pasal hari ni Sabtu & cuaca kurang best, so semua pun berkerumun ke shopping malls around Melbourne. hehheheeh.. regardless its recession or not.
Plus I bet ya, most of these people mesti dah dpt government's stimulus package itu hari. Tu la yg beria-ia membeli-belah tu, walaupun takde la best sgt sale dia. hehhehehehehe... elok la tu. Tolong economy negara dgn berbelanja sakan. (kan ada dlm buku text economy).

6. Went around to window shop. Tak byk sale menarik & tak byk menda menarik utk aku membazir duit on. Most of the shoe, bag, tops styles are boring. Kaler yg bosan. Choices pun bosan gak. I've noticed this since 3,4 years back. Each time I go back to M'sia, best gila shop bags, shoes, tops, tudung, etc. Harga of course jauh lebih murah than here in Aussie, but the most important thing is the designs are far superiorly prettier & more stylish than what u can get here in Aussie. Bangga gua. Kebosanan aku tgk designs kasut & bags kat sini. Ada la hampir2 nak muntah jugak. Adoh. Harga sometimes tak berpatutan dgn kualiti & designs yg buruks tu. Tapi aku pelik
ramai gila org beli brg & byk plak tu.
Aku terasa cam nak tunggu stocktake sale this coming June, but h
mmmm... not expecting too much lah nowadays. The best thing is, nak simpan duit utk shopping gila babas kat M'sia nanti. Cuma bab2 pants/jeans/winter stuff better beli kat sini coz, satu, aku ni gergasi kalau nak bandingkan org2 kat M'sia tu, dua, mebbie menda2 tu designs & choices lagi byk coz negara ni negara 6 musim la katakan, so ample supplies for those things.

7. I notice harga brg2
Correlle jauh lebih murah kat sini if to compare with those in M'sia. Hari tu my dad dtg sini, dia dok beli menambah koleksi kat rmh tu. Mesti my mum gumbira. Kami tak jadi beli coz designs yg kami nak takde sale yet. Kami pun dah berangan2 nak yg tu, yg tu, yg situ, yg sinun, yg ni jugak..utk dibeli masa stocktake sale nanti. hehehehhehe.. chewaahh, Dr. MJ pun dah jatuh cinta dgn Correlle. hhehehehhe.. who doesnt kan? Aku kurang minat stoneware yg berat & huduhs yg byk org2 sini suka tu. Buat sakit tgn je nak angkat, basuh, simpan.

8. Haaa, ni menarik ni. Masa tgh lepak2 minum kopi tadi. Kami terjumpa satu energy drink ni. Sangat menarik. Rasa pun sedap la jugak. Ada ala2 guarana/ red bull tapi takde excessive guarana/ caffeine cam those two. Harganye sgt mahal, AU$6 each. Tapi pasal rupa dia pelik & botol yg cam bhn letupan tu, kami pun beli je la.
Nama dia Peach Bomba Energy Drink.

Anyways, betul la hari ni kami hanya window-shopping. Balik from DFO tak beli apa2. Letih ber-exercise je tadi, sambil menimba pengalaman di perantauan ni. Singgah jap kat KFC halal kat Flemington sana. Then balik dok main Wii Mario Kart lagi sampai letih2.

There goes one weekend... aaaiii... hopefully tomorrow will be better, in terms of my health & the weather & the activities that yet to be decided when we wake up tomorrow morning... =)

Wii Mario Kart

Its hard being sick & more annoying when it involves ur upper respiratory tract. Kalau ikutkan aku dah sakit dlm 5 hari dah, asik high fever je. Selama 5 hari 5 mlm tu la aku tak kerja (3 hari off) takleh makan, minum, tido coz sakit gila tekak ni. Kalau baring pun rasa cam takleh bernafas coz lagi sakit. And my ears are killing me.

Tu la tabib yg aku jumpa kat clinic hari tu tak caya bila ak
u ckp aku ada bacterial on top of viral URTI. Aku tau la kesengsaraan ni bacterial. Dia ckp balik rehat minum air byk2. Duh!! Now the blood tests came back showing bacterial infection & the doc called this a.m. for me to double my AB intake. Kan senang kalau awal2 lagi dah kasi aku the right AB. Bengong. Now dpt la rasa sedikit improvement walaupun tak seberapa. Hopefully I'll recover quick la. I'm sick of being sick!!

Anyways, hubby got back home with a set of Mario Kart & its wheels, an extension to our Nintendo Wii games collection. Wah, best! Thanks hubby.{HUGS}

We spent the whole night afta dinner main Mario Kart. Cool gila game ni. Lawaks pun ada. Memang recommended la kepada sapa2 yg ada Nintendo Wii. Watak2 dia comel & the tracks are not that easy either. Aku yg berjiwa mengah ni sure la takut nak try tracks yg susah2 tu. Asik2 mati je. Bengong tul. Tapi hubbyku yg macho tu keeps on going like always, dia seorang yg berjiwa kental. Hahahahahha...

I'm hoping my throat & whatever infection that's going on will settle down coz we r going 'window-shopping', hopefully tomorrow. *wink* corelle... *wink* lallalalalalaaa....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amitav Ghosh

My obsession of Amitav Ghosh books seems to be complete now.
Went to dinner with hubby last night coz didnt have the energy to cook. Afta dinner went to Borders. I ended up buying 3 books (the 3 for 2 offers) including the Sea of Poppies by
Amitav Ghosh. Now I have 3 of his texts in my collection, others being The Glass Palace and The Hungry Tide (which I havent managed to finish yet).

Even though I know that there's lots & lots & lots of medical texts that I HAVE to READ, but hey, there's more to life than medicine remember? hahaha.. gila pemalas, bila put on the spot baru nak nyesal.. bengong..
Hafta keep myself sane somehow.. winter is approaching, sick & miserable at the moment, plus the excruciating night shifts..

Anyhooo... will hold off reading these newly bought books for a while.. I just found some other interesting stuff to do today.. some laundry, masak, read sth else.. hehe.
Glad there's some interesting things out there.. survival.. survival..

hargai sihat sebelum sakit.. huhuhuhu...

dapat 2 hari cuti from the doc plus antibiotic yg mahal gilaaa. even tho most URTI are viral, tapi this one is bacterial, says her. its based on me having high fever, still fever while in the doc's room, generalised muscle ache, severe intensity of sickness.

kesian hubby pun sakit for the last 2 days. monday dia kena hantar balik from work, semalam cuti sehari tak sihat. hari ni dia pegi jugak kerja.. cari duit. terasa bersalah pulak dia berjangkit from me. huhuhuhu.

cita-cita besar time cuti2 i.e. kalau tak sakit:
- kemas2 rumah.
- masak menda2 sedap & bombastic.
- laundry yg berguni2 tu.
- gardening.
- reading: mags, books i bought, medicine books.
- internet. balas emails/ postings on fb, frenster, twitter/ research berguna or yg bazir masa tapi best.
- tv.
- exercise (konon-konon).
- book-keeping.

like expected, being miserable is not good. so cuma mampu buat laundry coz dah bosan baring atas katil. juga buang masa baca mags (coz byk gambar, since my brain is not so useful at the moment) & dok kat internet. kinda sedih. amik painkillers byk gila in the hope that those NSAIDs dont burn my gastric lining. also some other drugs like local anaesthetic jelly for throat, anti-histamine, my symbicort, etc on top of the dumb antibiotic. ni la dinamakan survival.. huhuhu..

teringat hadis hargailah 5 sebelum 5. ni salah satunye.. hargailah sihat sebelum sakit. slalu sgt manusia lupa menda2 yg possible time sihat e.g. self care + self improvement, whether its spiritually or physically or mentally. aku terinsaf balik. adoh adoh.. tu la manusia.. heh, manyak la ceramah aku ni..

mmmm.. lets just hope aku sihat sket today so that bleh la buat menda2 berguna seperti masak utk laki kasi dia kenyang & kemas sket2 rumah yg hampir2 nak jadi garage sepah.

okeh, time utk makan nasi kesianku ini... huhuhu..


Monday, April 20, 2009

Boring Nights.. lalallaalaaaaa

So, that's the typical night for night shifts. Sometimes it gets busy at the very start of the shift, sometimes busy in the middle part of it until morning (sampai tak sempat subuh), sometimes quiet with some dumb fon calls.

When I get to work, I usually wait for the handover from the evening docs and fon calls from the wards before I go down there. I used to go each ward & ask them anything to do before I disappear. Most of the time these nurses are not even ready yet of what they need doc for, most of the time they just rely on their own handover then after they manage to go thru things then they would call u. So, its kinda a waste of time & energy to go down there only to find out that they havent gone thru stuff yet, then u go back to the resi room only to get called 1/2hr or so later. Plus I got in trouble from the bloody wrinkly bed manager for going to all the wards the other week because I told them, jokingly, pls dont call me in btw 3-6am so if u need me, better tell me now. (like always, they said nuthing to worry about, but alas, such liars & back stabbers they are).

2320hrs. Huh, I knew it, there it goes again that stoopid pager. IV cannulation for a patient. I remember when I left the ward just now, they said they had nuthing else that they needed me for.

And, there it goes again.. and again... until its time to handover to the morning doctors (who sometimes dont really bother to come on time regardless)...

Dan di atas permintaan peminat2ku esp. k.nana &
geng (hahahahahahahhahahahahha.. sorry la, lame gila), buat tatapan anda semua, ni dia costume yg gua pakai utk kerja mlm ni.


Havent been well for the past few weeks, but was just hanging in there & kept going. Today got worst, had fever the whole day today. My body was aching & burning. My throat was burning. Cant be bothered to actually get a sick leave because I know I need it for next month. So here I am at work, feeling miserably miserable.
Oh well, what to do.. there's always the Emergency Department.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nights oooo Nights... (Night 1 of 7)

This is my journey of night shifts. This was supposed to be posted on my first night of 7 cycle, but was too tired to finish writing it on time. Sleep is always my first priority when working, regardless. Next come food & my computer =)

Yes, its my countdown again. 1 out of 7 tonight. =(

My night started with me driving, heavy heartedly, to the hospital. Driving is not that bad at night because not so much traffic. But the only cars on the road can be either ridiculously slow or ridiculously ridiculous. Like always, when I reach this crossroad of Elgar/ Canterbury, I open my eyes real big not to miss it. Dont really want to get fined again for going thru different route, missing every single 1-meter-apart traffic light around BH Centro.

Oh well, if I'm early enuf, I'll go in straight to the parking building without having to get out of my car to swipe open the boom door, which I was early tonight.

1st night of 7, went to grab my pager at the front reception desk. Then off to the resi room.

Like always, there's these familiar faces who're working with me overnight, in their own respective specialties. Some of them are starting their new rotations on Monday, while people like me who're doing their general year, will have to bear another 2 weeks of nights (in which 1 & 1/2 cylcles to go). dduh!!

Some of us would call the evening docs for a handover. Sometimes I do, sometimes I dont, most of the time I would just landpage them. Tonight, no handover by the specialty surg doc & the gen surg doc. Yipppeeee!!!

Approaching 2230hrs, a phone call from ward A asking for fluid order. Done. I like wards that appreciate phone orders.

Then, a phone call from the surg reg X asking me if I was available to help her in theatre for an appendicectomy, which I happily agreed. Then another phone call from another ward, ward B, for a drug chart & pre-op path slip. And another from ward C & D for fluid orders, drug orders, etc. I settled those simple ones before rushing to the theatre.

So went in to theatre on level 2. Darn! Its under construction. Hmmm... which theatre was it. I remember the reg mentioned the number '2'. Maybe its the one on level 4. Okay, went there, got changed, went in to theatre 2. Then she said, she didnt need an extra hand anymore. =( sorta disappointed. I would love to go to theatre at night (which I usually hate doing during the day).

Then, the reg asked me about these 2 patients needing chest X-Rays, if I've looked at them or not. And I was... errr.. which patients? "Didnt the evening intern hand over to you before he left?" I said no. "Naughty boy!!" she said. Oh well. So I got the details of these patients to look at- a pneumothorax post chest tube insertion & a small bowel obstruction post nasogastric tube insertion. Like always, radiology technicians will give you a hard time when you need something done during the night, but after many phone calls to my reg & them back & forth, managed to get those 2 downstairs for the X-rays.

Midnight. Went to see this patient who's initially the nurse sed she's hypotensive, on morphine infusion + PCA. Then all of a sudden it became a case of delirium 2° morphine. Gave 0.5mg IM haloparidol, which is the fair amount to start with for any little old lady. It didnt work. Lucky the surg reg was there & stayed to handle this patient of hers. Me in the meantime, went to attend this lady next door who fell off her bed because of this delirius old lady. It is very difficult to get a proper history from this lady esp. to figure out if whatever symptoms she is having now is related to her fall, apparently she has alwiz been vague. She has a million different medical conditions. Had to order a hip X-ray for her. Had trouble ordering it because of the lazy after hour imaging technician. Lucky the bed manager was there & she sorted it out, after earlier she yelled at one of the security guards who didnt do as she told. (Tsk..tsk..tsk).

Then a few other stuff to handle like IV cannulation, more fluid therapy orders, sleeping pills, anaelgesia, blablabla. I went upstairs to the resi room at around 3+am to get some rest. Somehow I've been tired most of the time even during my just finished 7 off days. Maybe its because of the night shifts, somehow my body is not used to it yet.

While lying down tryng to get some nap, I got a few phone calls for some things like fluids, anaelgesia, blablabla, which somehow I was sooo annoyed because they couldnt be bothered to actually check these things when I went down to the ward & asked them if there was anything else for me to do before I left.

Oh, & somehow when I was there on the bed, I could feel my heart was racing, probably abover 100 bpm already. Dont know why, tried to take a deep breath but it didnt work. I do get palpitations sometimes out of the blue regardless if I'm anxious or not. Half of the time its because of caffeine, which now I'm trying to minimise the intake.

So I woke up to have my sahur & solat. Night shift can be very good for ganti puasa coz u'll be sleeping during the day (of course bangun at times for other solats). Just before I went to solat subuh, I got a fon call regarding a patient who's tachicardic & this is new for her. And another fon call regarding a post-op patient who's in pain after epidural being taken off during midday yesterday. duh!

I didnt go down until I finished my solat. So there I was at 6am, reviewing this tachicardic patient. Apperently she never had any regular GP & in denial that she's old & has multiple medical problems. Now she has newly found atrial fibrillation + a NSTEMI + acute on chronic renal failure + hospital acquired pneumonia + anaemia requiring transfusion. Well, I only got to manage the AF because it was at the end of my shift & the bloods were not back until morning. So dig-loaded the patient & left to review this post-op pain guys in another ward.

It was already 730am when I got to this guy. So I quickly reviewed him, gave some pain killers & talked to the morning surg reg who's supposed to look at this patient but asked me to talk to the other team surg reg who's supposed to come this morning. So there I was, around 830am (supposedly at home already), had to talk to another surg reg who's not at the hospital yet, when he was supposed to. Did some bloods so that they can review them when they're back. Good, no imaging to be done & the surg reg wanted to sort him out when he's in. Thank God he said not to worry much coz he knows the patient.

I went straight to Chadstone shopping mall to buy 'groceries'. But ended up somewher in Myer & got myself a winter scarf. The most comfortable scarf ever. It wasnt that cheap, but it was on offer & I fell in love with it the moment I touched it. =)

Lovely hubby came over to Chadstone & finished the rest of the grocery shopping, while I went home to sleep. (and to start again my night shift routine later)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Glass Palace- Amitav Ghosh

I bought this book when i went to my honeymoon to Tioman Island, Malaysia, last year. We were waiting to get on board after checking in. I was really bored & restless (like alwiz coz I dont really like to travel on planes). So I went to this nearby bookstore in the waiting area and saw this book, The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh. I had no idea who the writer was. I just picked the book coz of the interesting title & cover pic.

So, there. Of course my honeymoon vacation was the most memorable & wonderful vacation ever with hubby. But the novel added an extra colour to it as well.

I didnt finish the whole book when I was there, only managed to read a few pages, however I could hardly put it down when I continued reading it.

My honest opinion: It is one of the most brilliant book I've ever read in my life. Loved the history line, loved the characters, everything. I would certainly read it again if I could get hold on to it. (My copy is now with one of my brothers).

Now, I'm reading The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh as well, & will definitely snatch the new book, Sea of Poppies when I finish this one.

Bravo to Amitav Ghosh. Well done!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

its been a looong time

hi there, its been a while since i last posted something here. it was about 4 years now if i'm not mistaken.
lots of things have happened, both bright sunny & gloomy.
family things, friends who come & go, the environment, global issues.. heck.. haha.
anyways, will be back to spill sth.
at the moment on night shifts. there's been ups & downs of it.
its autumn at the moment, but it feels so like winter. people around me knows that i get sour during winter.. it has been like that since i got here in Australia ~9yrs ago. being here makes me appreciate the lovely sun in Malaysia, even though sometimes it can be a bit hot & sticky. yet, hot & sticky in Malaysia is nuthing if to compare with the heat wave that we just had early this year, or those heat wave every single year in summer. i love the lovely sun & flowers & trees in middle spring. just lovely, except the fact that now i tend to get this foreign thing people call hay fever. its debilitating.
i must say that i'm kinda glad its milder now, with some extreme cold temp as its approaching winter. overall, like i sed before, i dont like winter where ever i go.
okay just wasting my time while trying to stay awake on a night shift.
i'm doing my counting down on FB, its night 6 now, 1 more to go. lets just hope that it will be cru-sy for everyone.
i wont start on different kinds of species whom i hafta deal with in day to day life working as a doc. mebbie next time.
okay, ciao.
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