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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Virtual Life.. is it the way of life nowadays...? Part one

Have I mentioned that I soooooo hate the stoopid weather now? Gloomy, rainy, windy, cold... benciiii!!!

If only I could choose the type of weather I wanted to have, like choosing the settings of ur email/webbie watsoeva, I would have a bright lovely sunny day, not too hot, some nice cool breeze in the early morning & in the arvo, occasional nice warm showers anytime of the day, nice temperature in btw 23-28 degree celcius. Hmmm.. how nice would that be..

Talking abt choosing settings in the virtual world, our lives has become virtual real fast nowadays, whether we realize it or not. Our real life social network has their own virtual twins. We have these FB, frenster, myspace, hi5, kawanaku, usrah, yahoogroups, msn groups, etc.. and the newly renowned twitter. Dont forget ecircles, which was famous mebbie 7-8yrs ago.

Mcm2 reasons we join these netties: just for fun, keep in touch with long-distance/ infrequent contacts, business promotions, recruiting agents, socializing, to have own social circles, etc.

We also tend to choose who we want to be in our contact/frens list. Mostly friends of course. Then there are colleagues & family members. Obviously we want these ppl to actually be aware of our daily lives, unless we set some privacy setting that they can only have a peak of wat we actually want them to see & hide some others.

The reasons why we have them in our list:
- frens that we want to keep in contact, because in real world they r either long-distance or uncontactable coz of busy lives or simply some old pals to re-live the old memories. sentimental la konon2 ni. hehehe...
- family members, mebbie in real life tak mampu nak jumpa diorang all the time coz of distance & own personal busy life
- colleagues who we like to have in our personal social circles
- saje suka2 menambah koleksi kawan2 nak tayang popularity, despite we kno these ppl or not.. hahahhaha.. (mesti ramai yg buat ni..)
- others for whateva reason such as business, purpose grps, etc.

The reasons why we DONT have them in our list:
- enemies. enuf said.
- we cant find them in our search for them. (this is an active effort from our part) mebbie they want to be private in the search setting & they dont want to be found, mebbie we dont have the exact name they use in their virtual lives, mebbie they dont even have an account to these groupies (they may actually value real world better than virtual reality), mebbie for whateva reason it is.
- we dont want any of these ppl to be in our list for wateva reasons, despite if they r family/friends/someone we kno. mebbie we dont want them to kno our personal/virtual lives for watever reason. (this may be an active part from the other party to search us).
- other ppl try to search for us thru the search function but cant find us like the 2nd reason above of why we dont have them in our list.
- etc etc etc

Then, there r some ppl yg kita dah set the settings so that they can only view some parts of our page, but not the rest. Hmmm.. yg ni susah sket. Mebbie kita tak nak family/ frens mengesan kerja busuk kita slama ni tapi tak sampai hati nak reject their frens request/ remove them from the list. Ahahahaha. Mebbie kita memang tak suka kat dia in real life tapi kasi can je masuk dlm frens list ni. Hmm.. mcm2 kan. So apsal susah2 nak simpan diorang ni dlm list? Baik takyah ada dlm list kan. Well, relationships evolve as people change thru out their life time. So, tu la.

Ni nak citer a story of some ppl that I kno. Dia mengisahkannye begini. In real life konon2nye family members/kawan. Never had one of them in the frens list all thru out the so many years, dia tried to find org ni nak add jadi member dlm one of the webbies. Tapi tak jumpa. Then found out some mutual frens ada la org2 ni thru some postings. Tried to add, tapi rupanye dah di bar. Then lagi sorang yg originally ada dlm list & sorta mengikuti perkembangan kehidupan dia coz dia tersgt la open. At the same time lotsa things happening in real life. Dipendekkan cerita org yg dah ada dlm list ni pun mem'block' la this poor person & removed dia from the list. Tapi in real life, mengaku plak 'sedara kandung'.. & kalau di dlm kesusahan baru la terhegeh-hegeh meminta simpati, yg menyampahnye tu, terpaksa plak tolong, kalau tak dia akan get in trouble later on apsal tak tolong manusia2 ni yg di dlm kesusahan. bangang tak? ... alahai.. They can be lovy dovie dgn kengkawan lain tapi its all fake with own 'sedara kandung'.. hmmm...apa punya manusia la tu. The issue why this is happening in the virtual world between these people remain unspoken...

All of us dont want to be labelled as childish, so we dont talk about these issues of why they block us in the frens list, why we r not in their list, why this why that.. tu satu issue.

(p/s= Takde kena mengena dgn org2 in my list anyways, just a story of someone who's close to me, I just hate seeing that person being hurt, that person deserves all the happiness in the world. Apologize for any coincidence if it is)

Ada baaanyaaak lagi issues mengaitkan virtual world ni. E.g. privacy & safety, public lashing, atas pagar, etc. Yang pastinye.. kehidupan manusia zaman sekarang dah byk diganti or ditambah dgn dunia VE. Mungkin tidak bagi org2 di negara2 dunia ke-3 yg what they do thru out the day is to fullfil the aims for the day which are pretty much feed their mouths & keep safe to continue the same thing the next day, very simple life. Wheter we like it or not, it is fast becoming our own lives, as the world evolve & progress.

Til then, baik aku sambung lain kali je la & gi lipat kain yg menimbun2 tu. Despite virtual world or not, sebakul terlebih2 kain tu takkan melipat diri sendiri bila aku tengok diorang. Memang takkan ada sapa2 lipat kalau dibiarkan cam tu je. Walaupun aku byk lagi baju bleh tahan sampai lagi 2,3 bulan kalau biar je laundry. So... here it goes. bleh...

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