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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amitav Ghosh

My obsession of Amitav Ghosh books seems to be complete now.
Went to dinner with hubby last night coz didnt have the energy to cook. Afta dinner went to Borders. I ended up buying 3 books (the 3 for 2 offers) including the Sea of Poppies by
Amitav Ghosh. Now I have 3 of his texts in my collection, others being The Glass Palace and The Hungry Tide (which I havent managed to finish yet).

Even though I know that there's lots & lots & lots of medical texts that I HAVE to READ, but hey, there's more to life than medicine remember? hahaha.. gila pemalas, bila put on the spot baru nak nyesal.. bengong..
Hafta keep myself sane somehow.. winter is approaching, sick & miserable at the moment, plus the excruciating night shifts..

Anyhooo... will hold off reading these newly bought books for a while.. I just found some other interesting stuff to do today.. some laundry, masak, read sth else.. hehe.
Glad there's some interesting things out there.. survival.. survival..

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