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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perut & otakku tepu lagi

Tadi gi interview Critical Care. Aku sgt kecut perut during the interview that my heart nearly exploded before, during & after. It was a short interview session, pelik plak, but I really hope that I pulled through. InsyaAllah. Somehow I am sedih bila mengenangkan the interview tadi. I hope the referee forms are settled by now or soon enuf.

No point in dwelling on & on about the interview that I just went through, not even thinking on about how I could do better next time. I am still kecut perut thinking about it that it gives me headache. I just need to calm myself down & pikir pasal ni later2. I feel like I didnt prepare enuf. And nuthing I can do about it except for keeping myself composed & doa banyak2. Plus prepare myself for the next rotation, which is Emergency rotation. On the other hand, I am really grateful that hubby was there to help with the interview preparation, he always gives an honest & constructive feedback on my performance, despite both of us coming from somehow different worlds. Alhamdulillah.

We sent my brother to the airport earlier. Didnt do much this week.

Monday; we went to shopping malls to look for his stuff utk bawak gi UK (insyaAllah kalau dia ada rezeki gi sana nanti). We also made some curry & vegies, aku saja nak tunjuk dia how to quickly masak kari & sayur, & ways save time in the kitchen as a student.

Tuesday; went to the city temankan dia jumpa kawan dia. I took the opportunity to buy some groceries. Sedih teringatkan esoknye dia kena gi dah. He's nice enuf to just have a drink wit his frens & wanted to eat lunch wit me instead. We went to Monash uni to buy some of their merchandiz coz my dad nak T-Shirt Monash uni. We didnt get to eat lunch actually. Just went straight to dinner. Mlm tu, Dr. MJ dtg visit. Dia dah balik from Sheppy. Lepak2 makan jagung & minum hot chocolate. Brother busy main Wii Fit. He did enjoy it. For the rest of the night he did some packing & he did most of it that nite, quite quick. While me, busy baca2 tips interview & baca my cover letter/ resume utk esoknye (today la tu).

Today; made some heavy breakie (that probably I didnt get to make during the few days brother was here). Simple je- telur, hash brown, english muffin, tea/coffee, salad. Tapi puas jugak dpt makan sama2 dgn hubby & brother. Terasa mcm mkn dlm family. How I wish my family was here & food time would be a perfect social time together. Tak suka mkn sorang2. Thank Allah, hubby ada here with me to eat with me (tak macam masa kat whoop whoop dulu). Anyways,
mcm biasa la aku, mesti sedih2 gila masa hantar brother tadi. Airport is such a traumatic place for me. I'm kinda sedih coz didnt get to spend enuf time doing stuff with brother. Wish it was longer. But he had to go to settle things for his future studies. I hope he learned a lot while he's here.

Hmm... tido is a good way to clear up my mind from this sedih2.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Otakku tepu!!

Stressing out.

- Brother going back to KL tomorrow arvo. Terasa cam sikit je masa together kat sini. =(
Kita takde pon main Wii byk together, boardgames, jalan2 arond the neighbourhood, blablabla. =( Like alwiz, I'll be homesick tomorrow.

- Got a fon call from EH telling me that I was going to a Critical Care year interview tomorrow arvo & they were going to let me kno the details. Typical them to be kinda late to inform ppl on future events, same goes with the work timetables. Initially they wanted me to go at 2pm, then had to reschedule to 430pm coz I sed I was sending my bro to the airport. AARGGHH!! Tak cukup masa nak praktis.

- Went to hand in my timesheet. The medical workforce person told me that I havent got any forms sent in from the referees. I was like.. what???? There's no EH referee forms online that I could send to any of my referees & I thot I asked a few months ago about it & someone did say that they were going to send it themselves to the referees. So thats wat I told all my referees a few months ago, except one who was sure that EH would send them the form themselves.
I had to email the form to all my referees. Out of panic, I had to send a 2nd email to each of the referee because either I forgot to attach the form or was missing 1 number from the 8-figure fax number!!!! UUURRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

- I'll be working nights starting Thursday, then straight to working ED on Monday. Sedihnye nanti jadi gila & kurang performance.

- I am already stressing out about the work thingy. Nak praktis interview dgn hubby, but nak main games dgn hubby & brother jugak.

- Seeing my timetable, it looks like I wont be spending much time with hubby alone =(
Miss him.

I really hope that I'm going to be well for the interview tomorrow. InsyaAllah. I hope I am going to be well next year & work well as well. Amiin.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekends: We were In & We were Out =)

Sakit gila my shins from the ice-skating today. Got myself a lovely bruise & blister line combo on each medial shin of my legs, and sore shoulders, bum & arms. Both hubby & my brother were flat out as well, except they didnt get any bruise/ blisters. None of us jatuh tergolek masa ice-skating tadi. So thats good.

2 days in a row kami buat impulsive activities. Mostly coz tido & bangun lambat each day. Winter is not a very exciting season for outdoor activities. Therefore byk indoors stuff are on at the moment e.g. ice-skating kat Docklands (this is the one that we went to), museums, arts & theatres, etc.

On Friday arvo, afta brother went to solat Jumaat, kami lepak2 around Melbourne city. Hampas traffic jam lebih sejam aku dok dlm kereta drive mcm kura-kura. Had a simple lite meal kat Lazzat. Then jalan2 kat Melbourne Central & Myer. I kno my brother, coming from KL, mesti kurang heran kot dgn shopping malls kat sini, but saja nak tunjuk. Masa amik2 gambar tu, ada la budak2 mabuk sibuk nak masuk dlm gambar. Hubby menjadi mangsa coz dipeluk kiri kanan oleh org2 gila yg busuk ini. Yucks! Hahahahahha.. Then jalan2 lagi, well, didnt haf much time pon. So lepak2 kat Max Brenner. Waffles & crepes dia sedap.

Melbourne Central

My dark orange hot choc, brother's Danish toffee hot choc, hubby's cappuccino.
Max Brenner.
Saturday, again, woke up late. Heh! Went to Science Museum/ Planetarium (again). Had to rush up on stuff coz sampai sana lambat sket than ideal. To make it short, it was an okay visit. So damn cold. Nice show at the Planetarium, it was about another life in the universe besides us. Went to visit TTM & family. Saja nak introduce kat my brother. Thot Ly & family ada but mebbie diorang penat main badminton during the day, plus dah malam. Anyways, thanks TTM for having us. Sedap kek. Lepas balik we played boardgames- The Simpsons Boardgame. My brother won. Despite me being the Mayor most of the time, I got the least tokens. Hubby, despite being in the Moe's Tavern most of the time had nearly as many tokens as brother's. And my brother, despite having to go Back to School & Moe's Tavern many times... he WON!! Hahahahha.. Good game. It was fun.

My age in binary system. Go figure.. hhehehehe..
Today, went to the city again. This time we went to Docklands Harbour Town Shopping Centre yg dekat2 dgn Southern Star Observation Wheel yg not functioning anymore since this year's suicidal summer. Jalan2 & tangkap2 gambar cam biasa. Bought some jackets for brother, such a good buy. Hubby sambar satu very nice jacket too. We found a 'Springfield' store (remember The Simpsons?). Then spontaneous visit to the ice skating rink kat situ jugak. Berangan nak main cam pro dlm TV tu. That was our (except hubby) first time main ice skate ni. We've never even played the normal roller blades. All in all, it was a good cardio & muscle exercise. Seb baik none of us jatuh on the rink itself. Takut coz imagine any fingers getting sliced up by those skater blades. Ngeriii!! Anyways, kami menyerah kalah before abis time. Penat. Still tak reti2 lagi ice skate. I got myself a nice pair of lines on my shins. Sakiittt!!! Hmmm kalau aku hebat main ice skating sure cun body aku now. Nanti la...

Where to go?
Nice day tapi sejuks!!Southern Cross Observation Wheel hanyalah tinggal kenangan.
Ly & family lucky dpt naik on them before diorang tutup.
Heading towards the parking lot
From the parking building
Made a chicken pie in 2 versions for dinner. 1 a normal one, the other was just a Shepherd's pie.
Also some broccoli soup yg tak sedap. Hehehehhe.

Everyone penat dah.. jap lagi nak pencen ke bilik tidooo.. fuh. Will decide on tomorrow's activities esok pagi when kita sumer bangun. Nity nite.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bang! Bang! Who's there?

Gilaa aaahh!! At around 2am in the morning ada org ketuk pintu. Gila takut aku, coz tak henti2. Then I woke hubby up, ckp kat dia ada org ketuk pintu. Rupa-rupanye polis aussie tgh cari 2 org, tak tau la hilang or penjenayah. Diorang kata diorang dpt alamat ni. GILAA!! Aku tak tau la polis betul ke tak. Tapi cam real je. Coz lepas rumah kitorang, diorang gi ketuk rumah2 sebelah plak.

Aku cam seram sket coz:
- Takut la kalau tu polis tipu. The rest, I'm leaving that to ur imagination. Na'udzubillah!
- Takut si gila sebelah rumah ni kasi alamat kat polis saja2 nak pedajal kitorang, coz dia memang benci dgn kitorang sejak kitorang pindah sini. Racist!! & dia memang gila & weirdo.
- Mungkin org sebelah ni yg penjenayahnye. Polis2 tu tgh cari org2 yg dia bunuh. Tips dp org ramai kata alamat sebelah, tapi polis2 tu tersilap masuk sini. Hubby kata rasanye org gila tu tak bukak pintu mlm tadi. Unit2 lain bukak.
- Aku still rasa si gila sebelah tu yg penjenayah.

Ya Allah. Selamatkanlah kami semua. Amiin!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What an adventure.. fuh!

Got back from work about an hour ago. Letih but happy. Hmmm... mana nak start ye...

Okay, I'd been stressing out because of the neonatal resus assessment thingy for quite a while. Had a final read about it this morning afta I got up, then rushed to work. It was a Thursday. Like alwiz, Thursdays will always be busy coz ada elective C-sections + elective surgical lists at the same time. So we need 2 residents to be onsite on Thursdays.

Bcoz the consultant ward round didnt start til afta 2, so I volunteered to go to the C-section, rather than go on a ward round with a scary boss. Even tho C-S is not my favourite either. 2 students were around; 1 went to the surg list, 1 was wit me. Ye la, utk surg list, surgeon sentiasa ada with the scrub nurse. For a C-S, kena ada paeds doc coz we r dealing wit 2 lives here; 1 for the mum, 1 for the bub. So there I was.

2 C-S, & I had to resuscitate both babies. Lucky I wasnt panicking. There was this amazing anaesthetist consultant who helped, my paeds registrar & other experienced staff as well, and I took charge of the babies airways & gave some ventilation. Both babies turned out well. Alhamdulillah.

Looking back, I'm kinda relieved to have the support while resuscitating those babies. Thank Allah, I wasnt panicking like I usually am when anything goes wrong. Lucky I had a quick read of the resus stuff coz I was actually hoping to do the assessment today.. the way-too-long overdue neonatal resuscitation assessment. Even tho its probably not that good for bub, part of me was hoping that it would be good if I could practis some of what I read earlier coz I did rush a lil' to the hospital this arvo. (The theatre midwife wasnt happy wit me coz mulut aku celupar sket lepas 1st C-S tu, aku ckp kat dia aku tak kisah apa2 pun kat the next baby when she said she had enuf of an adventure... and.. betul2 the 2nd C-S needed resus as well. Oh ye, dia tu memang hampas pon, dua2 events pun nak salahkan O&G docs la, nak salahkan anaesthetists la, ntah apa2. Wats the big deal, dude, baby dah pon slamat. Manyak kecoh la lu!!). Its good that I actually managed it okay during the real event in theatre. And, alhamdulillah, both babies are now very well. Cute plak tu. Aaanndd... I passed my assessment when I did it just before my shift ended.

Yg bestnye.. hehehehee.. ni bab2 aku jadi sedikit vain. Hahahhaha. Just during the resus assessment dgn this educator, satu nursery tu kata aku sgt cun & elegant. Diorang kata masa aku hantar 1st baby ke special care nursery lepas resus tu, diorang semua terkagum dgn sorang doc cun dlm her scrubs, then diorang realized it was me!! Kehkehkehkeh... kembangnyeeee gua! Tapi.. ish.. Well, I do get that all the time kat spital sejak start EH lagi, even kat LRH dulu pon. Tapi now overwhelming lah! ahahhahaha.. gila. Well, lets lupakan hal2 aku jadi agak vain ni buat sementara waktu okay. Yang mampu aku katakan ialah Alhamdulillah, syukur kehadratNYA. Terima kasih to my parents & hubby for having me in their lives.

Oh well, I'm sure I will remember this resus day for as long as my brain allows me to remember
it. So, Dr. D, apa kata aku terbang ke sana time kau deliver nanti, if u dont mind me being there during that critical moment? Kasi aku the exact date, I'll be there, insyaAllah (kasi aku tix dulu) Heheheheheh.. =P

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another arvo shift

At work now, doing my arvo shift. Tadi start at 4pm, jap lagi abis kol 1030pm. Perfect shift for ganti puasa, next to night shifts. Ni baru je buka puasa. Ada lagi beberapa hari nak ganti, then comes Ramaddhan month, the real puasa month next month. Hopefully sempat la abis.

My brother is here wit me. Dia saja2 nak ikut merasa dok sini. So I sent him up to the resi room. He must be a little tired. Yesterday went to Healesville Sanctuary, a spontaneous move. Ingat nak gi city tapi since the weather was superb for a winter day, so thats where we went. Tak ready apa food pon. So our lunch memang makanan yg menyedihkan kat sana. The place kinda smaller than the last time I went there. I think byk tpt dah tutup coz of the bush fire early this year. Animals pon mcm buat perangai je. Si Tazmanian Devil tu tak nak kuar time dia nyer show, some of the Birds of Prey pun tak mendengar kata. All in all, dpt la jugak my bro tgk haiwan2 Aussie.

Mlm tu gi dinner at Livebaits, Docklands. Tpt seafood yg exclusive, hence, mahal. Takpe la, skali skala kasi my bro merasa, sambil2 catch up dgn some old frens. It was soooo damn cold there. Dockland is the coldest part of Melbourne city. Freeeeeezzziinngggg! Brrrrrr...

Lucky Oysters

On the day my brother arrived, kami just had breakie at Chaddy, then rehat2 sket. I made some singgang ikan using salmon. My kuah was sedap, but tu la, I dont really like salmon. Tapi tu je ikan yg ada. Guna je la. Mlm Dr. MJ lepak2 & we played boardgames. Yes! Bro-sis affiliation won the game! Hahahhahaha.. jgn marah hubby.

A few more hours to go before I finish this shift. Got 3 more days to go before off for a few days & night shifts, then ED rotation starts. I still gotta do the neonatal resus assessment, prepare for interviews (mintak2 la dpt.. amiin) & study a lil' bit for ED. Other important stuff is the rent, tax return & meals/enterntainment claim. Hopefully I do those things before August comes.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

One arvo in winter

My brother arrived this morning. We had breakie at Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf, that was nice. Main games at home. Its rather cold hari ni even tho sebelum noon tadi just nice & sunny. Alhamdulillah dpt weekends off. Yesterday kat tpt kerja tu, I was like.. I had enuf la. Bosan dah. Anyways, havent planned anything yet. Nak ajar dia masak & jalan2 sket kat sini, its his 2nd time being here. Mlm karang nak sambung main boardgames & Wii games, Dr. MJ dtg, insyaAllah.

Anyho, ni one of the surveys/tags that I got earlier.

1. Ever go camping?
~used to love them to the max, masa zaman muda2 dulu. now, syarat wajib: kena ada clean toilet. hehehehhee.

2. Do you take vitamins daily?
~Vit C. Omega 3,6,9. Spirulina. Iron or magnesium depending on my diet & how bad the cramps are.

3. Do you have a tan?
~yeah, already am.

4. Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza?
~yes, asalkan halal.

5. Do you drink your soda with a straw?
~most of the time no.

6. What did your last text message say?
~"adik dah sampai ke".

7. What are you doing tomorrow?
~havent planned the proper activities yet. but as usual.. makan, lepak, restaurant city.. =D

8. Look to your left, what do you see?
~hubby's macho electric guitar.

9. What color & make is your watch?
~the one i'm wearing to work atm is metal strap wit purple face Jag. spesel tu =) thanks hubby

10. What do you think of when you hear the word Australia?
~ *** Aussies =P

11. What is your birthstone?
~Emerald kot. The beautiful stone signifies health & curing of ailments. It is also linked to premonition or ability to see the future, giving them an almost bewitching, magical reputation. (ref: http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Beauty-and-Meaning-of-Birthstones&id=35389)

12. Do you go in at a fast food place or just hit the drive thru?
~Go in, havent got the right voice for a drive thru.

13. What is your favourite number?

14. Who's the last person you talked to on the phone?

15. Any plans today?
~Dinner, then wait for Dr. MJ for boardgames wit the whole family.

16. How many states/provinces/countries have you lived in?
~A few, but the longest is Kuala Lumpur, next is Melbourne.

17. Biggest annoyance right now?
~My cluttered mind.

18. Last song listened to?
~Snobscrilla- The Song with No Title

19. Can you say the alphabet backwards?
~Only when my mind is alert & active.

20. Do you have a maid service clean your house?
~Adala dua tiga orang, gardener sorang, driver 2 org, bodyguards 4 orang... ingat nak tambah lagi 2, 3 pembantu peribadi =D

21. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time?
~My Hush Puppies sandals for summer/spring & my sneakers for winter/ autumn.

22. Are you jealous of anyone?

23. If you can have a tattoo, what design will you pick?
~My full name & a butterfly.

24. Do you love anyone?
~First of all my family including my hubby, then those ones who are dear to my heart.

25. Do any of your friends have children?
~Lots, yg expecting pon ada ;)

26. What do you usually do during the day?
~Kalau tak kerja, either tido/ masak/ jalan2/ houseworks/ reading/ internet/ tv.

27. Do you hate anyone that you know right now?
~Senang gila jawapan utk soalan ni. Muahahahahahaha. Oh masukkan skali bidan2 ;)

28. Do you use the word 'hello' daily?
~Especially at work.

29. What color is your car?
~Kaler paling 'best' dlm dunia.. putih. Kalau berjaya sambar keter baru nanti, nak amik hitam plak.

30. Do you like cats?
~Bleh.. dun like animals. Kalau sekadar tgk dlm tv/ internet/ zoo boleh la.

31. Are you thinking about someone right now?
~hubby =) he is right next to me =X

32. Have you ever been to Six Flags?

33. How did you get your worst scars?
~eczema scar.

There, letih gua menjawabnye. Ni pon aku dah kira panjang dah. Ada satu tag tu,100 soalan. Adus! Tu kena betul2 focus tu baru bleh abis buat kot. Hahahahaha..
Seterusnye aku tag:
- Some ppl on my bloglist: 1Am, Adikku, TTM, Lybeau, Dr. D, Akmal & Adnan =D, sapa2 yg sudi.


Friday, July 17, 2009


Awards from TTM & Lybeau. Thanks.

Thanks TTM & Lybeau

2- Sebutkan siapa yg memberi award ini beserta link blognya.
amik dr link ni http://topsyturvymum.blogspot.com/ & yg ni http://lybeau.blogspot.com/
3- Beri award ini kepada 5 sahabat kamu.

Sapa2 5 yg sudi buat coz I'm kinda the few last dlm list TTM & Lybeau

Oh ye, my brother tu tgh berenang dlm katil lagi la kot. Dgr kabar dia packing nak dtg sini sampai awal pagi tadi. Ptg ni dah nak bertolak ke airport to fly here. Cant wait.

Aku plak kerja tgh hari start sampai before midnite. Harap2 tak busy. Aku dah semakin malas nak kerja. Letih. Teringin nak study plak. (Macam2 lah. Dulu masa study tak nak study.. ish).

OKaayy, see youse soon. =D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Loosen up OCD =p

Some ppl say that I am an OCD maniac (short for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Messy environment stresses me out. Things in disorganised manners stress me out. Disordered items stress me out. Even susunan patient dlm handover sheet kalau terbalik, tak cukup details, aku dah terasa berserabut. Dulu masa student, even tho my room wasnt the tidiest, tapi kalau kemas2 rumah tu at least I did try my best. Mengemas sometimes cools me down. Ada time tu snipping rumput2 panjang kat luar relaxes me. Variety lah. Semua ni blaja dp one of my housemates time tu.... guess? ;)

There are times when I dah tension sgt or byk sgt nak kena kemas tu, aku biar je semua fall apart. Or simply malas & terasa nak biar je.

Just like hal2 unpacking & lipat laundry. That's what I'm doing at the moment. Terasa mcm fikiran tgh bercelaru. Tapi tak nak kemas semua2 ni. Unpack from balik M'sia hari tu pon belom lagi. Gila hampas. Aaahhh, nasib aaah, nanti bila2 aku kemas. InsyaAllah.
Anyways, ni tag from TTM. Yg before2 that, satu hari nanti...

1. Nama timangan anda?
:) adala... ;)

2. Anda seorang yang?
bengong sket2

3. Insan yang teristimewa?
Hubby & family

4. Lagu kesukaan?
Good songs defined by me :p

5. Makanan kesukaan anda?
Good food defined by my :p (definitely not mak mentuanyer masakan... hehehheheeh)

6. Sikap yg membuatkan anda stress?
Rudeness & bodo sombong

7. Warna kegemaran anda?
Semua kaler

8. Benda yg mesti ada dalam beg?
Fon, purse, camera, lipgloss, water bottle, tissue, keys, mints, hand sanitizer, some drugs. Banyaknyeee...

9. Kali terakhir anda menangis?

Sulking baru balik from M'sia

Saya men'tag':
- Dr D
- Lybeau
- sapa2 yg sudi

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another weekend at Work

Yes, another shift on a weekend, from 8am til 1030pm, again just like yesterday. I'm here at work, waiting for the boss to come for a ward round. It is still morning.

Sitting here reading about hyperbilirubinaemia in neonates & anaemia in neonates is cluttering my brain. Heh. Bosan, bosan. But kinda need to refresh my rusty brain. Kena baca pasal paeds dermatology jugak coz a new case came last nite.

I kinda miss hubby coz havent had a chance to catch up wit him since I got back from M'sia. (Havent had a chance to unpack yet, let alone ironing my work attire- bantai gi kerja pakai sweater & jeans & sneakers, thanks to a casual culture in healthcare system here & to winter). He had to go back to work after picking me up from the airport. I was working til near midnite Friday nite. Long shift yesterday, and again today. Back to work tomorrow A.M.

I might wake up extra early tomorrow just to have breakie wit hubby before we go to work. Hmmm.. see if that's an extra effort just like yesterday & today. Its nice that he sent me food at work last nite & stayed over til the end of the shift. And today he sent me to work, coz I didnt fill in my tank wit petrol before I left to M'sia. At least there's some bits of time spent together. Hugs & kisses to dear hubby.

There's a lot on my mind at the moment. Things to pesan Hariz to bring over. Things to buy at the groceries. Nak iron baju kerja. Tax return (later2 la kot). Unpacking. Read stuff about paeds esp. neonatal resus coz nak buat assessment next week. Hafta start reading about ED stuff coz starting ED early next month. Hafta really think & practis job interview, wit hubby & in front of the mirror.

I pray that there's no high risk delivery or emergency c-section today, no or minimal admissions, no or minimal issues with the chronic & critical adult patients, no or minimal issues with the neonates, ...aaaaannnddd much less stressful day today.. uuuunnttiiiillll Friday. Amiin.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back to work =(

I'm at work at the moment. Have been here since 8am, finishing soon at 1030pm. Same shift tomorrow =((

I arrived from M'sia back home in Chadstone around 8++am yesterday. Tak sempat nak nangis2 ber'homesick' bagai sejak balik. Terpaksa tido as soon as sampai rumah coz kena kerja that arvo. Huhuhuhu.. sedih gila. Tak sempat nak unpack pon.

Like always, aku ni bila balik mesti akan sulking for a few days. Kat airport ari tu, nangis barai esp depan akak immigresen mintak cop kat paspot instead of going thru the auto gate, nak mintak buat kenangan aku kata. Akak tu pon kesian gi cop paspot aku. Ye ye je aku ni. Sebelum tu kena kuarkan brg from luggage coz dah terlebih2 berat. Seb baik beg computer aku pon besar & bleh hand carry. Aku kuarkan koleksi kasut2ku & handbags ku, coz kalau kuarkan brg makan takut takleh lepas plak. Hampas nyer abg check in, dah la tak kasi aku dok aisle or window seat. Pas tu siap suruh aku kuarkan brg lagi. Hampas. Dah abis charming dah aku ni kat dia tadi. Bleh..

Anyways, dlm plane aku berhenti nangis dah. Ni semua jasa baik abg steward lembut kasi aku extra chocs & icecream. Good semua org ingat aku student & masih kanak2. Hahahhaha (perasan lagi). Dah la takleh tido, hampas budak kecik sebelah aku ni ingat aku tilam ke apa, siap kaki2 dia naik atas aku. & aku pon cam mana bleh tak perasan, mebbie terlelap skejap kot. Abg lembut tu kasi tau masa nak kuar plane. Dpt gak aku aisle seat lepas berhempas pulas aku merayu a.k.a. konon2 charming kat abg check in airport tadi tu. Dia kasi aku seat 2nd last blakang tapi tgh2, & I was lucky to swap seats wit the person behind me to get the aisle seat coz mamat sebelah aku pon kwn dia.

Mcm biasa bila sampai ke Melbourne ni, mesti la aku akan bersedih2, terasa berat hati & mcm2. Especially smlm kat spital & now. Still that emptiness lingers where ever I go to. Sama mcm each travel since the year 2000, nak masuk 10thn dah kat Aussie ni. Dlm masa tu pon dah byk kali gila travel back & forth M'sia-Australia. Still sama jugak each time nak balik ke Melbourne. Terasa berat hati je nak buat apa2, takde mood semua. Tak puas balik M'sia. Missing my family sooo much. =(
I'm lucky enuf that the days have been okay at work since I started again yesterday, constant but manageable. Alhamdulillah. Hope it stays that way til Friday next week.

I'm going to hold off to my sulking til Monday mebbie coz kerja abis in the arvo that day. So, til then, aku will be sulking in my dreams je la. huhuhuhu...

Thursday, July 09, 2009

=( Time to go...

Pejam celik, pejam celik dah time nak balik Melbourne. Tension gua. Terasa cepat sgt masa berlalu. Ye la, seminggu je cuti. Sepanjang masa keluar nyopping je. Of course masa berlalu dgn cepat.

Monday: Gi Alpha Angle. Dapat la sambar baju dlm more than 10 helai. In less than 2 hours. Harharharhar. Puas hati. Lepas tu dah bosan dah, terasa nak balik for lunch. Ptg lepak2 menerai baju. Aku skang dah debab sket than 5 thn dulu. Kirim salam to size M or 9. Now hanya L or above 10 saje. huhuhuhu.. tu blom ngandung lagi. Abis aku time pregnant nanti. Mlm bantai sate gila babas. Hahahhahaha. Puas hati. Hari tu dah mkn kuah tempoyak & lotsa kerabu.

Tuesday: Spent the whole day at Midvalley Megamall. Sambar 2 handbags, satu Fossil satu lagi Carlo Rino. Puas, puas. Lepas nyopping menda2 lain, terasa bosan nak meneruskan kembara. Tapi stay until mum balik kerja coz opis dia kat situ je. Lunch makan laksam kat Laksa Shack. Not bad. Balik tu singgah pasal malam, wowiee, best. Nasi lemak sambal kerang, kopok lekor, kacang rebus, air tauhu, apam balik, dan lain2. Indah rupenye suasana pasar malam kat Taman Melawati ni. 3 pasar malam in a week, then pagi Sabtu ada pasar tani. Tapi tak sempat aku gi sana la nampaknye. Hari tu dah burn dah coz gi PGH. Anyways, bila balik rumah, mak kasi another handbag. Best, best. Gilaaa aku ni.
Aku ni memang fanatik kat handbag & skincare/ beauty product. And I am very particular about buying handbags. So I hope I dont get a handbag as a b'day gift/any gifts at all. Better kasi menda2 lain like a spa trip or voucher or apa2 yg mungkin aku suka based on my obsession at that time. hehehehe.. (perasan tul aku ni)
Wednesday: Went to KLCC. Lunch makan laksa Johor kat food court dia. Then went to see Transformas 2 wit brothers. Dari awal saaaaaampaaaaaiii la akhir, asik suspen je. Sakit dada gua tengok. I agree wit Bakri, dah tak klimaks la jadinye kalau asik klimaks dari awal til last. Adegan yg aku rasa tak patut ada ialah adegan ALS where dia kasi DC shock kat mamat Sam tu. Hebat gila. kahkahkahkaha. Anyways, lepas tu bosan, so balik rumah terus. Mlm amik2 gambar dgn surgical scrubs yg aku 'gebab' (hahahha bahasa TTM). Saja kenangan.

Today: Pagi lepak2 breakie. Main internet. Then baru la terasa nak packing. Malas betul. Ni seb baik dah abis packing. Harap2 lepas la check in nanti. Aku ni memang sejak dulu ada phobia of flying. Dari start packing, sampai ke check in, sampai ke touch down, sampai tunggu bag kat carrousel tu akan terasa berdebar2 je. Tension. Dlm hati akan doa byk2, zikir, ngucap semua especially dlm plane. Nak main media player pon tak lalu selalunye, tido apatah lagi. Tak tenteram jiwa ni. Ni jap lagi ni, aku terpaksa la tido coz sampai2 sana je terus kena kerja that arvo. =(

Ni baru balik from beli kuih muih & air kelapa muda kat AU 5D sana. Situ walaupon kuih2 dia soooooo tiny for that price, but their kuih are always the best, especially the kuih kaswi & kuih koci putih dia. Sedap. My mum pon ada goreng jemput2. So harap2nye takde la aku kempunan bila balik Melbourne nanti. And harap2 takde la aku ngidam menda2 yg takleh dpt kat Melbourne bila preggie nanti.

Anyways, wish me a safe trip back to Melbourne. Tak cukup time dok sini. Macam biasa, I will be sad & homesick each time balik semula ke Melbourne, sejak dp zaman student lagi sampai la now. Hmm.. nak buat cam mana kan, jiwa ku ini always there in M'sia.

Okaylah, nak gi minum petang & get ready =(


Monday, July 06, 2009

Weekends Getaway at PGH

Went to the Palace of Golden Horses for the weekends. Saja2 je. Sempena gua balik M'sia, sempena harijadi my youngest brother, sempena celebration of everything. Best.

Friday morning went to Alpha Angle. It was a quick shopping visit. Bought 2 pairs of sandals & 2 tops. It was a quick one coz my dad & brothers were going to solat Jumaat, plus before that nak gi amik youngest one from school. And aku blom packing utk gi hotel nun (like alwiz..hehhehe).

We arrived around 3pm kat hotel tu. Nice room, nice weather. Ptg gi temankan youngest brother gi swimming. Mum & other brother gi gym. Other brother gi lepak2 kat Mines.
Disebabkan takde internet, I just spent a few hours at night finishing my cover letter at the hotel. Dah alang2 nak hantar youngest brother gi tuition kat rumah sana, I better abiskan menda & hantar thru internet to hubby & a colleague so that diorang bleh cross check apa2 yg perlu dieditkan.

The next day, lepas berexercise we went to a lunch buffet kat Palace apa ntah sebelah tu, somewhere near Mines. Best gila bila makan sampai takleh bernafas & knowing that the turkey/ beef ham & bacon halal dimakan.

Inila dia kuih tepung gomak. Sedap. Look at the kerak2 tepung tu. Barula aku tau apsal kalau org pakai mekap tebal sgt dipanggil tepung gomak.

Lepas makan, kami bersenaman jalan2 dia shopping mall kat Mines tu. First place I went to ialah this shoe store. Best gila. Bought 4 pairs of shoes. I was excited coz designs dia very interesting plus murah. It is exciting knowing that the designs here are waaayyy better than in Aussie & murah plak tu. Tak kisah la kalau tak tahan ke cheap ke apa, as long as I'm happy.
Total shoes in these few days.

Dinner kat gerai makanan Kelantan/ Thailand kat tepi hotel ni. Adohaaaaaiii.... sedap gilaaa. Kami makan sampai takleh bernafas. All the seafood sooooo fresh & murah. Tom yam dia, fuh.. meletops! Abis aku mlm tu, takleh tido coz of reflux/ gastritis. Aku sejak 2,3 thn ni sensitif sket kat soda & makanan pedas2 ni, even tho kengkadang tu makan tak ingat dunia umpama 'kerana mulut, badan binasa'. hahahhahahah..

Sunday, berelaksasi kat dlm hotel je. Kemas2 barang coz time to balik rumah.

Lunch kat the Wendy's & Subway in AU2, then lepas relaks kat rumah unpack sumer tu, mlm gi Pavilion. Punya la ramai manusia kat sini. Aku cam biasa gi shopping Skin Food stuff. PUAS HATI!! Muaaahahahhahahaha. Malangnye kat Aussie takde. Singgah kedai Coach, teringin nak beli tapi takde design yg aku nak yg mampu aku beli yet. ahhahahah.. takpe, melepas lagi. Hmmm.. rasanye kalau dpt dah bag Coach yg aku idamkan tu, dah tak pandang dah handbag lain.. (itu kata hatiku as in now la kan.. di masa hadapan, sapa tau.. hehehhee).

Anyways, aku terasa cam byk je shopping beberapa hari kebelakangan ni. So now insaf jap, melayan jiwa yg resah gelisah ni (sebab shopping byk sgt). Esok2 plak sambung, bila dah tak brapa insaf.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

in KL Day 1

Woke up early today, coz dah puas tido dlm plane & mlm tadi. Overdosed of antihistamine. Best la cuaca cam ni. Blom plan apa2 lagi. Got lots on my mind. Stuff to do, to shop, to read. Mcm2. Badan gua masih sakit2 lagi angkat beg berat. Computer gabakku tu saaaangaaat la berat utk bwk hand lunggage. Adoh. Dgn Mrs Field cookie cake yg aku bawak balik khas utk family, esp. youngest coz besday dia ahad ni.

Balik fr kerja smlm, had a looong warm shower, hampir2 tertido dlm tu. Best sgt. Past tu rasa letih bebeno. Cam malas je nak pack. Lagi 2 jam hubby akan balik to send me to the airport. Aku dok minum2 dulu, main facebook, baca news. Pas tu baru la nak gagahkan jugak la tenaga ni gi packing. Surprisingly ada la dlm 1 jam je spent to pack. Seb baik dah campak 1/2 of stuff yg nak bwk balik on the floor sebelum gi kerja mlm sebelumnye. Anyways, semuanye well on the plane & checking in & out. Alhamdulillah.

Had breakie nasi lemak pagi ni. Sedaaap. Mlm ni ada pasar malam. Wajib utk gua pergi. 3 kali seminggu pasar mlm tu, + ada pasar tani pagi sabtu. Wadoh wadoh. Tapi aku rasa sure tak sempat gemuks punya la. Balik M'sia pon seminggu je. Selain makan, sure nak jalan2 exercise kat shopping malls. Oh ye, pagi tadi my mum pon dah kuarkan the biggest udang harimau I've ever seen from the freezer. WAAAAAAHHHH!! Apa la agaknye dia nak masak tu.. Hahahahah.. bestnyee!!

Cuaca agak mendung sejak pagi. Mlm tadi hujan sket. Okay la kot, takde la terkejut satu badan aku ni coz of the temperature difference. Whatever it is, I'm grateful I'm already in KL. Terasa cam mimpi je. Smlm di Melbourne, now in KL. =D

Apa kabar la hubby agaknye. Kan best if he was here wit me kat M'sia. Miss him =(

Blog bodo ni buat hal. Will deal with it later later la. Apsal ntah takleh comment. So harapkan shout box tu je la.
Back. Went to JJ, Wangsa Maju, wit one of my brothers. Walaupon blom start lagi Mega Sale (supposedly on Sat 4/7/09), tapi introduction sales dia best gila. Sambar 2 pairs of sandals & some tops. Then gi Watson, one of the famous pharmacies in M'sia, mcm2 kami sambar. Tu baru sikit ehhehehhehe. Aaahh.. I'm having reflux, baik punyaaa, pasal apa? pasal makan durian pagi2 buta lepas breakie pagi tadi. adoh! Sehari suntuk & terpaksa amik Nexium & some ginger tea.

Ptg lak gi pasar malam. Seb baik la aku ni ada reflux from eating too much durian in the morning, kalau tak dah lama rembat mcm2. Tadi beli kuih-muih like kaswi, karipap, lepat pisang, popia, kopok lekor, buah-buahan tempatan, dll.

Mlm plak, mak goreng udang harimau gergasi tu. Sedap, sedaaaaap. Buncit gua kejap. Hehehehe.

Talked to hubby on d fon for a bit, then tido awal... (jetlag kot). New adventure tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fly away.. Yaaayyyy!

Wow, in 12 hours time I'll be on the plane to lovely M'sia. Yeehaaaa...
And I'm here at work still, will finish in hopefully 4 hrs time. I havent packed my luggage yet, & I'm panicking now. And here at work I still havent done my neonatal resus assessment yet, still havent completed the work application stuff yet.
And here I am updating my blog. =P
Hopefully the rest of the night will be quiet so that I could do some work stuff. Had a delivery & a few paeds admissions.
Yesterday I was started on Tamiflu for flu prophylaxis. That was because a kid was sent from ED to the ward without a clear Dx (it sometimes happens, sometimes we dont have a clear diagnosis of a patient). It was a game of between pneumonia or flu. After I reviewed the kid & looked at the blood & CXR results, the kid fit into THE flu criteria for Tamiflu. So considering I'm dealing with pregnant ladies, neonates, high risk patients with liver, kidneys, lungs, heart failure, therefore the hospital put me on Tamiflu for precaution. I feel fine, even tho ada saki baki URTI from 2wks ago, which means I actually dont fit the case definition for THE flu, so no swab done. At the same time got a letter from an ED registrar saying that I dont need to be quarantined. So, hopefully that is enuf for my own safety there in KL. Coz I really want to go shopping. Woohoo..
Anyways, lets hope that everything is well & quiet til morning & I'm okay with my packing.

C ya guys in M'sia.
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