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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perut & otakku tepu lagi

Tadi gi interview Critical Care. Aku sgt kecut perut during the interview that my heart nearly exploded before, during & after. It was a short interview session, pelik plak, but I really hope that I pulled through. InsyaAllah. Somehow I am sedih bila mengenangkan the interview tadi. I hope the referee forms are settled by now or soon enuf.

No point in dwelling on & on about the interview that I just went through, not even thinking on about how I could do better next time. I am still kecut perut thinking about it that it gives me headache. I just need to calm myself down & pikir pasal ni later2. I feel like I didnt prepare enuf. And nuthing I can do about it except for keeping myself composed & doa banyak2. Plus prepare myself for the next rotation, which is Emergency rotation. On the other hand, I am really grateful that hubby was there to help with the interview preparation, he always gives an honest & constructive feedback on my performance, despite both of us coming from somehow different worlds. Alhamdulillah.

We sent my brother to the airport earlier. Didnt do much this week.

Monday; we went to shopping malls to look for his stuff utk bawak gi UK (insyaAllah kalau dia ada rezeki gi sana nanti). We also made some curry & vegies, aku saja nak tunjuk dia how to quickly masak kari & sayur, & ways save time in the kitchen as a student.

Tuesday; went to the city temankan dia jumpa kawan dia. I took the opportunity to buy some groceries. Sedih teringatkan esoknye dia kena gi dah. He's nice enuf to just have a drink wit his frens & wanted to eat lunch wit me instead. We went to Monash uni to buy some of their merchandiz coz my dad nak T-Shirt Monash uni. We didnt get to eat lunch actually. Just went straight to dinner. Mlm tu, Dr. MJ dtg visit. Dia dah balik from Sheppy. Lepak2 makan jagung & minum hot chocolate. Brother busy main Wii Fit. He did enjoy it. For the rest of the night he did some packing & he did most of it that nite, quite quick. While me, busy baca2 tips interview & baca my cover letter/ resume utk esoknye (today la tu).

Today; made some heavy breakie (that probably I didnt get to make during the few days brother was here). Simple je- telur, hash brown, english muffin, tea/coffee, salad. Tapi puas jugak dpt makan sama2 dgn hubby & brother. Terasa mcm mkn dlm family. How I wish my family was here & food time would be a perfect social time together. Tak suka mkn sorang2. Thank Allah, hubby ada here with me to eat with me (tak macam masa kat whoop whoop dulu). Anyways,
mcm biasa la aku, mesti sedih2 gila masa hantar brother tadi. Airport is such a traumatic place for me. I'm kinda sedih coz didnt get to spend enuf time doing stuff with brother. Wish it was longer. But he had to go to settle things for his future studies. I hope he learned a lot while he's here.

Hmm... tido is a good way to clear up my mind from this sedih2.

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