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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What an adventure.. fuh!

Got back from work about an hour ago. Letih but happy. Hmmm... mana nak start ye...

Okay, I'd been stressing out because of the neonatal resus assessment thingy for quite a while. Had a final read about it this morning afta I got up, then rushed to work. It was a Thursday. Like alwiz, Thursdays will always be busy coz ada elective C-sections + elective surgical lists at the same time. So we need 2 residents to be onsite on Thursdays.

Bcoz the consultant ward round didnt start til afta 2, so I volunteered to go to the C-section, rather than go on a ward round with a scary boss. Even tho C-S is not my favourite either. 2 students were around; 1 went to the surg list, 1 was wit me. Ye la, utk surg list, surgeon sentiasa ada with the scrub nurse. For a C-S, kena ada paeds doc coz we r dealing wit 2 lives here; 1 for the mum, 1 for the bub. So there I was.

2 C-S, & I had to resuscitate both babies. Lucky I wasnt panicking. There was this amazing anaesthetist consultant who helped, my paeds registrar & other experienced staff as well, and I took charge of the babies airways & gave some ventilation. Both babies turned out well. Alhamdulillah.

Looking back, I'm kinda relieved to have the support while resuscitating those babies. Thank Allah, I wasnt panicking like I usually am when anything goes wrong. Lucky I had a quick read of the resus stuff coz I was actually hoping to do the assessment today.. the way-too-long overdue neonatal resuscitation assessment. Even tho its probably not that good for bub, part of me was hoping that it would be good if I could practis some of what I read earlier coz I did rush a lil' to the hospital this arvo. (The theatre midwife wasnt happy wit me coz mulut aku celupar sket lepas 1st C-S tu, aku ckp kat dia aku tak kisah apa2 pun kat the next baby when she said she had enuf of an adventure... and.. betul2 the 2nd C-S needed resus as well. Oh ye, dia tu memang hampas pon, dua2 events pun nak salahkan O&G docs la, nak salahkan anaesthetists la, ntah apa2. Wats the big deal, dude, baby dah pon slamat. Manyak kecoh la lu!!). Its good that I actually managed it okay during the real event in theatre. And, alhamdulillah, both babies are now very well. Cute plak tu. Aaanndd... I passed my assessment when I did it just before my shift ended.

Yg bestnye.. hehehehee.. ni bab2 aku jadi sedikit vain. Hahahhaha. Just during the resus assessment dgn this educator, satu nursery tu kata aku sgt cun & elegant. Diorang kata masa aku hantar 1st baby ke special care nursery lepas resus tu, diorang semua terkagum dgn sorang doc cun dlm her scrubs, then diorang realized it was me!! Kehkehkehkeh... kembangnyeeee gua! Tapi.. ish.. Well, I do get that all the time kat spital sejak start EH lagi, even kat LRH dulu pon. Tapi now overwhelming lah! ahahhahaha.. gila. Well, lets lupakan hal2 aku jadi agak vain ni buat sementara waktu okay. Yang mampu aku katakan ialah Alhamdulillah, syukur kehadratNYA. Terima kasih to my parents & hubby for having me in their lives.

Oh well, I'm sure I will remember this resus day for as long as my brain allows me to remember
it. So, Dr. D, apa kata aku terbang ke sana time kau deliver nanti, if u dont mind me being there during that critical moment? Kasi aku the exact date, I'll be there, insyaAllah (kasi aku tix dulu) Heheheheheh.. =P


Newbie said...

ces! nak aku sponsor lak. kau dtg visit la. hahaha.. anyway, congrats on finishing the asst and dipanggil cun (mmg best kan kalo org ckp kita cun.. keskeskes)

aquahartz said...

kalau kau deliver kat sini, bleh aku jadi tukang sambut baby. ahhaahahahha. ye la, dgn kelemahlembutan aku, insyaAllah baby jadi sihat. dont forget to gosok gigi when labour starts then get skin-to-skin with baby.

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