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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Feeling Entitled?

My thoughts on this article published by blogger Aku dan Kehidupanku
Link: http://zouldahanblog.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/aku-dan-minggu-ini.html?showComment=1419379571822#c2548898691721824253

"Assalamualaikum, I feel for you. I agree with your note here. Memang kita sebagai healthcare workers sangat serba salah. Some people think its their right to get free medical treatment, but are willing to pay hundreds & thousands of dollars for their alternative supplement/ rawatan/ beauty products in the name of prevention & cure.

Doctors yang ada business sendiri, while they are making money themselves, at the same time kena bayar for the business sustainability tu jugak. Itu kerja diorang, their occupation. As a job, you deserve your gaji. Sama macam kalau kerja jadi cikgu, you deserve to get your gaji, right. So why pertikaikan the charge?

And healthcare business is not like business jual shaklee or jual asap. Government banyak sangat kasi subsidi to the klinic kesihatan, hospital, etc and thats why orang2 yg pergi to these healthcare premises tak nampak. Cuba kita tunjuk spreadshit of the cost of each item--> blood tests, syringes, alcohol swab, medicine, electricity utk guna computer setiap kali jumpa patient tu, air utk basuh tangan after jumpa setiap patient to minimize infection risks, etc dan termasukla service consultation. Hence, that's how much probably you pay for each GP clinic visit.
RM100 yes nampak banyak sangat, but kalau doctor buat kerja cincai & charge murah supaya patient tu kekal sakit & datang kat dia semula, agaknye tu yg the public nak. There are reasons why some people need some tests, some people just need consultation. Tak semua patients sama macam cube Lego. And yes kesihatan is your right, but only if you are taking all the appropriate steps to look after yourself first... not smoking, no alcohol drinking, no illicit drugs, senaman keep active, tak gemok, jaga makan, jaga tido, jaga emosi, jaga keperluan spiritual, etc.. then the healthcare is your rights.

Your rights to eat, patut ke people give you food for free kat any tempat makan because it is your right to eat?

Everything in this world is a business, all have their own costs; monetary, time, energy, emotional costs. Memang banyak yg tak nampak semua tu. Contoh, when you are attending an office family day. Cuba fikir the time & energy spent to prepare the food, to kemas rumah, to make sure semuanye berjalan lancar. Tambah lagi kalau ada ahli-ahli buat pasal tak nak tolong ke apa, dah naik kos emosi kat situ. Apatah lagi the money spent for that particular event. Datang plak tetamu-tetamu ni yg datang amik food sebanyak-banytaknye (esp kalau buffet lah), then siap nak bawak balik coz its their right to food so nak bawak balik utk ahli keluarga diorang.. maklum la office punye function, aku kerja situ, aku layak bawak balik semua ni utk anak2 aku. Heh...
And of course the tuan rumah hafta buat sehabis baik lah nak kasi semua cukup semua kenyang, and tak membazir, etc. Kalau sekadar buat ala kadar, air minum pun setengah gelas utk setiap tetamu, kerusi takde, sayur lunyai, tissue kain lap takde, etc, and buat tetamu mcm pengemis je, tu semua sangat2 tak patut.

Contoh saja ni. But in healthcare, similarly, a business in itself. Both the system & patients kena la respect each other. Of course banyak lagi menda to point out on each side. We cant control the system. We can only look after ourselves.

And since this article is about frustration of how some patients are, there, this is my 2 cents as a healthcare worker."

Sob, sob, kena kerja on Xmas season... today, tomorrow xmas day, lusa boxing day. Hubby is off for amost 2 weeks during this festive season here. And I am stuck at the hospital. Setiap tahun... Just because I dont celebrate xmas, doesnt mean I dont have a family at home who have their days off during this time of the year. 
Sabar je lah yg mampu. Keep going. Hopefully all Victorian & visitors are well & safe, tak perlu datang hospital buat masa ni... Sigh... 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Learning Another Language

It's been more than a year since I passed my primary exams. I am now in my first year of advanced training. A few more to go. I should be concentrating on completing the hurdles, such as research & non-ED terms, for the advanced training so that I finish quicker. Well, at least this is the advice given by most of my seniors. 

I have other things in mind, at least for now. More than a year now that I have been bumming around adding lipid layers around my tummy (which kinda helps during winter :D). There are other things that I want to do, those that I wanted to do being put stationary for a while coz of many reasons. I want to do things around the house, I want to get back to writing, I want to watch documentaries, I want to bake... etc. Learning other languages is also one of them.

I chose Spanish a while back. Over the years, bought many Spanish language learning aids but been sparingly using them. Takde orang nak praktis, exams, other stuff, hence those things just kumpul habuk dlm almari. Tak tau apsal I've become obsessed with Spanish. Tak ramai Spanish patients at work. Kalau ikutkan patut belajar Greek, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Tamil as ramai these patients come thru the door and most of the times we will need interpretor or family members who can speak those language. But well, I am kinda obsessed with Spanish, hence for now, Spanish it is. 

I am onto the dummies & the 15-min Spanish book & audio at the moment. What's missing in this pic is my box of audio aids that I used about ~7yrs ago. Kena cari ni.

I have a boss whose partner is a Spanish lady. I've known him for a while but never had the guts to practice Spanish with him, lagipun selama ni kononnye sibuk exams, etc, so macam inappropriate pulak nak tetiba talk to him in Spanish. Since 2 years ago, we have a couple from South America (Doc N & Doc C) at work who grew up talking Spanish. So now I've decided to smell the roses, they have been great teachers. 

The other day there was a Spanish old lady as my patient. The only time I had the chance to talk in Spanish if I was fluent enuf by practising for the past ~7years. Of course I couldnt. I could only speak a couple of phrases, which the lady responded & of course I couldnt understand what she was talking about. Lol! Lucky there my friend Doc C was working the same shift. Unfortunately, agaknye dia terkejut when Doc C started talking to her in Spanish, in a very very loud voice (since dia agak hearing impaired), she just stayed mute the whole time. Seb baik anak dia datang soon after. Haha. 

This is the usual situation here, at least where I work, but more commonly other language-speaking patients. Mostly Chinese ppl, Indian/ Sri Lankan, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Arabs. Kinda susah nak treat when they are conscious & tak boleh communicate in the same medium, let alone when they are delirius or unconscious and the family tak cakap English. Some times I get frustrated but most of time I feel kesian coz must be really scary living in a foreign country where you cant communicate & you are actually sick, & tak dapat nak sampaikan your worries & tak paham apa doc cakap.

Hence my motivation to learn other languages, hopefully enuf to help me be global.

Welcome to ED

Taken from webbie Confession of A Junior Doctor:

Even though I am no longer a junior doctor, more so now a mid-trainee/ early-advanced trainee, this pretty much sums up my life of an ED doctor.

 Confessions of a Junior Doctor
  1. Welcome to A&E

    I have no idea what it is that I like about Emergency Medicine.

    The hours are terrible. The rota is indecipherable. You cannot plan to attend a friend’s birthday or a family gathering. Your social life is non-existent. The patients are largely rude, drunk, smelly and irreverent. There are never enough staff on shift. The urgent care centre referrals are sometimes ludicrous. The GPs send in UTIs as renal colic, PID as appendicitis, persistent patients that they can no longer placate. The specialty doctors think we are either lazy or lobotomised. You spend more time than you should at the centre of “specialty tennis”.

    The four hour wait is a travesty. There are never enough observation beds. The pressure is immense. The clock never stops. There is always another patient waiting, another test to order, another result to check. There is always a diagnosis to be made, and treatment to initiate, a conversation to be had. You go from renal colic to brain tumours to heart attacks. You see depressed people, drunk people, old people, children. You see people at their worst. You see time wasters and hypochondriacs and then sepsis and deaths. You don’t have time to process. You don’t have time to think. You see, treat, refer, discharge.

    People complain about the waiting time, disagree with your assessment, believe google before they believe you. You go home at night paranoid about the patient you sent home; constantly questioning your decisions, your abilities and your sanity. You see multiple patients simultaneously, you are a porter, a nurse, a cleaner, a friend, a confidant. You tell people good news, bad news, sad news.

    You are charged with the unhappy job of treating people’s liver disease from excessive alcohol, lung disease from smoking, diabetes from overindulgence. People expect you to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices. You endure the abusive drunkards, the psychotic schizophrenics, the deranged elderly. You put up with the people who have neither an accident nor an emergency.

    You exhaust yourself looking after these people, so much so that you go without food, without bathroom breaks, without the most basic of human needs. You are vilified by the media, who feel you are paid too much for what you do. You are misunderstood by friends and family who watch too much ER and Casualty. You become unacceptably irked by poor resuscitation techniques on TV shows. You complain about unnecessary attendances and then carry out wholly unwarranted tests because you are scared of being sued. You will inevitably have complaints filed against you for merely doing your job. You will make poor management decisions and people will die. You will make excellent management decisions and people will still die. You will defy the odds: CPR will work; the patient will recover from sepsis; be discharged from hospital, and then die at home a week later.

    You will miss things. You will be wrong on a daily basis. Everyone thinks they know more than you. You finish a shift and barely have the energy to walk to the car; let alone drive home. You spend at least half of your days off comatose in bed. You don’t see your housemates for weeks due to opposing shift patterns. You do locum shifts during your time off because there are never enough doctors and you know how awful it is to work when they’re short staffed. The barista at Costa knows what sort of day you’re having based on whether you order a medio cappuccino or a double espresso. The packed lunch you brought 3 days ago is still sat in the refrigerator. Once you leave work you are unable to make the smallest of decisions because you have used up all of your brain cells.

    You are stressed out, overworked and rarely thanked. And I can’t think of any specialty that I would enjoy more.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What am I...

Salam Ramadhan.

More than half way until Eid, Alhamdulillah fasting has been cool for hubby & I. Cool & cold. Hah. 
Seksa nak bangun sahur coz so freakin' cold, and coz of buka puasa awal both of us tend to over-eat. 

I read a blogpost about a girl who wrote on her dilemma of coming from a mix-marriage family. I can totally relate to her; growing up I didnt have it easy, and I can kinda say that I sort of hated my school years. 

My siblings and I are rojak offsprings. (I love rojak!!). I am a Muslim, and proud of my roots.

Growing up I rarely had many friends, let alone 'best-buddies'. My friends were those ones who were being shunned away from the people around us; those who were chubby, from mix-marriage family, not-as-cute-&-pretty, those with disability; you know, those who are 'different'.

I remember, in junior school, which ever group that I tried to be friends with, I kept on getting this: you are not Malay, you look like 'Indons' so go to the others, then laughters. you are not Chinese, you dont look like us, you cant even talk Chinese, go away, then laughters. you are not Indian, you dont look like us, you dont even understand us, then laughters. Those who have seen either my parents send me to/ pick up from school will just make funny remarks e.g. keling / cina bab* / indon etc. Very very hurtful words. This went on through high school, not as much coz most of the time I would not dare to say I was from a mix marriage family. A bit shameful. That for the sense of being accepted that I'd been longing for.
I cannot imagine how my brothers went through school with all these.. did they go through the same or was it just me being over dramatic.

I continued my studies in Melbourne a while back. In short, the experience really opened my mind & my heart after so long of covering everything. I am proud of who I am and my roots. As an adult only I feel much appreciated by people around me.. I am special. Now I dont really care of what people say or think of me. I am proud of my family, those who actually made me who I am now & who continue to support me ups & downs.

When I accidentally meet those people who bullied me when I was at school, looking at their lives, I sometimes would just say to myself 'look who has the last laugh now'. I feel bad to think that low. People can be as nasty as they want to be.. in the end karma will bite back. That I believe. And I am just grateful of what I am, what I have achieved so far & just life.
People will continue to judge as long as forever, but its you who has the power to shine through all this. And for those people who have helped me grow even in those nasty ways, I wish you well. 

Alhamdulillah to life & all.

Take care.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Separuh Tahun Lagi..

Goshhh.. its July already!! Half a year has gone. Comes another half.

What have I achieved so far? Hmmm... rasanya tak banyak kot.. Maybe more of my disgusting fatty layers?

Okay what's due soon?

My research audit on trauma in our department is due next week on Thursday. Brapa banyak je yg aku dah siap?

This coming Thursday pulak ada Resus workshop. -!-" 

This coming weekend aku kerja arvo shifts, meaning abis midnight :( Tak boleh nak organize buka puasa ramai2 with friends here since most of them are working during weekdays. Then next weekends plak aku kerja night shifts :(

My structured references for advanced training still pending. Awaiting completion by the bosses. Sigh...

Have to work on applying jobs for next year. Ni tension. Every single year terasa mcm beggar pulak kena apply then go for job interview :(

Kena renew & pay our annual medical indemnity (insurance) & registration (lesen bekerja). Melayang lagi $$$$.. Sigh..

Tax return!!! Sigh...

Okay, since balik from cuti hari tu, aku dah kumpul sebulan punye June empties. Will post on that soon.

Housework.. kain baju, dapur, bathrooms, garden, etc.. Sigh..

I need to start studying in depth I guess. Primary exams dah abis last year. Now into advanced training. Most senior registrars start studying bit by bit at least 2 years prior to their fellowship (final) exams. Diorang kata sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit. And I am doing that, but my sikit-sikit tu lama-lama hilang tanpa kesan... masalah premature memory loss gamaknye... Sigh..

Today I am working arvo shift, abis midnight. So hubby will be eating dinner by himself. Dia buka puasa in the car or at work since buka puasa around 1712hrs, then eat propper dinner at home. Aku pun sama will be having my meal at work.

Salam Ramadhan all.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Salam Ramadhan 1435H

Assalamualaikum, selamat berpuasa Ramadhan 1435H. 
Alhamdulillah semalam start puasa on a Sunday, both of us tak kerja. So agak mendamaikan to start on a weekend. Bangun sahur agak mendera perasaan sebab sejuk ya amat. Around <5 buta="" degree--="" degree="" during="" pagi="" peak="" the="" tu.="">
Subuh starts at around 0603hrs & Maghrib is at 1711hrs. So minggu ni around 11+jam saja puasa. Buka puasa ringan2 then lepas Isyak, which is at 1838hrs, or around Masterchef baru dinner. Masterchef starts at 730pm. Agak awal to eat at 5++pm for dinner. 

Now is peak winter. Sejuk ya amat. But somehow ada gak selingan cahaya matahari despite the freezing weather. Jadi la, boleh la rasa sikit2 macam there's hope to life now. Sejuk beku tu tetap sejuk beku but like somehow looks different bila ada cahaya matahari, biarpun tak rasa pun kesuaman matahari tu.

My shifts this Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah, are evening shifts & nights. Cuma when balik midnight or later tu agak letih jugak nak tido, then bangun sahur around 5am. But at least boleh makan with hubby everyday, if not during buka pun. Have to masak awal when I am not working, at least when hubby gets home dah ada makanan panas. And like always, I cant always cook everyday, but will try to make something special when I'm on my days off.

These are the food I made last night, hoping to cover us at least until this wednesday. Aku kerja arvo shifts pulak this week, then on the weekends. Next weekends plak aku do night shifts from the friday until sunday. Hubby makan nasi with the kuah-kuah, while I just ate the mee hoon soup. Tak nak aaa bosan makan semua skali arung coz the food semua utk next few days. So kena tukar2 set.

Ayam masak lemak cili api segera with kentang & pickled mango (perencah brand Alif).
Rendang daging segera (perencah brand Brahims campur Mak Siti).
Sayur campur masak from scratch :P

Aku asik kempunan mee hoon soto/ mee hoon soup yg seangkatan dengannye. 
Ni mee hoon soup aku with steamed brocoli as sides.

Agar-agar jampu segera (brand apa ntah), with added peaches frm botol.

Anyways, going back to do some work. Selamat berbuka puasa bersama keluarga, rakan-rakan, teman sekerja, etc. Kalau like me at work, will be by myself la. And to me,it is a bliss to be on my own during this precious meal break, away from the chaos. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy (not) Winter.. and Selamat Berpuasa Ramadhan 1435H

Lama gila tak update. Cam tu la aku ngan janji-janji palsuku. Ish... Dah winter-winter gini lagi la malas nak dok kat computer menaip. Kalau nak harapkan ipad tu lagi la malas nak menaip.

Apa jadi dgn aku since last update until now?

- bersosial bersukan makan-makan with friends. 
- balik Malaysia jumpa my adorable nephew. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
- holiday in Paris. Alhamdulillah, berapa tahun tu kumpul duit for that holiday. Gambar, hmmm.. nanti-nantilah. Agak2 bila la tu since vitamin M dah lama bertahta dlm diri ni. Heheheh.
- projects at work. 
- now is the time to update CV & cover letter, coz now is the time to apply jobs for next year. Remember aku pernah ckp dulu? This is around the time of misery for doctors coz system sini requires us to apply jobs for next year, interviews etc. Training position by the college is one thing, actual job is a separate thing. Tu yg semua doctors kena buat every year at about the same miserable time. Sometimes rasa mcm beggar pun ada.

Its mid winter now. Cuaca pun gloomy je manjang. Kalau ada matahari keluar pun, rasa mcm harapan palsu untuk hidup kembali. Matahari just keluar paling lama dlm 1/2jam to 1jam. Sedih.. 

Hujung minggu ni Alhamdulillah dah nak masuk Ramadhan. Bulan yg mulia. Semua kita semua tabah sabar & diberi kekuatan menunaikan ibadah berpuasa. Semoga kita semua dapat memanfaatkan peluang yg ada untuk mengejar rahmatNYA. 

Kat sini tak berapa best sgt coz mmg tak terasa suasana bulan puasa mcm kat Malaysia. But a lot of Muslim groups here try to hidupkan the experience dgn adanye majlis2 buka puasa, solat sunat terawih, programme jual beli, etc. Just kami2 ni je yg jarang join coz kerja & mostly jauh frm our place & mebbie ada sedikit malas di situ.

I will be working mostly evening & night shifts for this bulan Ramadhan, so kira mcm blessing jugak coz takde la penat during work. Just cant go to breakie like alwiz. Oh well, rehat jap wallet for day time foodie outing, jimat. Aku ni kalau boleh nak la sahur & buka puasa with encik suami but apakan daya kerja aku shifts & dia pon most of the time akan buka puasa dlm kereta/ train. And based on the past years experience, puasa di bulan sejuk agak mencabar nak bangun sahur coz sejuk beku and most of the times during the day rasa nak mengunyah/ minum air panas coz its sooooooo cold. And also rasa nak tido je coz sejuk2 ni senang ngantuk. It gets really dry pulak bila heater terpasang. So seb baik waktu puasa kejap je around 11+++jam total.

Anyways, selamat berpuasa semua. Aku tengah tengok-tengok webbies food untuk idea for buka puasa food. Not that I will cook everyday anyways, just mebbie spesel sket lah kan. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ration for Winter

Seb baik pokok cili padi berbuah lebat this summer. Alhamdulillah. I've been keeping the weekly hasil tuaian in the freezer for winter suppy. Boleh la kot sebiji sehari in late autumn, winter, early spring nanti. Insya Allah kalau cuaca elok in the next few weeks of autumn, the pokok cili besar pon akan start berbuah. Last summer dia kering kontang macam nak mati je. But I refused to defeat, so setiap hari siram despite nampak mcm rangka je. Alhamdulillah dah tumbuh bunga dah pon since last week. The serai pun mcm tinggal rangka je. Someone told me that her serai was like that too a few months ago but they siram setiap hari, Alhamdulillah diorang punye dah tumbuh hasil. Semangat aku nak revive our serai. Hopefully ada la supply nanti.

 Hasil tuaian sabtu hari tu. 2nd pic hasil tuaian hari ni.

 Collection dari freezer & yg akan masuk freezer.

All these are important supply for winter, the right season to eat all hot spicy hearty meal but malangnye time winter la mahal giler all these things. Obviously due to susah nak grow them bila cuaca sejuk or musim banjir. Tambah-tambah lagi harga barang sini semuanye mahal. So nasihat pada diri sendiri untuk ke sekian kalinye, baik la rajin-rajinkan diri berbudi pada tanah. Ahaks.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

A Sad Day..

8th March 2014.

Just as I was switching on my fon that was charging earlier, got a message from my dad that my beloved uncle just passed away :'(

Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun.. a very much respected, admired & loved family just returned to the Almighty Creator. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmatNYA & ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang beriman. 

Arwah paklong dah selamat dikebumikan petang tu. Alhamdulillah pemergiannye mudah & dia diuruskan with all dignity that he deserved. 

I honestly dont know what to do because I am here, they are overseas. I really want to be there with my family. Terpaksa kerja with sick patients to distract my head. I guess life has to carry on. Kita yang hidup akan terus mendoakan kesejahteraan our loved ones di alam barzakh & keberkatan for those yg masih hidup.

Sedih. I am here treating the sickies but I am so far away to be able to make a difference for my own family across the sea. Cant wait to finish this freaking training to get back to my family :'(


Then later that day read in the news that MH 370 KL- Beijing outbound was MIA 2hours into their journey. The flight carried 327 passengers + 12 crews, and we dont really know their status at this stage. My heart really goes to them & their loved ones. May everything goes smoothly & everyone around them are given the strength to go through this. Tak lupa juga those involved in searching, organizing, coodinating, info centres, etc in relation to the search of MH 370. 

For others yg nak mempolitikkan & menghina this event, shame on you. If you refuse to redirect your soul & attitude, just keep it to yourselves. No one wants to share your rotten thoughts at this moment, or ever.

Its been a sad weekend indeed. Take care everyone.

Aku Jadi Ketua Sebentar

I was assigned to be in the red stream for Thursday afternoon baru ni. Red stream maknanye utk high acquity cases e.g. intracranial bleed, cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, major trauma, acute stroke, heart attack, septic shock, etc yg memang very unwell patients. Cant be happier than this. Was wearing red top, carrying my red stethoscope, red mobile phone, red pen & my red glasses. Hahahah.. mana la tau dapat kerja red stream masa tu. Tup tup memang pun. Woo hoo. 

Btw, yellow stream is for low acquity cases e.g. batuk, rash, sakit perut, migraine, falls, dizzy, etc which sometimes can be rubbish as well. Pulple stream is for those fast track e.g. wounds, sprains/ fractures, medication review, etc.
 So that evening, datang satu signal dari ambulance. Cardiac arrest man who had cpr, zapped a few times & intubated at the scene before coming to us. 15 minutes before arrival. Seperti biasa as this is a team work. The big boss & myself asked me if I wanted to be the airway/ procedure doctor or nak practise jadi the team leader. Aku tak tau apsal aku ckp aku nak praktis jadi team leader. 

Maka jadilah for that case. This is usually slightly different than metcalls & codes that I'm used to on the ward. And aku rasa ada sedikit kelam-kabut some, but it was good coz my boss was there to support me. Plus the patient was stable & definitive management was laid out smoothly. We had supports from the ICU team & the cardiology registrar, as well as the resus team in ED was superb. 

I need more practice. Time to go to work.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hoho Haha Dah Ada Ig

Hahaha. Malam tadi dok register n belajar how to use this instagram. Akhirnye pada tarikh 28.2.14 aku jadi one ig-ans. 

And hubby ajak gi Chadstone nyopping. Hehehehe.. Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang, kecik tapak tangan periuk gajah daku tadahkan, diberi betis lebih dari peha aku nakkan.. Hahaha.. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Instagram: To Have or Not To Have?

Peer pressure lah nak ada Instagram nih. My brothers & my friends banyak kali asik tanya bila aku nak ada account instagram. Hubby yg busy dgn DSLR dia pun dah ada instagram. Haha.. kampung betul la aku nih cuma ada fb, twitter, blog je. Instagram pun dah disonglap oleh fb now.

Aku cam hmmm... kena buat SWOT analysis before I actually get one. Dulu- dulu tak nak coz masa tu tengah study for the primary ED exams. Then now dah abis exam, at least tak perlu nak stress study for at least another 2 years for the final fellowship ED exams. Ntah apa-apa je idea melagha menjelma masa tgh study tu. Now macam rasa malas nak buat apa-apa pun. 

At the moment, I am very much comfortable enjoying life with minimal connection to alam maya. Kadang tu bila kuar w some friends they dont really let their fon down. Rasa tak syok la pulak coz kita nak enjoy the moment with them. Kalau nak sibuk online better tak payah jumpa kan. But, tak tau la if tetiba kat spital nanti ke, malam karang ke, esok ke apa dah ada instagram kan. And aku harap at that time aku takde la sibuk ngadap fon/ ipad je coz sibuk nak build my image di alam maya, & forgetting the real world I am living in.


OHS Workshop: Self-defence at Work Place

Petang semalam we had this very interesting workshop during our registrars teaching. OHS (occupational health & safety). This guys was talking about aggression at work, which we face every single day at the hospital. Mostly by mental health patients, frustrated patients & family, those in pain, those in fear, delirius patients, etc whatever situation it is. 

A lot of the workshop involved theory, discussions etc. Then second half kami diajar how to physically deflect & defend ourselves if we are physically attacked, at the same time to buy some moments while help is seeked/ coming. Very interesting. Ada gaya-gaya martial arts sket, cuma modified sket. We were also reminded on how not to counter attack 'coz selalunye once we are attacked we tend to naturally want to balas balik in view of self protection & making sure the other person wont be able to attack further. Kalau buat gitu, automatically we are liable for assault. Susah kan dok kat negara yg sket2 saman & well-developed legal system. 

Ada la lebam-lebam sket my limbs 'coz kami disuruh practise with each other to almost a real setting. Ada defend kalau kena grab kat tangan, masa kena tendang, avoiding kena gigit/ ludah oleh patient, defend kalau kena cekik, headlock, defend kena push on the floor, etc. Seronok aaa. Teringat masa zaman karate training kat uni dulu. Hahahahah.

Less than 2 wks ago, this neurosurgeon was attacked & stabbed multiple time kat foyer Western Hospital, Victoria. Critical. Sebelum-sebelum tu banyak news pasal hospital staff kena serang mostly dalam hospital/ compound, ada jugak somewhere outside in the public. Victoria banyak sangat mental & social issues. Macam-macam things implemented especially now to enhance staff safety. But ada these new legislations coming up that it will be a lot more difficult to use the physical restraining on patients & others esp in psychiatry settings. We are moving towards prevention & pharmacological restraints as the first steps, before absolutely necessary to use the physical & mechanical restraints. Tough.

Naudzubillah la me or my loved ones or anyone being attacked. But hopefully kalau nak terjadi jugak kuasa Allah swt kan, Allah swt kasi akal kita panjang to be able to defend ourselves well. 

Take care all.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ngantuk! & Then More Food

Tadi tido afta Subuh. Bangun dekat2 tengah hari. Kira tak cukup tido la tu. Tapi paksa diri jugak bangun. Kalau tak abis la malam ni takleh tido. Esok dah la AM shift, then selasa PM shift. Selalu this particular boss garang AM shift monday & PM shift tuesday. Abis la kalau ngantuk & slow je for those shifts. Sejak bangun tak minum caffeine lagi ni. Kasi tido awal mlm karang. Then jap gi kena iron baju for the whole week. Takde la terkocoh-kocoh sebelum gi kerja nanti.

Hubby & I just got back from grocery shopping kat Chadstone. Slightly expensive if to compare dgn pasar Dandenong or pasar cina Clayton or Springvale. Tapi malas la nak drive gi sana. Sini dekat. Kena masak today 'coz esok start kerja balik, so kena ada food to bawak bekal. Takde idea lagi nak masak apa. Tapi kuarkan ikan, ayam & sausage ayam. Also dah kuarkan perencah Brahim's percik mebbie for the ikan, then the sausage tu mebbie nak buat pizza segera guna roti pita. 

Nanti aku update jap gi. 


Okay, now I'm getting ready to sleep. Harap-harapnye boleh la tido coz esok ni shift pagi, and boss garang tu biasanye shift esok & selasa. Nak lagi best, harap-harapnye dia tgh holiday for the next few weeks. Heheheh..

Ni update apa aku masak tadi. 

Sayur campur kailan, brocoli, kobis, kacang buncis. Ikan percik guna rempah segera Brahim's. Ayam masak merah terlebih santan. Haiiyaaa!

Pizza segera guna pita bread mini besar tapak tangan. Isinye sausage ayam, nenas dlm tin, pitted olive beli kat Coles deli tadi, fresh button mushroom, some cheese (corby ke apa ntah). Senang sket nak bawak bekal esok & lusa gi kerja.

 Dah masak!

Ni bonus brownies aku buat hari tu, saja-saja. Ingat nak bake for nigth shift tapi mcm sedap je so aku simpan la makan sendiri-sendiri je. 
Okay, good night all. Semoga minggu ini lebih baik dari minggu-minggu sebelum ni. Semoga kita semua diberi kekuatan, kemudahan & keberkatanNYA.

Menyampah Tak Boleh Tido..!!

Geram la pulak dah near 4am, tapi takleh lelapkan mata.

Tadi aku tido like normal around 11'ish. Walaupon siang bangun kinda lambat, I tried to do a lot of things so that super tired boleh tido awal, since Monday I will be working a.m. shift. Pas tu terjaga la pulak around 130am, then takleh tido semula lepas tu. Mebbie banyak sangat tido since abis night shift friday hari tu or mebbie pasal byk sgt makan chocolate brownies that I baked the other day. Bosan dah surf the net hoping I would go back to sleep, tapi tak boleh. 

Then bangun to do stuff, siap buat double dose of camomile tea. I really hope I could lelap just for mebbie for 3,4 hours. Siang ni nak buat byk kerja rumah. Terseksa nye la tak boleh tido balik. 

Sleep is a life luxury yg sometimes some ppl take for granted. I know for a fact it is a very much life luxury for me. I've had a long-standing sleeping issues since zaman student lagi. Mostly managed with simple lifestyle changes, and masa exams hari tu with some help. 

Ni mata aku dah berair-air sket ni. Hopefully lepas padam this computer boleh la lelap dgn lena & recharge cepat sikit. Nak bangun awal hari ni.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sihat ke Akhir Hayat

Teringat sorang makcik one of my patients in ED the other night. She was 92. Independant, no walking aids for ambulation. Dia admitted to short stay in ED coz for observation & for wound care with hospital in the home (HITH) review in a.m. Dia naik bas, then bas tu break, then sorang lagi besar dari dia jatuh atas dia. No broken bones. Tapi ada large subdermal haematoma on the medial of middle third of this right leg. We tried to drain it overnight tapi tak berjaya & tak berani nak make a larger incision than 1cm takut its actually deeper than superficial skin. 

Anyways, I'm sure she's okay now. That's not what I wanted to tell here anyways. Aku kagum how she was very fit & healthy, sharp & alert in mind, despite she was almost 100 yrs old. She only took aspirin & few tablets for blood pressure & cholesterol, which semua org ada diseases ni once u reach above 50. I am hoping myself & those I love will be like this, sihat ke akhir hayat & tak terseksa menghabiskan sisa-sisa hidup. 

Simple easy principles to lead a healthy life yg semua org tau, tapi mebbie cakap senang buat kurang senang, tapi hendak seribu daya tak nak seribu kelentong:

1. Spiritual balance.
2. Eat healthy & balanced (nutrition-wise & portion-wise).
3. Exercise.
4. Rest & recharge. 
5. Mind growth & balance.
6. Network & relationship balance.
7. Avoid injuries (mind, soul, body).
8. Me time. 

There, general principles for leading a healthy life. =)

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Food Day & Kafe' Laksamana

Pagi semalam had brunch at Dr. AI's place in the city. Had ebi burger that she made from scratch. Best gila. 

 Ebi burger by Dr. AI

Last night's dinner at Dr. NA pulak was great- laksam, nasi dgn ikan bakar, gulai siam, etc, kuih-muih, etc. Penuh perut until this a.m. Haha. Busy betul my social life nowadays. 

The sayurs I made: masak bendi kacang kobis, peria masak rempah, kerabu kacang panjang & pegaga.

Koleksi makanan kat rumah Dr. NA
And the grumbling & pain I had a few days ago wasnt gastroenteritis, Alhamdulillah. Cuma perut sensitive with oily food, hence triggered my gastritis. Had multiple doses of pantoprazole & mylanta double strength, lucky they helped very much.

Pagi tadi gi beramai-ramai breakie at Admiral Cheng Ho in Abbotsford, corner of Johnston St & Nicholson St dekat-dekat city sana. Went with Dr. MJ, Dr. BB & Dr. ZF, & Dr. AI datang lambat sket frm the city. Its a newly opened cafe in Abbotsford. 

Mine: zuchini patties, beetroot, hot chocolate, orange juice.

Dr. MJ's: Quinoa pancake with some bubur, mocha.

Dr. ZF's: Polenta with muschrooms.

Dr. BB's: Granola with mixed fruits.

Great interior but small. Great food deco & tasted good too just kurang garam sket, mebbie coz my pallate dah biasa salty food & I love salty food. All of them enjoyed the coffee very much sampai order 2x different coffees each time, alas aku tak boleh hv the coffee coz working night shifts this week, & tonight is the first shift. So kena tido in the afternoon. Rugi. But definitely will come back during my none night-shift day. 

After breakie all of them went out jalan-jalan shopping to various places but I had to go back to sleep. Hmmm... bukan dapat tido awal pun. Tertido pon around 3++ & bangun before Maghrib tadi. Hopefully minggu ni the whole Victoria sihal walafiat & damai-damai je. =)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Harap-harap Bukan Gastroenteritis...

Perut aku & hubby dah mcm mual-mual & meragam sejak a few hours ago. We had some oily kebab from Dandenong market for lunch after beli groceries tadi. In the past 2,3 weeks ni there's a lot of gastro running around. Likely related to the fluctuating heatwave here in Melbourne. Aku ni jarang la kena gastroenteritis (cirit-birit) ni despite my repulsive eating habit, Alhamdulillah. 
Kat spital pon ramai yg bergastro bagai. Ada yg biasa-biasa je sehari of fluid therapy dah boleh balik. Ada yg critically ill sampai multi-organ impairment. Dasyat betul penangan gastroenteritis ni. 

Aku harap-harap la tak berpanjangan and hope this is just the reaction to eating filthy oily food. Kadang-kadang bila aku makan oily food from outside perut rasa tak sedap, epigastric pain, nauseated & altered bowel habit. Gastritis or gastroenteritis? Kalau this is a true gastro memang naya la coz this coming monday aku will be working night shifts again, but in ED. More over esok nak gi breakie feast at Dr. AI's place and then housewarming Dr. NA in the evening. Dah siap-siap beli fruits for the breakie & sayurs for the evening housewarming. 

Esok ni angan-angan nak buat kerabu mangga + pegaga, sayur bendi + snow peas + kacang panjang + kobis & peria goreng. Cita-cita besar la tu. Hehehe.

ICU Cover Shifts

Minggu ni aku cover ICU for 1 week. Night shifts Monday to Wednesday, 13hour shift each. Then Saturday, Sunday on call- maknanye sapa-sapa yg sakit aku akan dipanggil bekerja di ICU. Aku doakan sangat tak dipanggil kerja coz I have lots to do at home & socially. Well, I would like to believe that I have life outside medicine, like everyone else.

Minggu ni baru minggu ke-2 of the new contract year. So my resident pon ala-ala budak baru belajar. Alah, nak meyampah pon takde guna. Diorang baru start the year, baru start the rotation, & ICU is not an easy rotation. Aku masa mula-mula buat kerja as a resident a few years ago pon kelam-kabut gak. Mebbie until now jugak. Haha. Tapi skang aku dah registrar. I dont hafta do much of the paperwork. Semua resident aku yg buat. Another registrar calls his resident his 'monkey'. Hehehe. Aku takde la kejam gitu. Its a shame aku cover 1 week je coz kalau tak boleh aku ngajar the residents some stuff.

Minggu ni pon cover another registrar yg akan amik their primary ED exams next week. Seb baik dah ada pengalaman jadi ICU registrar last year. So takde la kelam-kabut sangat. Plus now dah abis primary exam, takde la rasa mcm menyampah kat satu dunia bila gi kerja. Kira mcm dah redha & lebih ikhlas buat kerja coz terasa beban primary ED exams dah takde. Mebbie this will change when I start my research project & studying for my fellowship exams.

Anyhow, first night was cruizy. So ada masa to teach & talk about cases to my resident yg baru lagi tu. Got to show him how to do an artline & a CVC. Each of us boleh tido about 1hour each, even though aku tak boleh tido when I'm working. Just pejam mata trying to tenangkan otak. Tak biasa tido on night shifts coz semua pon mcm terbalik kan. On day shift ada ke org tido, so kalau kerja night shift takkan nak tido kan. Cuma sengsara la kalau siang tu takleh tido before night shift starts. Seb baik aku ni jenis senang tido after night shift, & senang nak get to the other day/ afternoon shift cycles.

Second night was hell with sick patients around the hospital. Termasuk neonatal code blue in theater for emergency C-Section. Kesian my boss aku called byk kali due to all the referrals, codes, metcalls. Rehat pon tak boleh. My resident boleh la kot coz most of the times aku yg lari sana-sini. Its too early of the rotation to get the resident to go to the metcalls instead of me.

Third night, I was hoping it would've been a nice closure, malangnye busy ya amat not only with referrals, codes, metcalls bagai, tapi got stuck with lots of politics etc on appropriateness of  treatment of some patients. Pening. 

Each of those nights aku bawak food; chips, dips, masak brownies, chocs. Hey, you have to keep your team happy. After all they are the ones who you are working with as a team. Kalau environment tak best, moral kerja pon tak best, kerja pon jadi susah. 

2 hari tak jumpa laki. Had breakie with hubby on Monday morning. Monday night jumpa laki just before nak bertolak gi kerja. Aku abis kerja rostered 9am, but selalu abis handover ngokngek ngokngek sampai rumah dekat-dekat 10am. Hubby dah gi kerja awal-awal lagi. Tuesday night dia ada catch up dinner dgn his old friend yg dah lama tak jumpa. Aku plak start kerja at 8pm, so hafta leave house around 730pm. Wednesday night dia balik lambat coz of work. So jumpa dia on Thursday night after aku bangun tido. Seb baik dia balik awal 

So weekends ni on call for the sickies. Hope tak get called in. Amin. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Respect Others..

This is another good read on the healthcare system in Malaysia currently. Well, looking back on Australian healthcare system/ environment/ culture, I can probably say that its not much far away from Malaysian's. At least at those hospitals that I've worked at/ been to.

Here is the link:


New Contract Year Feb 2014

All doctors in Victoria started their new contract year on the 3rd Feb 2014. I am one of those that are continuing from last year to this year. 
Agak rollercoaster jugak last week with the new doctors starting, ramai yg from other hospital network, ramai jugak yg first time residents/ registrars. Interns dah start 2 weeks prior so the first slow-wave dah lepas, now the next slow-wave pulak with the new doctors. 

I started the working year with being on the senior registrar job. This includes being in charge of the yellow stream & being the rapid assessment in-charge. Sangat-sangat stressful.
Nanti-nanti aku citer. 

This week I'm coverning someone on leave in ICU. Starting today with night shift sampai rabu malam. Then on-call for ICU over the weekends. Such long 3-14hour shifts; kami start at 8pm then rostered to 9am the next day, tapi tak semestinya abis on time coz ramai org byk ckp during handover. Minggu depan aku go back to ED.

I just got back from seeing my colleague for a breakfast at Axil Coffee in Hawthorn. Lama gila tak jumpa dia. Now dah nak ready untuk tido. Hopefully I get a good rest so that segar masa kerja nanti.

And aku doakan satu rakyat Victoria ni sihat sejahtera this week, so that takde yg berpusu-pusu masuk ED, and those on the wards semua stable takde metcalls/ code blue, and those in ICU are not extremely complex. Hopefully this week will be cruizy for everyone. Amiin, Ya Allah. 

Sunday, February 09, 2014

January 2014 Empties (Skin & Beyond)

Okay, this is part of my new year resolutions- to reduce wastage. One way is to keep tab of things that I already have including baking materials, shoes, house cleaning items and beauty bits. I still have lots to check, and so far I've covered some, and those cover how many, colours/ types, still using/ to toss away, frequent use/ rare, etc. Senang to make room for new things jugak.

Here are the January '14 empties in this sector.

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Mentholatum; Sunplay SPF 65PA++ Watery Cool Clear & Smooth, 31ml. 
2. Soap & Glory; Hand Food, 50ml.
3. Skin Food; Peppermint Foot Cream, 100g.
4. Peter Thomas Roth; AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel, 57ml.
5. Missoni; Acqua Body Lotion, 200ml.
6. Clinique; Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, 50ml. 
7. Steam Cream; Sagittarius, 75g.
8. Molton Brown; Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath & Shower; 50ml.
9. Lip Fusion; Infatuation Lip Plumping Gloss.
10. Silky White; SPF 15 Pressed Powder in 01 Ivory, 12g. 

1. Mentholatum; Sunplay SPF 65PA++ Watery Cool Clear & Smooth, 31ml. 
I bought this from either Guardian or Watson pharmacy in KL bila balik Malaysia tak ingat bila. But this had been in my box of yet-to-be-used items for a bit. I remember I started using this masa summer mebbie in 2012, then bawak balik Malaysia a few times, then terbiar je either in my handbag or kat dressing table unused during the cold seasons (at least 9mo of the year), then used again during the hot seasons. Tak ingat how much I bought it for, but must be on sale if not I would not have bought it in bundles. Loved the minty feeling soon after application, but kalau near the eye area kena kenyit mata lama sket kalau tak pedih, haha. Small fist-size bottle, senang for travelling letak dlm handbag. Great for humid season 'coz it was non-greasy, in fact not so good if you have dryer skin sebab kena moisturize the skin before applying this. I dont know the ingredients coz all in Japanese but I suspect mesti ada some sort of zinc oxide/ titanium oxide for the sunblock effect because this can cause white streaks on the skin if not applied evenly. Best la kot kalau teringin nak rasa being pasty white skin. Hehehe. I've got a few more bottles to go, in fact this is yg ke berapa botol dah coz I really like Mentholatum products.

2. Soap & Glory; Hand Food, 50ml.
Ni saja gatal beli when I was at Sephora, KL. Tak ingat berapa RM, & which Sephora I got it from. Nice creamy feeling, non-greasy when used in Melbourne. Small tube, easy to carry around. And I used it all over, not only on the hands. Skin (except face) is all skin after all. I didnt really enjoy the smell. And after less than 6mo of using this, I found that the product kinda split. Gross! Maybe the stock itself already kinda aged when I bought it, maybe its the Melbourne heatwave, I'm not so sure. Had to toss it away, even though there was still probably a quater tube left. 

3. Skin Food; Peppermint Foot Cream, 100g.
Mak & abah bought me this a while ago, & each time I got home for holidays I would always forget to bring this back to Melbourne. Until recently balik Malaysia, & found this while clearing up my dressing table/ beauty stock there. Nice & cool & fairly even application. Made my feet & everywhere else so smooth. Product itself was a bit runny & thin to my liking. But I didnt like the smell of peppermint in this product, maybe it was a bit old from time of purchase or something.

4. Peter Thomas Roth; AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel, 57ml.
I got this from E-Bay, straight from the US, because takde kat most of the Kit store here  at the time when I needed it. And I was too lazy to wait for the stock that seemed forever to come. Mahal jugak via E-Bay, but still cheaper than what I would have paid in Melbourne, & that included postage. It seemed to tame my pimples yg degil2 tu. Hence didnt really used it that frequent; used it everyday for 2,3 days only during pimples fest. And after a few weeks, the scar pun dah mula fading away. Nice! Clear gel, so senang nak guna under make up if desperate. Yg tak bestnye ialah its stored in a glass bottle, so berat to carry around for travel. This one is already licin. So now thinking of maybe I will repurchase again after I'm done with my current pimple treatment.

5. Missoni; Acqua Body Lotion, 200ml.
Hubby bought me a set of Missoni Acqua perfume a while back when we were still at the Kelly Street house. Lama gila dah tu, mebbie around 5yrs back? I really loved the perfume so finished the perfume quite quickly, and at that time sayang punye pasal hence kept the body lotion thinking might be using it sparingly. Like always, terlupa terus even bila dah pindah rumah. Teringat again a few weeks back, alas the product had split & smelled bad.. more tengik than nice. The product itself was runny & thin to my liking, yet its been a while that I actually have forgotten the real texture.

6. Clinique; Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, 50ml.
Clinique was my first department store beauty item I used about 10years ago. And maybe the longest brand I was ever loyal to. I somehow always come back to Clinique products esp this one & their makeups after trying cycles of different other brands. When I first tried this 10yrs ago I didnt really like it because I felt it didnt really sustain any moisture & my skin at that time was a bit weird. After a while and now I understand my mature aging skin more, this is one of the many water based moisturiser that I keep on repurchasing. Very very light & odourless clear gel. Great for high humid area e.g. in KL or in summer. But horrible for very dry skin. As the seasons change I add facial oil to this with each use, esp for night use/ in ac environment. Also use this under sunblock. Its in a jar, some ppl have issues with this due to germs/ senang tumpah/ etc. But I have no issues with jar products. Plastic jar, hence easy to carry around. Very happy with this. I think it is ~AU$60-65. Bought this particular one recently, tak ingat harga. 

7. Steam Cream; Sagittarius, 75g.
Got this straight from the UK webbie. Ada offer masa tu, so got a few for hubby & my family & some other people as gifts. It comes in many different tin designs. Soy based, thick, esp good in dry season/ ac environment. Slightly greasy if used in humid area. Made my skin very soft. Small pretty tin, easy to carry around. This was the so-many tins I bought & used so far. Again its a jar product, I have no issue with this at all. Recently amik balik from my parents coz I figured they wouldnt use this as much/ frequently coz its humid in Malaysia. Plus each of it has got an expiry date. Will definitely repurchase after I finish using my other body/hand/feet creams/lotions.

8. Molton Brown; Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath & Shower; 50ml.
Got this from the UK, it was part of many mini body & hair Molton Brown product pact I bought in the UK. Started using this during my time studying for the primary exams. Despite its tiny bottle, I guess I didnt really use it that frequently. Maybe because I was distracted on using other shower products. It was supposed to calm & relax your mind. I would like to believe it did so. Managed to finish this purple gel early this month. Smelled hmmm.. different from all the shower products that I'm used to but I like to try something different every now & again so that I dont get bored. I dont like the smell of vanilla/ sweet stuff in my beauty products. This product itself, hmm, biasa je kot, a shower product is a shower product to me. 

9. Lip Fusion; Infatuation Lip Plumping Gloss.
Bought this via E-Bay because Mecca Cosmetica stopped stocking this a while ago. Thought this was good for my wrinkly lips, & it did work each time. Used this for work mostly. Cant remember the colour but probably doesnt really matter as I have pigmented lips anyway. It was sheer enough to not make my lips look nude-y. Minty on application but went away soon enough. Not too thick, not too thin. Just comfortable, I do like my lipgloss to be on the thicker side though. I have got other Lip Fusion Infatuation glosses in other colours, so will restock when they are almost gone. But kinda worried that this product might be discontinued. A bit mahal (tak ingat harga), but I love this.

10. Silky White; SPF 15 Pressed Powder in 01 Ivory, 12g.
This is from either Guardian or Watson in KL. Cheapo, & I loved it, & will always repurchase. And this one yg ke berapa pack dah since a few years ago tak ingat. Initially bought this when I was desperate but now suka pulak. Its not as halus as other more expensive pressed powder. It smells like an old woman makeup too, haha, but aku still suka yg ni. The colour is just nice for my skin. And it helps setting my foundation quicker, also it lasts a bit more than my other face powder. I'm not that particular about face powder that much, as to me the base (primer/ foundation/ concealler) is more important. To find a cheap powder that works well is exciting enuf to me. 

There, panjang berjela la pulak my first review. Ada lagi some other products yg dah abis/ buang but totally forgot to put aside for review & dah lupa which ones. 
Okay, gotta go. More to come.


* All the products are either bought, given or of gift-with-purchase. The reviews are all my personal views anyways & not paid by anyone; everyone is entitiled to their own words on anything. I dont intend to make this blog as a beauty blog. This is just to keep tab of my belongings for minimizing waste, and for my own future references.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Dah Bosan Dengan Situasi Kini? Begitulah


Good reading, good summary of our frustrations re: today's public health. I can say that here in Australia, we are going through the same frustrations as well.. 
Sigh... apa nak jadi dgn public..

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Seksa betul tido siang tadi afta night shift. Its 40°c-45°c average today tomorrow lusa. Aku kerja night shift ok la kot kat spital ada aircond. RUmah ni takde aircond. So tadi tido with some ice pack.. still rasa seksa. Nak bukak tingkap angin pon panas macam udara yg keluar dari oven.
I would rather sleep at night dari kena sleep during the day afta night shift. At least malam udara luar lebih sejuk dari dlm rumah. Siang no escape. 

Ni jap gi nak siap2 gi kerja again. Hopefully xde la rubbish patients like last night...

Happy New Year 2014

Kinda late-ish to wish happy new year to all. But it is still January, people are still getting used to writing the number '4' next to the number '1', and still trying to not make mistake of writing the number '3' instead. Haha. Well, at least me bila tulis drug chart/ notes kat hospital tu.

Azam tahun baru yg aku harap I will stick to:
1. Continue azam tahun-tahun lepas yg tak berapa dipenuhi. =)

2. Nak datang kerja on time. (hmmm.. setakat ni sejak tahun baru hari tu ada la 3,4 shifts aku terlambat 10mins.. others mostly early/ on time. KInda a good start.. hehehehe).
3. Nak senaman lebih sket dari zaman lemakjelly masa started studying for primary exams hari tu.
4. Nak kurangkan gula, garam, msg & other rubbish in food. And replace with balanced food. 
5. Nak kurangkan bazir-bazir esp on beauty items, food stuff, pakaian/kasut/bags. One good start is to keep tab of those stuff.
6. Nak keep in touch with others more.
7. Nak keep in touch with my artsy self more. For a start, to continue regularly updating this blog =).

8. Nak tengok more documentaries, cooking show, etc that's not related to drama/ fiction. 
9. Nak look after the garden more. 
10. Nak be a better person in general. 

Banyak la pulak azam tahun baru ni. Well, I truly want to fulfill these this time. Bubuh kat blog supaya ingat bila baca-baca balik what I've written here. 

Selamat tahun baru 2014. Semoga it fills with joy, prosperity, love, and all the best in life, and beyond to all of us. 

Take care all.
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