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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Aku Jadi Ketua Sebentar

I was assigned to be in the red stream for Thursday afternoon baru ni. Red stream maknanye utk high acquity cases e.g. intracranial bleed, cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, major trauma, acute stroke, heart attack, septic shock, etc yg memang very unwell patients. Cant be happier than this. Was wearing red top, carrying my red stethoscope, red mobile phone, red pen & my red glasses. Hahahah.. mana la tau dapat kerja red stream masa tu. Tup tup memang pun. Woo hoo. 

Btw, yellow stream is for low acquity cases e.g. batuk, rash, sakit perut, migraine, falls, dizzy, etc which sometimes can be rubbish as well. Pulple stream is for those fast track e.g. wounds, sprains/ fractures, medication review, etc.
 So that evening, datang satu signal dari ambulance. Cardiac arrest man who had cpr, zapped a few times & intubated at the scene before coming to us. 15 minutes before arrival. Seperti biasa as this is a team work. The big boss & myself asked me if I wanted to be the airway/ procedure doctor or nak practise jadi the team leader. Aku tak tau apsal aku ckp aku nak praktis jadi team leader. 

Maka jadilah for that case. This is usually slightly different than metcalls & codes that I'm used to on the ward. And aku rasa ada sedikit kelam-kabut some, but it was good coz my boss was there to support me. Plus the patient was stable & definitive management was laid out smoothly. We had supports from the ICU team & the cardiology registrar, as well as the resus team in ED was superb. 

I need more practice. Time to go to work.

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