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Friday, January 16, 2015

Beauty Deadly Sins

This is taken from one of the beauty blogs that I love so much, Musings of A Muse.
Just for fun. Jom buat ni ramai-ramai.

Each one of us must have some sort of beauty sins somewhere somehow. These are mine =)

Greed (excessive desire, esp for wealth or possessions. Tamak haloba): What’s your most expensive beauty item?
--> A perfume by Terry that I bought from Mecca Cosmetica at Myer Melbourne city. Dah charge baru perasan harga... sigh...

Wrath (vengeance. Dendam, marah): What item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
--> cant choose between a concealer or a mascara.

Gluttony (excessive oral intake. Tinggi nafsu makan minum): What brand takes up most of your collection?
--> Clinique, Urban Decay. But I have to count all that I have coz I think I have all sorts of other brands too, kinda mix & match. 

Sloth (laziness. Malas): What product do you neglect the most due to laziness?
--> facial, hair, body masks.Malas nak tunggu to remove them.

Pride (good & bad meanings. The bad one: high opinion to own's merits. Bangga diri, takbur, sombong, bongkak, berlagak): What product gives you the most confidence?

Lust (intense desire. Nafsu): Which item is top of your beauty wish list?
--> ?botox. Hahahahahaahhaaa.. I dont even know what my wish list is at the moment. If I think I need/ want something I would just go buy them. Then regret later... sigh..

Envy (discontent of other's advantanges. Dengki): Which makeup product/look is great on others but not on you?
--> highlighter.

Happy New Year 2015

Havent written much in the past 2 years.

Anyways, just wishing everyone a happy, productive, prosperous, healthy & peaceful new year & beyond.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Feeling Entitled?

My thoughts on this article published by blogger Aku dan Kehidupanku
Link: http://zouldahanblog.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/aku-dan-minggu-ini.html?showComment=1419379571822#c2548898691721824253

"Assalamualaikum, I feel for you. I agree with your note here. Memang kita sebagai healthcare workers sangat serba salah. Some people think its their right to get free medical treatment, but are willing to pay hundreds & thousands of dollars for their alternative supplement/ rawatan/ beauty products in the name of prevention & cure.

Doctors yang ada business sendiri, while they are making money themselves, at the same time kena bayar for the business sustainability tu jugak. Itu kerja diorang, their occupation. As a job, you deserve your gaji. Sama macam kalau kerja jadi cikgu, you deserve to get your gaji, right. So why pertikaikan the charge?

And healthcare business is not like business jual shaklee or jual asap. Government banyak sangat kasi subsidi to the klinic kesihatan, hospital, etc and thats why orang2 yg pergi to these healthcare premises tak nampak. Cuba kita tunjuk spreadshit of the cost of each item--> blood tests, syringes, alcohol swab, medicine, electricity utk guna computer setiap kali jumpa patient tu, air utk basuh tangan after jumpa setiap patient to minimize infection risks, etc dan termasukla service consultation. Hence, that's how much probably you pay for each GP clinic visit.
RM100 yes nampak banyak sangat, but kalau doctor buat kerja cincai & charge murah supaya patient tu kekal sakit & datang kat dia semula, agaknye tu yg the public nak. There are reasons why some people need some tests, some people just need consultation. Tak semua patients sama macam cube Lego. And yes kesihatan is your right, but only if you are taking all the appropriate steps to look after yourself first... not smoking, no alcohol drinking, no illicit drugs, senaman keep active, tak gemok, jaga makan, jaga tido, jaga emosi, jaga keperluan spiritual, etc.. then the healthcare is your rights.

Your rights to eat, patut ke people give you food for free kat any tempat makan because it is your right to eat?

Everything in this world is a business, all have their own costs; monetary, time, energy, emotional costs. Memang banyak yg tak nampak semua tu. Contoh, when you are attending an office family day. Cuba fikir the time & energy spent to prepare the food, to kemas rumah, to make sure semuanye berjalan lancar. Tambah lagi kalau ada ahli-ahli buat pasal tak nak tolong ke apa, dah naik kos emosi kat situ. Apatah lagi the money spent for that particular event. Datang plak tetamu-tetamu ni yg datang amik food sebanyak-banytaknye (esp kalau buffet lah), then siap nak bawak balik coz its their right to food so nak bawak balik utk ahli keluarga diorang.. maklum la office punye function, aku kerja situ, aku layak bawak balik semua ni utk anak2 aku. Heh...
And of course the tuan rumah hafta buat sehabis baik lah nak kasi semua cukup semua kenyang, and tak membazir, etc. Kalau sekadar buat ala kadar, air minum pun setengah gelas utk setiap tetamu, kerusi takde, sayur lunyai, tissue kain lap takde, etc, and buat tetamu mcm pengemis je, tu semua sangat2 tak patut.

Contoh saja ni. But in healthcare, similarly, a business in itself. Both the system & patients kena la respect each other. Of course banyak lagi menda to point out on each side. We cant control the system. We can only look after ourselves.

And since this article is about frustration of how some patients are, there, this is my 2 cents as a healthcare worker."

Sob, sob, kena kerja on Xmas season... today, tomorrow xmas day, lusa boxing day. Hubby is off for amost 2 weeks during this festive season here. And I am stuck at the hospital. Setiap tahun... Just because I dont celebrate xmas, doesnt mean I dont have a family at home who have their days off during this time of the year. 
Sabar je lah yg mampu. Keep going. Hopefully all Victorian & visitors are well & safe, tak perlu datang hospital buat masa ni... Sigh... 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Learning Another Language

It's been more than a year since I passed my primary exams. I am now in my first year of advanced training. A few more to go. I should be concentrating on completing the hurdles, such as research & non-ED terms, for the advanced training so that I finish quicker. Well, at least this is the advice given by most of my seniors. 

I have other things in mind, at least for now. More than a year now that I have been bumming around adding lipid layers around my tummy (which kinda helps during winter :D). There are other things that I want to do, those that I wanted to do being put stationary for a while coz of many reasons. I want to do things around the house, I want to get back to writing, I want to watch documentaries, I want to bake... etc. Learning other languages is also one of them.

I chose Spanish a while back. Over the years, bought many Spanish language learning aids but been sparingly using them. Takde orang nak praktis, exams, other stuff, hence those things just kumpul habuk dlm almari. Tak tau apsal I've become obsessed with Spanish. Tak ramai Spanish patients at work. Kalau ikutkan patut belajar Greek, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Tamil as ramai these patients come thru the door and most of the times we will need interpretor or family members who can speak those language. But well, I am kinda obsessed with Spanish, hence for now, Spanish it is. 

I am onto the dummies & the 15-min Spanish book & audio at the moment. What's missing in this pic is my box of audio aids that I used about ~7yrs ago. Kena cari ni.

I have a boss whose partner is a Spanish lady. I've known him for a while but never had the guts to practice Spanish with him, lagipun selama ni kononnye sibuk exams, etc, so macam inappropriate pulak nak tetiba talk to him in Spanish. Since 2 years ago, we have a couple from South America (Doc N & Doc C) at work who grew up talking Spanish. So now I've decided to smell the roses, they have been great teachers. 

The other day there was a Spanish old lady as my patient. The only time I had the chance to talk in Spanish if I was fluent enuf by practising for the past ~7years. Of course I couldnt. I could only speak a couple of phrases, which the lady responded & of course I couldnt understand what she was talking about. Lol! Lucky there my friend Doc C was working the same shift. Unfortunately, agaknye dia terkejut when Doc C started talking to her in Spanish, in a very very loud voice (since dia agak hearing impaired), she just stayed mute the whole time. Seb baik anak dia datang soon after. Haha. 

This is the usual situation here, at least where I work, but more commonly other language-speaking patients. Mostly Chinese ppl, Indian/ Sri Lankan, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Arabs. Kinda susah nak treat when they are conscious & tak boleh communicate in the same medium, let alone when they are delirius or unconscious and the family tak cakap English. Some times I get frustrated but most of time I feel kesian coz must be really scary living in a foreign country where you cant communicate & you are actually sick, & tak dapat nak sampaikan your worries & tak paham apa doc cakap.

Hence my motivation to learn other languages, hopefully enuf to help me be global.
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