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Monday, March 10, 2014

Ration for Winter

Seb baik pokok cili padi berbuah lebat this summer. Alhamdulillah. I've been keeping the weekly hasil tuaian in the freezer for winter suppy. Boleh la kot sebiji sehari in late autumn, winter, early spring nanti. Insya Allah kalau cuaca elok in the next few weeks of autumn, the pokok cili besar pon akan start berbuah. Last summer dia kering kontang macam nak mati je. But I refused to defeat, so setiap hari siram despite nampak mcm rangka je. Alhamdulillah dah tumbuh bunga dah pon since last week. The serai pun mcm tinggal rangka je. Someone told me that her serai was like that too a few months ago but they siram setiap hari, Alhamdulillah diorang punye dah tumbuh hasil. Semangat aku nak revive our serai. Hopefully ada la supply nanti.

 Hasil tuaian sabtu hari tu. 2nd pic hasil tuaian hari ni.

 Collection dari freezer & yg akan masuk freezer.

All these are important supply for winter, the right season to eat all hot spicy hearty meal but malangnye time winter la mahal giler all these things. Obviously due to susah nak grow them bila cuaca sejuk or musim banjir. Tambah-tambah lagi harga barang sini semuanye mahal. So nasihat pada diri sendiri untuk ke sekian kalinye, baik la rajin-rajinkan diri berbudi pada tanah. Ahaks.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

A Sad Day..

8th March 2014.

Just as I was switching on my fon that was charging earlier, got a message from my dad that my beloved uncle just passed away :'(

Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun.. a very much respected, admired & loved family just returned to the Almighty Creator. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmatNYA & ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang beriman. 

Arwah paklong dah selamat dikebumikan petang tu. Alhamdulillah pemergiannye mudah & dia diuruskan with all dignity that he deserved. 

I honestly dont know what to do because I am here, they are overseas. I really want to be there with my family. Terpaksa kerja with sick patients to distract my head. I guess life has to carry on. Kita yang hidup akan terus mendoakan kesejahteraan our loved ones di alam barzakh & keberkatan for those yg masih hidup.

Sedih. I am here treating the sickies but I am so far away to be able to make a difference for my own family across the sea. Cant wait to finish this freaking training to get back to my family :'(


Then later that day read in the news that MH 370 KL- Beijing outbound was MIA 2hours into their journey. The flight carried 327 passengers + 12 crews, and we dont really know their status at this stage. My heart really goes to them & their loved ones. May everything goes smoothly & everyone around them are given the strength to go through this. Tak lupa juga those involved in searching, organizing, coodinating, info centres, etc in relation to the search of MH 370. 

For others yg nak mempolitikkan & menghina this event, shame on you. If you refuse to redirect your soul & attitude, just keep it to yourselves. No one wants to share your rotten thoughts at this moment, or ever.

Its been a sad weekend indeed. Take care everyone.

Aku Jadi Ketua Sebentar

I was assigned to be in the red stream for Thursday afternoon baru ni. Red stream maknanye utk high acquity cases e.g. intracranial bleed, cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, major trauma, acute stroke, heart attack, septic shock, etc yg memang very unwell patients. Cant be happier than this. Was wearing red top, carrying my red stethoscope, red mobile phone, red pen & my red glasses. Hahahah.. mana la tau dapat kerja red stream masa tu. Tup tup memang pun. Woo hoo. 

Btw, yellow stream is for low acquity cases e.g. batuk, rash, sakit perut, migraine, falls, dizzy, etc which sometimes can be rubbish as well. Pulple stream is for those fast track e.g. wounds, sprains/ fractures, medication review, etc.
 So that evening, datang satu signal dari ambulance. Cardiac arrest man who had cpr, zapped a few times & intubated at the scene before coming to us. 15 minutes before arrival. Seperti biasa as this is a team work. The big boss & myself asked me if I wanted to be the airway/ procedure doctor or nak practise jadi the team leader. Aku tak tau apsal aku ckp aku nak praktis jadi team leader. 

Maka jadilah for that case. This is usually slightly different than metcalls & codes that I'm used to on the ward. And aku rasa ada sedikit kelam-kabut some, but it was good coz my boss was there to support me. Plus the patient was stable & definitive management was laid out smoothly. We had supports from the ICU team & the cardiology registrar, as well as the resus team in ED was superb. 

I need more practice. Time to go to work.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hoho Haha Dah Ada Ig

Hahaha. Malam tadi dok register n belajar how to use this instagram. Akhirnye pada tarikh 28.2.14 aku jadi one ig-ans. 

And hubby ajak gi Chadstone nyopping. Hehehehe.. Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang, kecik tapak tangan periuk gajah daku tadahkan, diberi betis lebih dari peha aku nakkan.. Hahaha.. 
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