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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016: All the best

Agak-agak kemalasan hard core. I copied & pasted some old ones on new years resolution.
This blog has been moldy agaknye been a while since I last wrote anything unimportant =)

Kinda late-ish to wish happy new year to all. Sometimes I get a bit lagged on writing the dates esp at work, kinda 1 year behind. Sigh...

This year, so far I have been semangat nak stick to my azam tahun baru:
1. Continue azam tahun-tahun lepas yg tak berapa dipenuhi.  Oh well, I dont even remember most of it. But will refer to them bila-bila senang.

2. Nak datang kerja on time. So far so good. Datang on time, or awal 2,3 minutes, really naikkan semangat bekerja =P

3. Nak senaman lebih sket. So far been to the 1000-steps/ Kokoda Memorial Trail kat Dandenong Ranges almost every week with Encik Hubby or with a group of friends. In mid January baru ni, I was forced to go to the 1000 steps by my workmates. Not only naik turun satu loop, diorang paksa go up & down twice. And yes, am happy I actually did that. Cant believe been in Au for a while & didnt know/ didnt even step a foot there. 
Also we went to Tasmania early January baru ni, did lots of walking & outdoor-sy stuff. Really enjoyed being active.

4. Nak kurangkan gula, garam, oil; other rubbish in food. And replace with balanced food. 
Now I drink tea with only half a teaspoon of sugar VS dulu 2 teaspoon. And slowly I find that even that somehow manis esp for the decaf tea. And for coffee, no sugar for many years now. Yes!! Jimat gula!

5. Nak kurangkan bazir-bazir esp on beauty items, food stuff, pakaian/kasut/bags. One good start is to keep tab of those stuff. And derma most of the items yg dah tak nak, or dah tak muat.

6. Nak keep in touch with others more. I will start with 1-2 ppl dlm my contact list to just msg via watsapp/ fb/ viper/ etc a week. No man's an island. 

7. Nak keep in touch with my artsy self more. For a start, to continue regularly updating this blog =). Today's post is a start for 2016.

8. Nak tengok more documentaries, cooking show, etc that's not related to drama/ fiction.
My current favs: Cutthroat Kitchen. Tiny House Hunters. History channels. Cartoons (Scooby Doo, Legend of Chima, Batman, etc)

9. Nak look after the garden more. We have 5-6 chilli trees of different variations now. Yg lama mati during the last winter. Alhamdulillah growing with lots of hasil. Also our daun kesum, given by Mak Long & Pak Long growing, surviving. Aloe vera tree, given during pindah dulu still alive. Now next nak start grow some serai & mebbie lemons/ limes in a pot.

10. Nak be a better person in general. 

11. This year, I am doing a part time job. A lot on my plate currently. One of it is to complete my 4:10/ masters diploma for my Advanced Training. Also nak start studying for the fellowship exam yg ntah bila aku nak sit. This year ED college dah tambah some new rules e.g. more assessments to be completed etc. So need to focus on that. THese are only the career bit. Ada lagi menda lain yg aku nak buat/ approach for this year. Latersss. 

Banyak la pulak azam tahun baru ni. Well, I truly want to fulfill these this time. Bubuh kat blog supaya ingat bila baca-baca balik what I've written here. 

Selamat tahun baru 2016. Semoga it fills with joy, prosperity, love, and all the best in life, and beyond to all of us. 

Take care all.
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