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Monday, February 10, 2014

New Contract Year Feb 2014

All doctors in Victoria started their new contract year on the 3rd Feb 2014. I am one of those that are continuing from last year to this year. 
Agak rollercoaster jugak last week with the new doctors starting, ramai yg from other hospital network, ramai jugak yg first time residents/ registrars. Interns dah start 2 weeks prior so the first slow-wave dah lepas, now the next slow-wave pulak with the new doctors. 

I started the working year with being on the senior registrar job. This includes being in charge of the yellow stream & being the rapid assessment in-charge. Sangat-sangat stressful.
Nanti-nanti aku citer. 

This week I'm coverning someone on leave in ICU. Starting today with night shift sampai rabu malam. Then on-call for ICU over the weekends. Such long 3-14hour shifts; kami start at 8pm then rostered to 9am the next day, tapi tak semestinya abis on time coz ramai org byk ckp during handover. Minggu depan aku go back to ED.

I just got back from seeing my colleague for a breakfast at Axil Coffee in Hawthorn. Lama gila tak jumpa dia. Now dah nak ready untuk tido. Hopefully I get a good rest so that segar masa kerja nanti.

And aku doakan satu rakyat Victoria ni sihat sejahtera this week, so that takde yg berpusu-pusu masuk ED, and those on the wards semua stable takde metcalls/ code blue, and those in ICU are not extremely complex. Hopefully this week will be cruizy for everyone. Amiin, Ya Allah. 

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