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Friday, February 28, 2014

OHS Workshop: Self-defence at Work Place

Petang semalam we had this very interesting workshop during our registrars teaching. OHS (occupational health & safety). This guys was talking about aggression at work, which we face every single day at the hospital. Mostly by mental health patients, frustrated patients & family, those in pain, those in fear, delirius patients, etc whatever situation it is. 

A lot of the workshop involved theory, discussions etc. Then second half kami diajar how to physically deflect & defend ourselves if we are physically attacked, at the same time to buy some moments while help is seeked/ coming. Very interesting. Ada gaya-gaya martial arts sket, cuma modified sket. We were also reminded on how not to counter attack 'coz selalunye once we are attacked we tend to naturally want to balas balik in view of self protection & making sure the other person wont be able to attack further. Kalau buat gitu, automatically we are liable for assault. Susah kan dok kat negara yg sket2 saman & well-developed legal system. 

Ada la lebam-lebam sket my limbs 'coz kami disuruh practise with each other to almost a real setting. Ada defend kalau kena grab kat tangan, masa kena tendang, avoiding kena gigit/ ludah oleh patient, defend kalau kena cekik, headlock, defend kena push on the floor, etc. Seronok aaa. Teringat masa zaman karate training kat uni dulu. Hahahahah.

Less than 2 wks ago, this neurosurgeon was attacked & stabbed multiple time kat foyer Western Hospital, Victoria. Critical. Sebelum-sebelum tu banyak news pasal hospital staff kena serang mostly dalam hospital/ compound, ada jugak somewhere outside in the public. Victoria banyak sangat mental & social issues. Macam-macam things implemented especially now to enhance staff safety. But ada these new legislations coming up that it will be a lot more difficult to use the physical restraining on patients & others esp in psychiatry settings. We are moving towards prevention & pharmacological restraints as the first steps, before absolutely necessary to use the physical & mechanical restraints. Tough.

Naudzubillah la me or my loved ones or anyone being attacked. But hopefully kalau nak terjadi jugak kuasa Allah swt kan, Allah swt kasi akal kita panjang to be able to defend ourselves well. 

Take care all.

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