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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Food Day & Kafe' Laksamana

Pagi semalam had brunch at Dr. AI's place in the city. Had ebi burger that she made from scratch. Best gila. 

 Ebi burger by Dr. AI

Last night's dinner at Dr. NA pulak was great- laksam, nasi dgn ikan bakar, gulai siam, etc, kuih-muih, etc. Penuh perut until this a.m. Haha. Busy betul my social life nowadays. 

The sayurs I made: masak bendi kacang kobis, peria masak rempah, kerabu kacang panjang & pegaga.

Koleksi makanan kat rumah Dr. NA
And the grumbling & pain I had a few days ago wasnt gastroenteritis, Alhamdulillah. Cuma perut sensitive with oily food, hence triggered my gastritis. Had multiple doses of pantoprazole & mylanta double strength, lucky they helped very much.

Pagi tadi gi beramai-ramai breakie at Admiral Cheng Ho in Abbotsford, corner of Johnston St & Nicholson St dekat-dekat city sana. Went with Dr. MJ, Dr. BB & Dr. ZF, & Dr. AI datang lambat sket frm the city. Its a newly opened cafe in Abbotsford. 

Mine: zuchini patties, beetroot, hot chocolate, orange juice.

Dr. MJ's: Quinoa pancake with some bubur, mocha.

Dr. ZF's: Polenta with muschrooms.

Dr. BB's: Granola with mixed fruits.

Great interior but small. Great food deco & tasted good too just kurang garam sket, mebbie coz my pallate dah biasa salty food & I love salty food. All of them enjoyed the coffee very much sampai order 2x different coffees each time, alas aku tak boleh hv the coffee coz working night shifts this week, & tonight is the first shift. So kena tido in the afternoon. Rugi. But definitely will come back during my none night-shift day. 

After breakie all of them went out jalan-jalan shopping to various places but I had to go back to sleep. Hmmm... bukan dapat tido awal pun. Tertido pon around 3++ & bangun before Maghrib tadi. Hopefully minggu ni the whole Victoria sihal walafiat & damai-damai je. =)

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