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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Separuh Tahun Lagi..

Goshhh.. its July already!! Half a year has gone. Comes another half.

What have I achieved so far? Hmmm... rasanya tak banyak kot.. Maybe more of my disgusting fatty layers?

Okay what's due soon?

My research audit on trauma in our department is due next week on Thursday. Brapa banyak je yg aku dah siap?

This coming Thursday pulak ada Resus workshop. -!-" 

This coming weekend aku kerja arvo shifts, meaning abis midnight :( Tak boleh nak organize buka puasa ramai2 with friends here since most of them are working during weekdays. Then next weekends plak aku kerja night shifts :(

My structured references for advanced training still pending. Awaiting completion by the bosses. Sigh...

Have to work on applying jobs for next year. Ni tension. Every single year terasa mcm beggar pulak kena apply then go for job interview :(

Kena renew & pay our annual medical indemnity (insurance) & registration (lesen bekerja). Melayang lagi $$$$.. Sigh..

Tax return!!! Sigh...

Okay, since balik from cuti hari tu, aku dah kumpul sebulan punye June empties. Will post on that soon.

Housework.. kain baju, dapur, bathrooms, garden, etc.. Sigh..

I need to start studying in depth I guess. Primary exams dah abis last year. Now into advanced training. Most senior registrars start studying bit by bit at least 2 years prior to their fellowship (final) exams. Diorang kata sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit. And I am doing that, but my sikit-sikit tu lama-lama hilang tanpa kesan... masalah premature memory loss gamaknye... Sigh..

Today I am working arvo shift, abis midnight. So hubby will be eating dinner by himself. Dia buka puasa in the car or at work since buka puasa around 1712hrs, then eat propper dinner at home. Aku pun sama will be having my meal at work.

Salam Ramadhan all.

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