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Monday, July 20, 2009

Another arvo shift

At work now, doing my arvo shift. Tadi start at 4pm, jap lagi abis kol 1030pm. Perfect shift for ganti puasa, next to night shifts. Ni baru je buka puasa. Ada lagi beberapa hari nak ganti, then comes Ramaddhan month, the real puasa month next month. Hopefully sempat la abis.

My brother is here wit me. Dia saja2 nak ikut merasa dok sini. So I sent him up to the resi room. He must be a little tired. Yesterday went to Healesville Sanctuary, a spontaneous move. Ingat nak gi city tapi since the weather was superb for a winter day, so thats where we went. Tak ready apa food pon. So our lunch memang makanan yg menyedihkan kat sana. The place kinda smaller than the last time I went there. I think byk tpt dah tutup coz of the bush fire early this year. Animals pon mcm buat perangai je. Si Tazmanian Devil tu tak nak kuar time dia nyer show, some of the Birds of Prey pun tak mendengar kata. All in all, dpt la jugak my bro tgk haiwan2 Aussie.

Mlm tu gi dinner at Livebaits, Docklands. Tpt seafood yg exclusive, hence, mahal. Takpe la, skali skala kasi my bro merasa, sambil2 catch up dgn some old frens. It was soooo damn cold there. Dockland is the coldest part of Melbourne city. Freeeeeezzziinngggg! Brrrrrr...

Lucky Oysters

On the day my brother arrived, kami just had breakie at Chaddy, then rehat2 sket. I made some singgang ikan using salmon. My kuah was sedap, but tu la, I dont really like salmon. Tapi tu je ikan yg ada. Guna je la. Mlm Dr. MJ lepak2 & we played boardgames. Yes! Bro-sis affiliation won the game! Hahahhahaha.. jgn marah hubby.

A few more hours to go before I finish this shift. Got 3 more days to go before off for a few days & night shifts, then ED rotation starts. I still gotta do the neonatal resus assessment, prepare for interviews (mintak2 la dpt.. amiin) & study a lil' bit for ED. Other important stuff is the rent, tax return & meals/enterntainment claim. Hopefully I do those things before August comes.

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