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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Otakku tepu!!

Stressing out.

- Brother going back to KL tomorrow arvo. Terasa cam sikit je masa together kat sini. =(
Kita takde pon main Wii byk together, boardgames, jalan2 arond the neighbourhood, blablabla. =( Like alwiz, I'll be homesick tomorrow.

- Got a fon call from EH telling me that I was going to a Critical Care year interview tomorrow arvo & they were going to let me kno the details. Typical them to be kinda late to inform ppl on future events, same goes with the work timetables. Initially they wanted me to go at 2pm, then had to reschedule to 430pm coz I sed I was sending my bro to the airport. AARGGHH!! Tak cukup masa nak praktis.

- Went to hand in my timesheet. The medical workforce person told me that I havent got any forms sent in from the referees. I was like.. what???? There's no EH referee forms online that I could send to any of my referees & I thot I asked a few months ago about it & someone did say that they were going to send it themselves to the referees. So thats wat I told all my referees a few months ago, except one who was sure that EH would send them the form themselves.
I had to email the form to all my referees. Out of panic, I had to send a 2nd email to each of the referee because either I forgot to attach the form or was missing 1 number from the 8-figure fax number!!!! UUURRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

- I'll be working nights starting Thursday, then straight to working ED on Monday. Sedihnye nanti jadi gila & kurang performance.

- I am already stressing out about the work thingy. Nak praktis interview dgn hubby, but nak main games dgn hubby & brother jugak.

- Seeing my timetable, it looks like I wont be spending much time with hubby alone =(
Miss him.

I really hope that I'm going to be well for the interview tomorrow. InsyaAllah. I hope I am going to be well next year & work well as well. Amiin.

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