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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekends: We were In & We were Out =)

Sakit gila my shins from the ice-skating today. Got myself a lovely bruise & blister line combo on each medial shin of my legs, and sore shoulders, bum & arms. Both hubby & my brother were flat out as well, except they didnt get any bruise/ blisters. None of us jatuh tergolek masa ice-skating tadi. So thats good.

2 days in a row kami buat impulsive activities. Mostly coz tido & bangun lambat each day. Winter is not a very exciting season for outdoor activities. Therefore byk indoors stuff are on at the moment e.g. ice-skating kat Docklands (this is the one that we went to), museums, arts & theatres, etc.

On Friday arvo, afta brother went to solat Jumaat, kami lepak2 around Melbourne city. Hampas traffic jam lebih sejam aku dok dlm kereta drive mcm kura-kura. Had a simple lite meal kat Lazzat. Then jalan2 kat Melbourne Central & Myer. I kno my brother, coming from KL, mesti kurang heran kot dgn shopping malls kat sini, but saja nak tunjuk. Masa amik2 gambar tu, ada la budak2 mabuk sibuk nak masuk dlm gambar. Hubby menjadi mangsa coz dipeluk kiri kanan oleh org2 gila yg busuk ini. Yucks! Hahahahahha.. Then jalan2 lagi, well, didnt haf much time pon. So lepak2 kat Max Brenner. Waffles & crepes dia sedap.

Melbourne Central

My dark orange hot choc, brother's Danish toffee hot choc, hubby's cappuccino.
Max Brenner.
Saturday, again, woke up late. Heh! Went to Science Museum/ Planetarium (again). Had to rush up on stuff coz sampai sana lambat sket than ideal. To make it short, it was an okay visit. So damn cold. Nice show at the Planetarium, it was about another life in the universe besides us. Went to visit TTM & family. Saja nak introduce kat my brother. Thot Ly & family ada but mebbie diorang penat main badminton during the day, plus dah malam. Anyways, thanks TTM for having us. Sedap kek. Lepas balik we played boardgames- The Simpsons Boardgame. My brother won. Despite me being the Mayor most of the time, I got the least tokens. Hubby, despite being in the Moe's Tavern most of the time had nearly as many tokens as brother's. And my brother, despite having to go Back to School & Moe's Tavern many times... he WON!! Hahahahha.. Good game. It was fun.

My age in binary system. Go figure.. hhehehehe..
Today, went to the city again. This time we went to Docklands Harbour Town Shopping Centre yg dekat2 dgn Southern Star Observation Wheel yg not functioning anymore since this year's suicidal summer. Jalan2 & tangkap2 gambar cam biasa. Bought some jackets for brother, such a good buy. Hubby sambar satu very nice jacket too. We found a 'Springfield' store (remember The Simpsons?). Then spontaneous visit to the ice skating rink kat situ jugak. Berangan nak main cam pro dlm TV tu. That was our (except hubby) first time main ice skate ni. We've never even played the normal roller blades. All in all, it was a good cardio & muscle exercise. Seb baik none of us jatuh on the rink itself. Takut coz imagine any fingers getting sliced up by those skater blades. Ngeriii!! Anyways, kami menyerah kalah before abis time. Penat. Still tak reti2 lagi ice skate. I got myself a nice pair of lines on my shins. Sakiittt!!! Hmmm kalau aku hebat main ice skating sure cun body aku now. Nanti la...

Where to go?
Nice day tapi sejuks!!Southern Cross Observation Wheel hanyalah tinggal kenangan.
Ly & family lucky dpt naik on them before diorang tutup.
Heading towards the parking lot
From the parking building
Made a chicken pie in 2 versions for dinner. 1 a normal one, the other was just a Shepherd's pie.
Also some broccoli soup yg tak sedap. Hehehehhe.

Everyone penat dah.. jap lagi nak pencen ke bilik tidooo.. fuh. Will decide on tomorrow's activities esok pagi when kita sumer bangun. Nity nite.


Saifster said...

Unbelievable pics - you take really nice pics! Your hubby is lucky to have a pretty creative wife!

P/S: That compliment costs AT THE VERY LEAST 2 HUGE slices of the chicken pie... I nak bawak lunch besok :D

Newbie said...

very nice entry and pics! bile la aku bole go out like that again.....

aquahartz said...

hubby: of course u can have many slices of the chicken pie for work, anything darling.

Dr D: thanks. boleh when baby's out. nanti ur pics akan lebih bermakna & ceria. aku pon tak sabar nak tgk baby kau ni.

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