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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fly away.. Yaaayyyy!

Wow, in 12 hours time I'll be on the plane to lovely M'sia. Yeehaaaa...
And I'm here at work still, will finish in hopefully 4 hrs time. I havent packed my luggage yet, & I'm panicking now. And here at work I still havent done my neonatal resus assessment yet, still havent completed the work application stuff yet.
And here I am updating my blog. =P
Hopefully the rest of the night will be quiet so that I could do some work stuff. Had a delivery & a few paeds admissions.
Yesterday I was started on Tamiflu for flu prophylaxis. That was because a kid was sent from ED to the ward without a clear Dx (it sometimes happens, sometimes we dont have a clear diagnosis of a patient). It was a game of between pneumonia or flu. After I reviewed the kid & looked at the blood & CXR results, the kid fit into THE flu criteria for Tamiflu. So considering I'm dealing with pregnant ladies, neonates, high risk patients with liver, kidneys, lungs, heart failure, therefore the hospital put me on Tamiflu for precaution. I feel fine, even tho ada saki baki URTI from 2wks ago, which means I actually dont fit the case definition for THE flu, so no swab done. At the same time got a letter from an ED registrar saying that I dont need to be quarantined. So, hopefully that is enuf for my own safety there in KL. Coz I really want to go shopping. Woohoo..
Anyways, lets hope that everything is well & quiet til morning & I'm okay with my packing.

C ya guys in M'sia.


AhMADfairuz said...

saifs balik sekali tak?

aquahartz said...

sorry fairuz, baru la ni bleh bubuh komen. blogger ni bengong.
he didnt come along with me to m'sia.

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