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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson... the Legend

I was actually driving back from my 1st night shift of the cycle when I heard on the radio about MJ. I thought the DJs were making such a sick joke about him, like they always do to others all the time. Then there were these wishes from the public about how much they loved him, would miss him, blablabla. And I sorta couldnt digest still, coz I was really tired & couldnt even pay attention on the road.

But then, more news clips & it kept on going. Then it hit me.. waaahhh betul ke MJ dah mati? I thot I heard them say that tak confirm lagi. I pun.. ok, tipu je kot. Ye betul la tu kot cardiac arrest & now coma. Kan ke mcm2 rumours before this kata dia sakit mcm2. Ok, ok, ada can lagi. (Haahahhaha.. mcm sorang tokoh kehidupan je dia tu aku nak be in disbelief ni).

I grew up listening to MJ, thanks to my parents esp abah. I remember masa kat asrama dulu, seciput je org yg suka MJ ni. Mesti org ejek punyalah kalau tau aku suka MJ. I remember watching the video clips that abah collected (masa tu video tape), the one that I most remember is of course the moonwalk.

Of course the other songs that I love: Beat It (also the version sang by arwah Sudirman & Noorkumalasari), Smooth Criminal, Dirty Diana, Thriller, Bad, Black or White, You Are Not Alone, Earth Song, The Way You Make Feel, dan lain2 they are all brilliant.

Macam2 kontroversi mamat ni. From the very start dia trim kening dia in mebbie 1984, to the start of his facial modifications since then. The links to different people of why he did that, to those women he got married to then to the boys rumours. Then all those plastic surgeries came out as a self-betrayal, financial matters, and so on. Masa aku kecik2 dulu, masa tgk dianyer vid clip, aku rasa cam dia ni sangat la kacak for a black guy. Suara pon ala2 romantic gitu. Aduhaaiii... tapi nak buat cam mana.. he's soooo into perfection that it actually ate him alive..

Ada la jugak sekelumit kesedihan bila aku baca menda2 tu. But, oh well.. being a doctor in a foreign country has taught me not to care too much (sadly enuf).

Dah lama nak belikan abah a collection of MJ DVD or CD. La ni baru ada kesempetan. Aku terus bergegas ke Chadstone coz mmm.. terfikir2 nanti mesti abis coz semua pon nak tribute to MJ. So aku pon sambar la the album History double CD of Book 1 & Book 2.

Tribute to MJ.. whatever the controversies are & no matter how ugly he destroyed his life til the end.. he is one of those people who have produced the best, the greatest music in my time, and MJ is in his own category.


AhMADfairuz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AhMADfairuz said...

This guy is a legend. great songs. wonderful performer. all the fans will miss him. definitely.


aquahartz said...

Yeah, These are the albums that Michael produced when as a solo artist. In order:
-Got to Be There;
-Music and Me;
-Forever, Michael;
-Off the Wall;

kiesya said...

teringt masa tgk video dia buat konsert...peminat smpai histeria n pengsan2~


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