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Monday, June 01, 2009

Its officially WINTER!!

Yes, thats right. It is officially winter now... as per Aussie calendar 1st June 09.

Hate it. Its gloomy muram durjana & no actual real sunlight. Freezing. Sejak seminggu lalu kalau ckp kat luar bangunan kuar asap. Takyah isap rokok. I sorta prefer autumn/ spring coz there's still sunlight. As for me yg memang tak tahan sejuk langsung, hafta wear layers of clothes. Its like wearing the whole wardrobe. Lemas.

Mebbie the only things that I like about winter are shopping for winter accessories and the fact that boleh keluar malam more coz maghrib awal.
Or should I say, boleh beribadah puasa (or ganti puasa) better coz maghrib awal & subuh lambat. Bleh, watever it is, it is winter. The same 'ol cold winter. Time where makhluk2 Allah swt berhibernasi... termasuk la aku ni. Bleh.

Heh. I could make my winter productive.. if I'm driven enuf. Like my list before, which I remember was there since autumn lagi, here it goes:
- ganti puasa before next puasa comes.
- try to kemas kertas2 bertaburan atas lantai & sort them out. Especially those important papers, including my meals & entertainment receipts, borang claim itu ini, other book-keeping stuff. Macam-macam.
- start updating my resume & my cover letter. This is the most stressful time of the year for most doctors. We hafta keep on applying & going thru interviews almost every single year. Boleh botak gua. Then kena contact all the potential referees, so that dpt good ones utk kerja next year.
of course kena study & perform to keep up to my work perfomance so that dpt good references for reapplying jobs for next year. Urrghh!!
- start mengemaskinikan my tax return stuff. Again, that time of the year. Muntah.
- start looking for houses; to buy or to rent again. Its a big thing. Whatever it is our choice is, it seems like we hafta extend the current lease to give us time to cari rumah, pack, blablabla. Then along comes life planning including when we should start for a family, bila nak balik M'sia for good, blablabla. Tension gua.
- start kemas rumah that spring cleaning, coz eventually akan kuar from this kotak mancis.
- book my vic driving test. I hafta get the buku driving so that aku 'paham' rules in Victoria ni. Hahahahah.
- ganti puasa!
- deal with my emotional turmoils of going thru winter again... duh!
- of course start collecting & updating stuff for my visa renewal. Sakit jiwa.
- on the otherhand, terasa nak update & susun my wardrobe & accessories & make ups & bags & shoes. And possible shopping trips. Heehehehhehe.
- buat lists utk shopping kat M'sia, utk bawak balik to M'sia, stuff to do in M'sia.
- main games, baca majalah, gardening, exercise main2 (top up of exercises yg terpaksa buat kat spital setiap hari kalau kerja..ahhahaha), perfecting my cooking skills, reading novels, main2 internet, etc menda boga-boga. Yes!

Anyways, I think all those are definitely achievable if I am more driven & motivated like I used to be, or like I want me to be.
Small steps make the whole journey...

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