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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My congested (..nose..) weekend..

Didnt really sleep well last nite coz of this stoopid URTI... (NOT AGAIN!!!). Ni sumer pasal reg aku tu la.

Seharian dok mengemaskinikan cover letter & resume'. Letih otakku berfikir. I just need another referee je nak completekan sumer. Mintak2 la dpt. InsyaAllah. Wish me all the very best, everybody. Amiin.

Cuaca is extraordinarily gloomy, no surprise, winter pon namanye. Tapi semalam ada matahari. Then gi masak beef steak + lamb chop. Cam biasa la, dah nose so congested semua menda pon takde rasa... so apa petuanye? Tambah garam lagi.. dan lagi dan lagi... abis sumer jadi masin. Hahahahahaa. Tapi ok la tu. Bleh makan lagi. Kenyang la jugak.

Okay, here it goes wit another survey from some fren. Enjoy.


1. Spell your name without an A? Doktor Cun ;)

2. Are you single? Happily married

3. Whats your favorite number? 5

4. What is/are your favorite color? White, purple, yellow, green, grey, brown, macam2 la.

5. Least favorite color? Black, except for handwriting/fonts/tayar/hair/ & of course a nice car.

6. What are you listening to? Timbaland- The Way I Are

7. Are you happy with your life right? Alhamdulillah... Allah gives me strength & wisdom to go thru life, with input from others of course.

8. Do you shop at the malls? Semualah, yg mana mampu or buat2 mampu

10. Where do you wish you were right? Successful, happy, blessed with family :)

11. What should you be doing right now? Benda wajib lepas masak & makan: Mandi!!... bucuk!!

12.Can you blow a bubble? boleh kot.

13.Can you wiggle your ears? tak bleh

14.Can you roll your tongue? boleh.

15. Did you ever want to be a doctor? One time ago before I studied medicine :p

16.Did you like roller coasters? Pernah suka, now, it makes me wanna throw up. apsal ntah.

17.Did you want to be a firefighter? I wanna be a fighter :p

18.When was the last time you bought a clothing item? Semalam. Work pants yg muat... tak sedar diri akan jadi lebih ngemuks, I bought 2 pairs yg slim fit. My motivation yesterday... I wrongly bought huge pairs of pants masa zaman ngemuks awal thn dulu, now nampak cam pakai guni. Heh!

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