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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Blogger Award Friendship

Thanks to TTM & Ly. for the award. Cool!! Mcm biasa gua slow sket nak pikir jawapan2 ni.
1-copy babge"2009 CUTE'S BLOGGER AWARD"untuk letakkan
diblog anda

2-Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini
kepada anda?

3-Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan beberapa fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya (anda di tag).

1. Indecisive. Very. It all buds from my love of life & the variety of things in this world. E.g. I'll stand forever in front of the shirt rack if I cant decide between the purple shirt or the white shirt. Its either I grab both or not buying any at all. Adoh!!

2. Short attention span. I get bored very easily to the same thing over & over again, as well as things that run more than 1/2hour without any interuption. Hence, I tend to multitask a lot until my brain goes craaaazy. Hahaha. Had trouble learning at college & uni because of this, and having trouble at work esp. at important meetings, long surgeries and the patients yg takleh stop bebel abt their life stories... (duh, who wants to know, focus please!). Also, love the tv/ computer against the cinema, simply because of adverts/ internet & my growing anxiety after 20minutes sitting in the cinema chair no matter wat the movie is.

3. Love my role as a housewife, a daughter, a sister, and especially as a woman, simply because of the things we enjoy doing; make ups, fashion, cooking, gardening, kemas rumah, making my family happy. Hahahaha.. lame gila!

4. I love the sunshine. And like I sed before, I tend to get this seasonal depression in winter, which I am battling at the moment. My biological thermostat has a narrow range of temperature: 18°c-32°c, with peak comfortable temperature being 24°c-27°c. Below the range I start to freeze & above it I start to melt & lose my vision. Mengada je. Hehhehehe.

5. Very particular about food. Only like good food & dont fancy any eateries in Melbourne or moth-in-law's cooking. Sometime if wat I'm cooking doesnt taste up to my standard, I wont eat it. So far, mum's & M'sian food are the best, as well as TTM's & Ly's & Mak Long's.

6. Easily obsessed of stuff. All time favourites are mandarins, handbags & soda of any kind. I've moved on from mentos, socks, eyeshadows, spider solitaire, etc. Currently am obsessed with a Korean skincare brand The Skin Food.

7. I value life important luxury: SLEEP. Sleep is the key to a beautiful mind and skin.

8. As much as I advise my patients to take conservative measures to all life & health issues, I dont have the patientce to wait. Simply because I cant afford the time & energy to wait for things to take its own course. E.g. if I had an important presentation tomorrow & I couldnt sleep now, I would just pop in some tabs rather than wait & get anxious. If pain was limiting my everyday activities, I would not hesitate to take some painkillers to keep me going. Of course these are within the limitations of pharmacology & medicine.. hehehehhe...

9. If people see me as a modern person, I am very much a conservative kampung girl. I cherish most logical & interesting traditional values & cultures, not only M'sian but also the many other world's cultures.

10. I hate it with true passion when people making remarks about my height, especially those in M'sia, tak kira la sedara-mara or people I know. I dont have to be reminded about how tall I am especially from those insensitive bantut people. Just simply they are bantut that doesnt mean that they can do wat they want & stare at me in the LRT, shopping malls, everywhere... Cukup2 la tu, aku dah puas face discrimination of the way I am esp. here in Australia.
*Pengalaman kat skolah dulu.. budak2 genit (a.k.a. gediks) dipuja2 semua org & yg slightly taller will be kutuk-ed by ppl. How dumb is that? Budak2 kemetot mcm kerusi ni kalau jahat cam mana pun, gediks semacam, perangai huduh ya amat, tetap akan dipuja.. ye la cutenyeee la kan. Kalau yg tinggi2 tu.. apa diorang pakai, apa diorang ckp semua dipertikaikan.. baghal sungguh. Tak sedar ke diorang tu menghina ciptaan Allah swt? Diorang ni mana la peduli kan.. asalkan gumbira di hati menghina org lain...

11. I love life. Artitistic photographs (tribute to all of us, esp. Bakri), butterflies, flowers, interesting shapes of things (e.g. round tummy? hahahaah), the ocean, the busy poluted bright cities, different clothe materials, buttons, and everything in between.

12. Lastly & the most important: I love my family, hubby & precious friends (you know who you are, guys). No matter how life is, it wont be survivable without them :)


There, panjang gila. Hahahahhah, aku takleh decide apa nak tulis.

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