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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Shoppin' Award

Baiklah kawan-kawan. Ni tag baru dpt from some frens. Lama dah dpt. Baru la ni ada idea nak boh sini since dah sampai masa mid year stocktake sales kan.

1. Copy & paste onto your blogger wall.
2. Delete & redo the answers.
3. Tag your other friends.. and see if its coming back to you. Well done bloggers!!

A. 5 favourite past time at the shopping mall other than shopping:
1) lepak kat Borders
2) drinks/ food with frens
3) lepak2 tengok gelagat manusia
4) mencuba-cuba baju2/kasut2 mahal tapi tak beli, menyamar kaya-raya
5) tengok movies dgn member2/ hubby

B. 5 things to splurge on during BIG seasonal sales:
1) winter apparels, any other apparels
2) handbags like always
3) kereta baru ;)
4) household items especially kitchen items
5) LCD tv ;)

C. 5 useless things you spent on last sales season without thinking, only to realize your wasteful splurges way beyond the return-by date:
1) a stoopid looking handbag
2) a headphone for skype-ing, not working anymore afta 2nd use
3) a stoopid pair of work pants
4) ok, mebbie ni takleh return but.. this stoopid skin-tugging eyeliners
5) a stoopid dress

D. 5 things that you want to buy although you know you dont actually need them at the moment:
1) winter apparels
2) handbags
3) more beauty products
4) wii games
5) more chocolates

E. 5 must have things simply because they are SUPER-CHEAP now:
1) some handbags
2) beddings
3) gelang, rantai2 bodo tapi best
4) some wii games
5) some novels/ books at borders

F. 5 things that annoy you at the shopping malls:
1) no more parking spots close enuf to the entrance!
2) org2 gila isap rokok mcm naga kat entrance
3) terlampau ramai org kat tpt makan time gua tgh lapar nak mampos
4) card transaction machine not working when u dun hv enuf cash.. bodo nyer machine
5) unavailable cubicles kat toilet/ bratur pjg gila even tho dah nak pecah dah/ toilet busuk or kotor nak mampos time tgh urgent gila.
6) tambah lagi satu... salesperson/ cashier yg bongok rude & racist. macam bagus je, padahal gaji dia gua bleh bayar & muka cam lantai jamban.. hahahahahha >:)

G. 5 people that you would love to shop with:
1) my mum
2) hubby
3) mizah & fad m.a. (dua2 best frenku yg jauh di mata & dekat di hati)
4) TTM, Ly, Dr D
5) Dr MJ, Dr. Hilda

Finally, 5 people to tag:
1) TTM
2) Ly
3) Baini
4) 5) other ppl yg sudi buang masa & buat quiz ni

There.. letih gua fikir..

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