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Friday, June 05, 2009

Blehhhh... Ntah apa2

Such a stoopid day at work today.
I arrrived early in the hope that it would be a good day. Ye la, semangat baru nak pakai mekap gi kerja. Rugi je beli mekap byk2 kalau tak pakai. Slalu malas pakai gi kerja. Silap besar la dtg awal tadi. It could have been.. but nope, such a bangang day.

We were short of a registrar. Last nite's craziness carried on to today. Grumpy boss. Rude pathology people. Rude & dumb midwives. Ever-dragging ward round... it went on & on & on NON-STOP from midday til God knows when (coz I left at 630pm & it was still going on.. gila!). And aku curi2 utk ke toilet coz boss mmg tak nak berhenti for anything. Its going to be a long weekend.. good for other people.. but horrible for us doctors who have to work on public holidays/ weekends. Nuthing will be functioning until Tuesday. So kena settle paperwork, liaising with others, blablabla, aaaalll before 5pm today. Soooo dumb. And I had my lunch at 1900hrs today.. next meal afta my breakie. Duh! And to top it up.. it was such a beautiful day outside & I didnt get any chance at all to enjoy the sunlight!! Tengok dari jauh je la, kempunan. Tension gua.

Ingatkan nak bubuh gambar style aku gi kerja pagi tadi.. saja-saja, atas permintaan ramai *wink* Tapi tak sempat nak amik gambar & malas coz letih nak mampos now. Nak tercabut tulang blakang aku ni. Hangus.

Anyways, dapat dah my Food Safety course certificate today. Woohoooo!! Bleh la aku jadi chef lepas ni.
Will post up the photo of my cert bila2 aku tak penat okaaayy.

Now masa utk tidoooo.. coz esok, lusa, monday (public holiday.. queen's bday), dan seterusnye 'til friday gua kerja non-stop long hours.. penyet la gua.... adohaaaiii..

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