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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers' Day

Happy Fathers' Day to my beloved dad

40 Things I Learn From My Father

1. Never waste time. This second can never be replaced by the next second, and it never stops for you.
2. Work hard to get what you want. No pain, no gain. You get what you are willing to work for... if you actually work for it.
3. Respect your roots.
4. Respect & treat others the way you want to be respected & treated.
5. Be grateful of what you have & appreciate your life.
6. Never waste water.
Never curse the other person if they are in the wrong. They wouldnt be there if they were not them. The worst thing that Allah can punish someone is to not open their heart. On the other hand, pray for their wellness, for a better world & a better you. You will breathe blissfully.
8. Be generous to others, Allah swt will always give you more.
9. Life is all about survival of the fittest, given that you work hard to survive.
10. Its okay if you are tired & exhausted. Unwind... but dont lose yourself.
11. Never waste money.
12. Anything happens for a reason, because of a reason. You just hafta look on the bright side of it.
13. First few steps are alwiz the hardest. Dont give up. Once you've passed that barrier, everything will fall in place & flow okay, if not nicely. It is like the first day of a newborn, first month neonate, first year infancy...
14. Always look things on all sides before you make any informed decision.
15. Always look on all sides of the story when a conflict arises. You never know why it happens. Always give the benefit of the doubt if you cant see it thru all of the views.
16. Never waste anything.
17. Recycle or reuse all you can.
18. Always consider your family and those closest to you first. InsyaAllah, they will be there for you when you need them.
19. Children are mostly innocent in their needs & wants.
20. Anticipate alwiz & alwiz have plans b, c, d, so on. Be prepared, but also be flexible.
21. Always aim for the highest logical goal you can achieve, & work hard for it. If you cant fulfill it, there is always the second best.
22. Love yourself first if you love others. This is so that you could continue to love & be with them.
23. Love the earth, it will alwiz give back to you in the most miraculous way.
Never curse the other person. You never know if they are going to be the only one who're able to help you out when no one is.
25. Grab all the opportunities you can get, as you never know when they are coming to you again.
Be efficient in your resources. Be effective in what you do.
27. If you are stuck on something, step back & learn something from it. Then move forward with courage & prayers.
28. Never curse the other person. You never know if the curse will come back to you... in a much worse situation.
29. Allah swt alwiz has something written for you. Be patient, play hard, play it nicely. You will go thru life smoothly, InsyaAllah.
Always smell the fresh air & enjoy the sun & the sound of the birds chirping.
31. Grudges kill & will bring you down. Forgive & move on. Learn something from it though...
32. Be logical. Be rational.
33. Practice makes perfect.
34. Be observant.
35. At the end of the day, its your life & you alone. So equip yourself & charge.
36. Enjoy what you are doing & do it good. If you are clean, no one can blame you.
37. Dont let others rule your life.
38. Respect food & books.
39. Everything you learn from life is never wasteful regardless how much time you've spent on learning them.
40. Family comes first. Love your family for who they are.. they are always there for you... even if you think you dont need them anymore.

I am trying to learn & actually practise what I learn from Abah all thru out my life. I cherish this. Thank Allah swt for giving me my father & my father me. Love you lots. May Allah swt memberkati hidupmu & murah rezeki alwiz. Take care.

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