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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winter's Rojak

Alhamdulillah my boss gave his green light for a referee for next year's job application. And that completes the requirement of 3 referees for each job application. I really hope that they would give me a good reference. So now I'm working on my cover letter & resume. Looking at the past year's one, I'm pretty much confident that it needs a lot of mending. Huhuhuhu... malu je bila baca balik. Kinda lame & funny actually. Kena tunjuk kat senior2 ni before I click the 'send' button nanti.

Haii... ni la kerja doctors kat sini, every single year kena dok apply jobs. And now at this stage of my career I should be applying for any training that interests me. But aku ni ish.. I dont think I am very sure of what I want to do for the rest of my life. I know the specialties that I dont want to do. But, who knows I might change my mind later on. And I know that at the moment I'm very interested in Emergency Medicine. People say I'm weird & ED's very tough that u work like a dog each time u go to work. Well, I say, in any training pun u'll work more than like a dog, probably GP tak brapa busy. But semua training pon akan jadi gila gak... dah namanye docs... ur life is no longer yours pretty much. Radiology, pathology, pain medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology... all memang hard work once u r in the training programme. Mebbie hidup akan lebih selesa bila dah jadi consultant... which is yeaaaarrrs from the year we start training. Tua dah masa tu. Hmmm... kinda think of it, I'm not in a hurry to get anything.

Then, kabar baru from hubby when he went to Bedoe mosque the other day. The usage is now limited due to some 'onar' oleh brothers jugak. Monash City Council is not happy about it. So now diorang kena gi solat Jumaat kat Monash Sports Rec/ Nottingham Town Hall. I hope the plan to build a mosque in this area, seperti yg diwar-warkan dulu dpt diteruskan despite this. Hmmm...

Me still with my ulangkaji pelajaran. At the moment trying to concentrate on paeds resuscitation & neonatology. Leceh betul la kena gi buat assessment dgn one of the midwives. Adoh, tau-tau je la diorang tu. Rigid gila.

Then afta this gua kerja malam for another week. Hopefully it goes smoothly coz pas tu gua balik M'sia for a week. Talking about that, I'm recovering from this URTI quite quickly. Alhamdulillah. So hopefully akan okay time dlm plane nanti. Dan harap2 takde la some jokers yg sakit2 dlm tu bawak kuman2 H1N1 ni & thus impending my niat nak nyopping kat KL. Hmmm.. swine flu... patut ke takut, that now 1 dah mati kat Adelaide (an aborigine) & 1 kat Victoria ni (org muda yg byk comorbidities) & 1 lagi today (org tua yg ada malignant cancer, hampir2 palliative). Mostly org2 kat spital tu dah tak heran langsung, & just treating it like any other milions of flu strains in the world. Well, insyaAllah selamat. Banyak lagi org mati & lagi cepat mati with typhoid, mycobacterium or strep pneumoniae, acute myocardial infarction, motor-vehicle accident, etc.

Anyways, insyaAllah lepas hal2 jobs ni, aku & hubby akan sambung hal2 kehidupan yg ala-ala tergendala sementara waktu ni; e.g. rumah, kerja rumah, bills, etc.

Doa-doakanlah saya dpt go thru the interviews & dpt kerja best next year. InsyaAllah, amiiin. Thanks millions.

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