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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Like water & oil?

Work has been crazy at the hospital coz its my turn to work AM shift this week. Worked past weekends & the holiday. NOT good at all!! On top of the things that I whinged about in my previous entry, there were also all the paperwork that I didnt get to do PLUS the midwives who were (and always) on our necks to deal with those without any empathy for us. All they know is, you are as the doctor its your job. We dont care if you have to cover other units but we want our asses to be cleaned by us & you... NOW!!! Tu la their attitude.
Gila bangang. Diorang ni memang lagi bangang dari nurses lain. So bangang. Takde words nak ckp dah. O&G is sooo not my thing. Yucks!!

Btw, the regular registrar had a replacement today coz he's MIA again. The replacement was org hudhud. I didnt know if he was affected in anyway by the fact that I was a paeds resident, but I was kinda nerves. But mcm biasa... pagi tadi aku tried to be as professional as I could. And I guess he was as well.

Baik gila. He taught me paeds stuff. Generally, most paeds reges are soooo nice anyways. Thats why they are paediatricians..soon. Well, anyways, there's a Code Green: O&G + Paeds emergency code case. Very interesting. Cool giler, got to put another IV in a newborn, premature baby. Not cool for mum tho. Everyone was okay in the end. This particular registrar ajar macam2 & went thru lotsa stuff that I didnt kno. Baik.

Then kami gi makan lunch sama, mula2 cam tak pasti jugak coz dia ckp dia bwk makanan halal dia la kan. Gua takde menda, so gua beli new boysenberry cornetto (sedap) & strawberry big M.
Then kitorang dok kat cafe tu. Me in my scrubs & dia dgn kopiah dia. heheheh. Ckp pasal kerja, life mcm dah kenal lama. But aku memang slalu baik & peramah pon. Professional. ;)

The day went okay than yesterday. Alhamdulillah. Quite a pleasant experience wit that reg. I'm glad it happened. Baik gila dia ni. Dia ajar, dia buat lawak. Cool gila despite dia tau aku Muslim. NCIS repeat mlm ni pun ada citer pasal ni.
It shows that sometimes water & oil can mix.

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