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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another weekend at Work

Yes, another shift on a weekend, from 8am til 1030pm, again just like yesterday. I'm here at work, waiting for the boss to come for a ward round. It is still morning.

Sitting here reading about hyperbilirubinaemia in neonates & anaemia in neonates is cluttering my brain. Heh. Bosan, bosan. But kinda need to refresh my rusty brain. Kena baca pasal paeds dermatology jugak coz a new case came last nite.

I kinda miss hubby coz havent had a chance to catch up wit him since I got back from M'sia. (Havent had a chance to unpack yet, let alone ironing my work attire- bantai gi kerja pakai sweater & jeans & sneakers, thanks to a casual culture in healthcare system here & to winter). He had to go back to work after picking me up from the airport. I was working til near midnite Friday nite. Long shift yesterday, and again today. Back to work tomorrow A.M.

I might wake up extra early tomorrow just to have breakie wit hubby before we go to work. Hmmm.. see if that's an extra effort just like yesterday & today. Its nice that he sent me food at work last nite & stayed over til the end of the shift. And today he sent me to work, coz I didnt fill in my tank wit petrol before I left to M'sia. At least there's some bits of time spent together. Hugs & kisses to dear hubby.

There's a lot on my mind at the moment. Things to pesan Hariz to bring over. Things to buy at the groceries. Nak iron baju kerja. Tax return (later2 la kot). Unpacking. Read stuff about paeds esp. neonatal resus coz nak buat assessment next week. Hafta start reading about ED stuff coz starting ED early next month. Hafta really think & practis job interview, wit hubby & in front of the mirror.

I pray that there's no high risk delivery or emergency c-section today, no or minimal admissions, no or minimal issues with the chronic & critical adult patients, no or minimal issues with the neonates, ...aaaaannnddd much less stressful day today.. uuuunnttiiiillll Friday. Amiin.

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