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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Last paeds night shift

Last night was crazy. Penat gila bila balik rumah. Didnt do anything much, except for trying to get some rest & playing my favourite game on FB- 'restaurant city'. Hehehe.. hubby gi beli groceries & went to see some of his frens.

Usually on weekends kalau aku tak kerja, we do stuff together at home or kuar or go visit some friends. This weekends nampaknye cam nuthing going on. Mlm kuar dinner dgn Dr. MJ makan kat this Japanese take away shop. Takde la sedap sgt, coz aku dok minum air byk2 sampai bloated. Mebbie coz I had coffee before kuar tadi, tu la pasal kot tak lalu nak mkn sgt. Well, at least ada la jugak food nak makan, & ada la jugak member ajak kuar weekends cam gini.

And I am most definitely excited that I get to spend time with beloved hubby on weekends, memandangkan kerja aku ni shift work & slalu skejap je masa dpt tgk muka dia kalau terpaksa kerja weekends. (Hubby, wait for me on 'restaurant city' yeah!.. Muahs!... oh kita kena go skating nanti bila2 kay)

Well, this is my last paeds nights cover. I'm not going to say how I actually feel. I cant really say that this is going to be my last night shift, coz looking at the future I'm sure that there's going to be more of the night shifts. At this point, regardless of anything, just like any other rotations, I'm just glad that its nearly over & I'm going to start a new rotation. Simply coz I like the idea of learning new things in the new rotation. I have enjoyed my paeds rotation much, especially because of my superb colleagues. I'm just hoping that tonight is a nice good closure for my paeds term. InsyaAllah.

Gotta go admit a Gastro patient now. See youse soon.

Back. Had a code blue tadi. VT for ~1minute, spontaneous revertion to sinus rhythm. Terasa nak baca sket2 utk ED. But my brain is kinda slow at the moment, with everything is dark & quiet. Anyways, I include some cartoon strips as the courtesy of http://www.cartoonstock.com/

this is part of a paediatrician's job

on the other hand.. kids now are growing too fast too quickly...

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