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Monday, August 03, 2009

ED here I come

I am still tired from the paeds night shifts, it does feel like I didnt get enuf 24 hour rest like wat the HR expected each one of us to have before coming back to work to day shift. I asked for Saturday to be an off day but they didnt let me, for the above reason. Damn.

I thought I would be excited to go back to work, especially in ED. The truth is, even tho I am looking forward to it, I am kinda nervous. I'm worried if I'm not sharp enuf or not on par. I didnt get to revise my stuff prior to this new rotation, and certainly didnt get enuf rest before starting. I just hope that I'm allowed to see only kids in ED, with some simple things like suturing. My heart is already shattered from the interview, now is my chance to show them that I'm worth it. (Seperti kata iklan Loreal.. ehhehehe).

Looking at my whole timetable, I work mostly arvo shifts or night shifts, with only a few morning shifts. Sedih jugak tgk timetable tu. Simply coz I'm not in the mood to work, mebbie coz I'm tired. But thinking about this coming Ramadhan, mebbie ada hikmahNYA aku dpt shifts cam tu. At least senang sket kerja arvo/ nights kalau nak puasa. Cuma kurang la ibadat di siang hari coz asik tido je. Bleh. Tak tau la cam mana kerja kat ED ni time puasa2 ni. Hopefully, kurang la patients hendaknye ke ED tu, nikmat di bulan puasa. Amiin. Hopefully jugak Allah swt kasi aku all the strength & patience to face bulan Ramadhan nanti. Amiin.

Anyway, starting soon, I better get ready to eat & stuff. C ya soon.

Here is a cartoon re: emergency medicine triage system as a courtesy of www.cartoonstock.com

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