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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Things I Learn About... My Perfume =)

I grew up with lotsa perfumes around me. Dulu2 curi2 beli yg murah2 kat supermarket/ Avon tu je, coz my mum ada 'allergy' kat perfume. Dia kata dia pening dgn bau2 yg kuat2 ni. I've seen some of her perfumes, which are soft, light & fresh. Tapi dulu masa awal remaja ada la jugak dia belikan aku sebagai hadiah a set of perfume miniatures yg comel & I only wore them bila ada majlis yg best2. Those perfumes: Elizabeth Arden Sunflower, Elizabeth Arden Red Door, Chloe' & lagi 2 tak ingat.

Then, sampai sini, my hubby-then-bf bought me my very first full sized designer/ luxury perfume: Sui Dreams by Anna Sui. Its the little handbag filled with this reaaally nice & sweet blue liquid that cought my nose masa jalan2 wit him at Daimaru or Myer (cant really remember where exactly coz its probably zaman 2001 or 2002 dulu). =) Love. This one here is not the original bottle, ni dah botol kebrapa dah ni. I dont really use it anymore, coz my sense of smell dah evolved over time.
Since then, my perfume collection started to beranak pinak, with my main contributors being my mum & hubby. Mum always buys me stuff, and I'm kinda excited & sooo touched when these perfumes come from her considering she's not into perfume that much. But she has her favourites: Ralph Lauren Ralph, Salvatore Ferragamo Dream and the magical Lancome Miracle.

Ada some group of perfumes that I use for work, coz they r not overpowering & bau pon biasa2 je. Kebanyakannye aku beli sendiri now dah kerja, ada from mum, ada from hubby. Ada among these yg aku terbeli coz couldnt defy my obsession & compulsion to shop, like the Versace. Some are lux brands, some are simple & cheap. Sesuai la buat gi kerja coz kalau dah pakai perfume cam mandi sure cepat habis punye, pas tu sure kena beli all the time. Hehehheeh. Anyways, here they are:

Cool Water Woman Games & Cool Water Woman (dah bosan dgn ni)
both from Davidoff.
Last year I had Echo Woman (gift from mum) from Davidoff
dah abis lama dah.JLo Live Lux (dah abis dah), Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, Avon Pur Blanca
Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Breeze (gift from hubby), Versace Signature Women
These are my special collections. I only wear them for special events. These are always dear to my heart.
Missoni Acqua for Women (gift from hubby)
Clinique Simply (gift from mum)
My Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Collection ikut urutan bila kuar, I haf 4 out of 6:
(Incanto yg original aku takde coz tak perasan kewujudannye)
Incanto Dream, Incanto Charms
Incanto Shine, Incanto Heaven
(..and the latest Incanto Bliss that I didnt buy when I was in M'sia coz bau dia aku tak berkenan)
Latest addition to the family:
Clinique Happy for Women, Carolina Herrera 212 On Ice for Women
(hubby pon ada the Homme version of these two.. sedap sangat!!)
I also have some of my many miniatures here in Melbourne. Some I have them in Malaysia, e.g. my Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto collection (that includes the original Incanto & the other 3: Dream, Charms, Shine). These I usually take to work/ bubuh dlm handbag/ travelling/ etc suka2. Ada byk lagi, some dah kasi org, some dah guna sampai habis.

Elizabeth Arden Sunflower, Avon- Far Away, Tomorrow, Woman of the Earth & Always. Christian Dior Addict 2, Clinique Happy for Women, Carolina Herrera 212 for Women, Anna Sui Sui Dreams, Versace Signature.
Avon- Soui Rouge & Ches Moi' . Clinique Simply.

There... banyak gila perfume aku ada. Most of them bau lebih kurang sama. I think Dr. D pon tau taste aku yg lebih kurang sama. Hahaha.. kena start to venture on different types, tapi balik2 akan go back to the same type of perfume, hence all these. Aku nak try kurangkan the number of perfume I have. But its kinda hard. Considering that ada perfume yg aku akan pakai utk kerja only, or yg utk special occasion only. I think I hafta slowly merge the groups together.

As I was growing up til now, I've learned lots about perfume. Apply them on the pulse points so that bau dia lagi strong & tahan. Dont apply on ur ketiak, nanti lagi busuk & rosak bau dia. Jangan rub ur wrists lepas apply perfume, nanti bau dia distorted. Kena abiskan jugak perfume, coz kalau biar lama sgt bau dia rosak. Perfumes pon macam personality & moods, therefore depending on the event, its fun to match the mood. Macam2 lagi nasihat yg bleh dpt kat mags & the internet. As time passes on, more & more perfumes coming out. Its a matter of time... aand money je to reach them. =)


Newbie said...

igt tak aku nye category utk perfume: bau tumpul atau tajam? hehehe..
the only perfume yg aku berjaya abiskan is incanto shine.. the others dah bertahun tak pakai sampai dah lain bau, last2 kena buang..
lama gile dah tak pakai perfume, since morning sickness haritu.... huhu

aquahartz said...

=) aku ingat bau kau. tapi til now i still tak berapa paham what it means by tumpul & tajam :)) incanto shine tu category apa ye? clinique happy?
u should try incanto heaven if u love incanto shine.

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