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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Things I Learn About... Skincare & Beauty =)

This is my list yg berkaitan dgn skin care & beauty yg aku kumpul2 from pelbagai sources. All from my OCD on skincare & beauty. Aku ni takde la expert mana pon, just that all these facts sound true & applicable. Still budak baru belajar dlm this area. Hehehehe.. I should be a beauty consultant, instead of a medical consultant, hey.

  1. Best tips for excellent skin sampai ke tua: hydration, sun protection, enuf rest/ sleep, balanced diet, regular exercise AND a clear mind & soul.
    Setuju. Masa sakit hari tu minum bergelen2 air coz tak lalu makan. Then noticed that my skin was sooo supple. And of course jadi buruk kalau mood ku tak baik.

  2. Alwiz clean ur face from makeups before u go to bed.
    Aku slalu malas yg ni kalau letih gila balik kerja. Naughty. Keesokan harinye berbintat la muka gebuku ini.

  3. A good facial cleanser will not only remove make ups (thus, no need of make up removers), but also will save u $ from getting a toner.
    I agree tapi aku still gatal nak guna toner & make up remover. Saja seronok & ngada2 nak tambah steps in my regime. Tapi kalau travelling I only use my cleanser je.

  4. Skin will only need 1 type of skin moisturiser, regardless whether its the eye area, neck, ears, chest, feet. They are all skin anyways. They are differentiated by their squamous, columnar or mucosal characteristics, thus may need specific skincare.
    Agree. Aku dah slowly reducing some steps in my skincare. Tapi kadang2 cant help in using extra seperti cream mata coz dpt samples. Plus aku risau dgn dark circles ni.

  5. The best day cream is an SPF lotion/ cream, & that should include ur eye areas.
    Sangat setuju. I'm now moving towards 1 moisturiser for day care... once I stop using the extra steps from the samples.

  6. The best night cream is something that's thicker/ heavier in the consistency than ur day cream.
    Nak cari night cream yg bagus ni yg susah ni.

  7. You can actually do ur own facial at home once a week, fortnightly, monthly & so on depending on ur need. After all, u r the one who knows how ur skin is like.
    Sejak aku gi facial sebelum kenduri kawin hari tu, tu la first & last time aku gi. No way aku nak kasi org touch my face again. Aku now buat sendiri je 1x fortnightly or sebulan sekali ikut kerajinan. Lagi best & nampak resultnye.

  8. An SPF lotion is a good primer plus the extra coverage.. protection from the sun.
    I've tried this multiple times masa kuar malam. My make up appeared better & smoother & longer lasting.

  9. The best way to apply a liquid/ mousse foundation is by using ur own finger. Unless u r wearing make ups for photo/ film shooting. The tools absorbe moisture from ur foundation, therefore ur make up looks thick & artificial... and dry.
    I agree wit this one as well. Tried brushes, pads, sponges.. semua kurang memuaskan. I like it to look natural, not caky. Plus senang nak reach areas yg sengal2 cam corner of eyes/ nose, etc.

  10. Less is best. Daily foundation is applied to enhance ur skin texture, not to make it look & feel like a painted wall- thick & caky. Again, unless its for a photo/ film shooting.
    I agree. But I've also noticed that semenjak my skin dah menampakkan ketuaannye especially around the eyes, I tend to use more of my foundation PLUS the concealer. Ni sumer pasal kerja la ni.

  1. Foundation is applied first, than a concealer depending on the need.
    Some people do it the other way round. As for me, it doesnt work if I only pakai concealer, then pakai foundation kalau perlu. I have large pores. Foundation, or at least tinted moisturiser, is a must.

  2. Facial powder is used to set a barier between ur foundation & the outside world, so that ur make up wont melt once u step out.
    This is especially kat M'sia coz peluh2. Bila pakai powder, kurang peluh & kurang cair make up aku. But here in Aus, I still wear powder afta foundation coz it helps my colour regime to stay in place better.

  3. Always moisturize & SPF ur lips.
    I just realized that yg ni pon penting. Lucky my lipgloss, Lip Ice, ada SPF. Kalau nak harap facial SPF.. pahit la.

  4. Serum is good, only if u need it. To enhance ur current moisturiser without actually replacing it with a new one.
    I kinda agree coz aku malas nak tambah steps in my skincare regime. Tapi byk samples, so aku guna je la. Takde la nampak beza sgt my face, mebbie coz its not time yet to wear serum.

  5. When wearing ur make ups, alwiz think about who you want to impress. On top of the appropriateness of the event and of course to impress urself/ make u feel good, think.. is it the boys or the girls that u want to impress this time.
    Yang ni susah sket nak praktis. Aku slalu bantai je kaler apa2 yg ada suka2 evn tho sometimes hubby kata... 'MasyaAllah.. huduhnye' ehhehehehe.. I've read some poles from the guys & girls: Guys like a clean like u put some effort on ur looks but also a natural look as in to enhance ur look, not to look like a clown. Girls like more colourful & fun look... coz beauty is their world anyways.

  6. I believe in Botox =p

  7. A fair skin is not always the best. Its always about a healthy skin than its colour.
    Agree. Masa muda remaja dulu, aku kinda terpengaruh dgn iklan putih2 tu e.g. 'fair lovely'. Maklum la lelaki2 ni suka gadis2 yg putih2 je. As I grow wiser, I kno that some of the ingredients can be harmful to ur skin in the long run. Its better to use the whitening, as in yg regulating melanocyte activities so that sama rata in responding to sunlight, than bleaching products. But now I kinda dont really care much about skin colour already.. as long as my skin is smooth & healthy.

  8. The best pimple/acne buster is always the combined oral contraceptive pill that contains some oestrogen and cyproterone, a type of progesterone, that has antiandrogenic effects. Of course u take the appropriate mild steps first before resolving to this. And unfortunately guys CANNOT take those pills. The next best step is using stuff containing salicylic acid, as in aspirin. Ni kata2 dp dermatologist here in Melbourne I've met all through out my career.
    Tried & tested. Agree.

  9. There's no long-lasting lipsticks/ lipgloss that can go thru food, coffee breaks, talks from the minute u put it on before work until u get back home in the evening, at least to date yet. Unfortunately u actually hafta retouch it.
    Kinda agree. Product yg kena sapu 1 more layer tu kinda drying & caky. So tak bagus sgt. Mebbie the next best thing is the lip tint, still drying but at least bleh bubuh lip gloss/ moisturiser afta that.

  10. Self-tanners are disgusting. They stick on cloths, bed sheet & ur partner's shoulder, as well as they stain the bathroom floor. Bronzers are only good for contouring & eyeshadows.
    Truly. Now ada product yg encourage melanin production. Tak tau la yg tu bagus ke tak. It does give u the natural tan glow though.Thank Allah I'm already naturally tan.

  11. Lipsticks/ lipgloss are versatile. They can also be used for cheek & eye colour. Save u space & money.
    Pernah try ni masa travelling dulu. I was kinda surprised with the effect. Cantik.

  12. Bare skin is not always the best. =) At least try to look like u r alive, rather than like those bodies in the morgue.
    Hahaha.. aku pernah kuar without any make ups to work, mebbie sapu powder coz tak nak kasi peluh2. Seriously I saw a glimpse of my face on the mirror nampak cam mayat. Orang ingat aku sakit ke apa. Plus poles tadi tu revealed that guys suka tgk pompuan yg kemas & at least jaga sket looks tu. Aku pon pernah tanya some guys frens, they say the same thing.

  13. Picit jerawat is okay, but make sure u clean properly ur fingers AND the area of skin where u gatal2 picit jerawat tadi. Bila dah kering... sapu la SPF so that tak obvious sgt the scarring.
    Yang ni kinda questionable aku rasa. Reason why aku tak nak picit is takut kasi scar & spread the germs. The reason why aku picit is, other than gatal2 nak picit, sebab aku notice that kalau biar je jerawat batu tu it gives a burning effect on the base.. last last kasi scar jugak. Logically, all the germs terperangkap kat dlm tu need drainage so that diorang tak further makan the healthy skin underneath. Jadi aku clean it, sapu toner yg ada salicylic, then sapu SPF.. and I notice now dah kurang scarring.

  14. Salicylic acid is the best physical peeling/ acne treatment/ anti-aging, other than SPF.
    Agree.. according to all these dermatologists.

  15. When u pluck ur eyebrows, do it based on the back bone. And make sure u step back after each few strands so that u dont overdo it.
    I have once tercabut bulu kening sampai botak sebelah, this is during first time cabut2 kening masa zaman uni dulu. I remember jugak masa kecik2 darjah satu I was kinda curious kenapa human being ada kening, so I shaved my left kening sampai takde & bila half way thru my right kening my parents found me in the bathroom. Considering brother ada accident dgn shaver dulu, of course diorang freaked out. Cannot imagine how buruks I went to school afta that.. Now aku berhati2 la sket kot.

  16. U can mix & match any colours of the eyes & lips, as long as u know its logical & these colours are not actually tenggelam coz of ur skin colour. And... overdone make ups never works, unless its for a party or u r performing in a circus art.
    Setuju. Jangan nampak cam clown sudah la kan. Aku slalu nampak cam clown bila nak mix & match ni. Remember the point number brapa atas tadi tu, nak impress sapa & what event & mood it is for? Tapi kalau suka2 seronok jugak mix&match.. forget about all the rules.

  17. No matter how much u want to look good at a wedding, dont overdo the bride. Remember, its her event, not urs.
    I strongly agree with this one.. teringat masa my own wedding, ada these cursed ppl yg I so didnt want to be there, but somehow ppl attention went to them... because of their outfit & make ups. How offputting & menyakitkan hati =( Sad to say.. its those lembu2. I would never do that to any weddings/ receptions/ majlis2 yg not meraikan 'ME'.

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