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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is Spring Already Here? YaY!!

It was busy ass in ED last night with a few ppl crashed, 1 needed intubation. Busy with many patients who were not supposed to be there but they were simply coz its free... We get lots & lots of people like this. They dont mind to wait, actually they loooove to wait no matter what. I remember 1 patient I saw on a few days ago who came coz they demanded their sugar level reviewed, simply coz they didnt want to go see GP coz if they did they had to pay out of pocket money. DOH!! Aku just ckp kat diorang yg their conditions were not lifethreatening & there's nuthing more that we as the EMERGENCY SERVICES could offer them there & then... and they needed to go see GP for reviewing. I knew that they were frustrated... but me myself was just boiling inside while I was talking.

Such a waste of taxpayers' money... if 1 GP visit would cost ~AU$40-80, 1 ED visit would cost a minimum of ~AU$600-800. Tu blom masuk investigations lagi. Kalau blood tests.. dah tambah lagi puluh2, kalau termasuk imaging or review from other medical specialties... lagi la sampai ratus. The final total of taxpayer money can be more than AU$1K for each of their visits. No wonder healthcare system kokak, tak kira di mana pon. Akan bertambah kokak if we keep on getting people cam gini. Double cursed for the healthcare professionals coz diorang bayar tax ...aaaaannnd kena layan diorang ni bila diorang dtg. Bleh....

Despite that, I dont think I would mind as much to see these people if to compare with having a pager. I notice that I still get palpitations when a pager goes off, even tho my job now not requiring a pager. Sakit jiwa woo with pager ni. Kesian org yg dipage/ on-call. Aku still takut2 nak call diorang takut my referal crap sgt sampai diorang annoyed. On the other hand, its the job that they applied for in the first place & they knew what they were in for. And when they are on call, its the support thats there if anyone needs it.. provided its a relevant one.

Oh ye, disebabkan kat ED ni we eat whenever we can, just like any other doc jobs (except probably GPs, radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, anaesthetists, intensivists) I always have mini foods in my bag. Ada sorang reg ni aku offered some of my chocs coz I didnt see him having a break at all. Bleh je dia kata nanti akan kena AMI or ada DM or obese bila aku dah tua nanti. Ches! Kebetulan aku plak jumpa patient yg ada multiple comorbidities. Pas tu aku dok makan oren & I did offer it to him as well... nak tau apa dia kata? Bleh je dia kata.. "u gonna get something if u eat that thing too much". Grrr... nak je aku baling cawan kat dia. Hahahahha.. dia gurau2 je tu. Mlm ni aku nak kacau dia lagi sampai aku tgk dia makan =D

Anyways, was really tired bila dah kol 630am and my brain kept on losing track of whatever I was doing. But then while I was talking to a patient, I noticed that the sun was starting to show up thru the ED window. Tiba2 terasa bahagia plak. I love the sun. Bahagiaaaanyeeee. On the way back on, even tho dah tahap ngantuk & cam blur je tgk kereta kat depan tu, aku rasa cam hmmmmm bestnye matahari dah kuar. Cam hallucination plak. Cuaca plak tak brapa sejuk kat luar tu. And when I was in bed, konon2 nak stay up a bit coz matahari ada kat luar tu, slowly & slowly mata tertutup.... so aku pon tido dgn bahagianyaaa... Spring is very very close by date but its physically here already... aaaaaahhh.. bahagia.

Working again tonight & tomorrow night. Hopefully the coming shifts are sebahagia my heart when I see the sun shining. =)

1 comment:

Saifster said...

Everytime I wake up in the morning and see you next to me, everyday is the start of Spring :)

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