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Saturday, August 08, 2009

1,2,3,4,5,6...7,8,9 and what next =)

YES!!! Finally its weekends! I didnt realize how much I've lost track of time working in ED. Gila la. Full on, then bila balik rumah penat nak mampos sampai tak lalu nak buat apa2 even my favourite TV shows. Then penat nak mampos either terus nak tido or tak bleh tido langsung. And hasilnye, aku setiap hari lambat gi kerja, sampai smlm my boss ckp "... just letting u kno that we start at 8, not 8.30!! Hehhehehhe.. tu aku la tu, suka gi kerja lambat or to me its on time =P Tapi kat ED its not appreciated to come to work late coz kesian la kat org yg kita nak take over tu.

Anyways, interesting work in ED at BHH sini. My last metropolitan ED experience was getting stiched at MMC ED. But that doesnt count as its not considered 'working'. Then before that was as a student at DH, which was superb. And my interest in Emergency Medicine surprisingly started there. ED in LRH was so-so, cant really compare with metropolitan hospitals coz its a rural hospital, but its probably better than CGHS even tho not much resources in place.

So, macam2 orang I'm working with in ED sini coz we hafta liaise with the other teams, whether to admit/ home. And I definitely hafta brush up my ilmu2 kedoktoran ni. That includes ECG, pharmacology, definitely the anatomy part (especially bones.. think ortho), physiology of the lungs (erk...) and other stuff. But these are the critical things in any specialty of medicine I suppose. Seb baik la aku ni blaja kat aussie, therefore I've learned how people here bullshit here & there even tho diorang tak tau.. kiranye cam byk ckp jugak la. Hehehheeh.. seb baik jugak my bosses ingat aku reti apa yg aku ckp (well, mostly aku tau la jugak apa yg aku ckp), while what I do is menyamar pandai, ehehhehehe, macam org2 Aussie ni.

Its interesting how at 12:34:56 on this day of 07/08/09, here in Melbourne I was busy running around ED sorting out patients (mostly pretending to be busy), while the rest of the world were creating their own history. Baby's born, a surprise party elsewhere, successful sales, people at work, orang gi solat Jumaat, lunch wit family. And also on the other hand, people dying, world hunger, tanah runtuh, accidents, etc.

I have a few days off until next week before starting on nights again. Takut la jugak nak start nights. Bukan apa, aku takut nak wake the on-call people for referrals. Kerja siang senang, call je & diorang may komplen tapi the resources are there. Other than that, aku okay. Big bosses takde, cuma senior registrar, which is cool, bleh main2 sket. Heheheheheh.

And for these days off, aku nak study sket2, sambil gi jalan2 & spend some time with hubby. Rindu hubby. Ada bday invitation on Sunday. Book-keeping stuff, e.g. tax return, bills, etc. And berelaksasi.

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