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Monday, April 20, 2009

Boring Nights.. lalallaalaaaaa

So, that's the typical night for night shifts. Sometimes it gets busy at the very start of the shift, sometimes busy in the middle part of it until morning (sampai tak sempat subuh), sometimes quiet with some dumb fon calls.

When I get to work, I usually wait for the handover from the evening docs and fon calls from the wards before I go down there. I used to go each ward & ask them anything to do before I disappear. Most of the time these nurses are not even ready yet of what they need doc for, most of the time they just rely on their own handover then after they manage to go thru things then they would call u. So, its kinda a waste of time & energy to go down there only to find out that they havent gone thru stuff yet, then u go back to the resi room only to get called 1/2hr or so later. Plus I got in trouble from the bloody wrinkly bed manager for going to all the wards the other week because I told them, jokingly, pls dont call me in btw 3-6am so if u need me, better tell me now. (like always, they said nuthing to worry about, but alas, such liars & back stabbers they are).

2320hrs. Huh, I knew it, there it goes again that stoopid pager. IV cannulation for a patient. I remember when I left the ward just now, they said they had nuthing else that they needed me for.

And, there it goes again.. and again... until its time to handover to the morning doctors (who sometimes dont really bother to come on time regardless)...

Dan di atas permintaan peminat2ku esp. k.nana &
geng (hahahahahahahhahahahahha.. sorry la, lame gila), buat tatapan anda semua, ni dia costume yg gua pakai utk kerja mlm ni.


Havent been well for the past few weeks, but was just hanging in there & kept going. Today got worst, had fever the whole day today. My body was aching & burning. My throat was burning. Cant be bothered to actually get a sick leave because I know I need it for next month. So here I am at work, feeling miserably miserable.
Oh well, what to do.. there's always the Emergency Department.


Topsy-Turvy Mum said...

wahhhh..doctor vogue..cepat sihat pesakit kalo camni :)

aquahartz said...

hehehhehe.. terima kasih. nanti kalau i rajin i bubuh lagi okay. ahhahaha malu la.. aawwww..

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