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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Soo... kau pikir kau bleh dance Aussie? hehehhehehee

Cuaca kat luar tu sejuk gila. Rainy, windy, dark & gloomy. Not the right weather condition to my liking.

Was thinking of going to Bunnings to buy some pots & soil for our growing baby vegies in the backyard, but its too harsh outside, so we decided to stay in.

TV shows on Sundays kat sini tersangat la membosankan. Car racing, footy, ntah apa2 lagi Australian history dlm war. Duh!.

Tambah memBOSANkan lagi ialah the too frequent iklan of final of So You Think You Can Dance Australia. I sooooo hate that show ever since it started its first season last year. It is excruciatingly BORING!!!
I hate the host, si Natalie Basingthwaite. I hate her hair style, I hate her words, I hate her fashion, I hate the way she talks, I hate everything about her as a host. Tak layak langsung. Buat rosak show je. Dgn muka mengah tak semangat dia tu, pas tu the way dia deliver her comments, uurrgghhh, jijiks. She's good as a singer, but definitely NOT as a host. I thot afta bad reviews of last season, the show would replace her wit someone better. But alas, dia lagi.. bosan!
I hate the judges. Ntah apa2 je comments diorang. Yg tak bagus, dia kata bagus, tang mana skillful yg diorang nampak tu tak tau la. Malu gua nak dgr kata2 diorang tu. I think they are all gay who dont kno wat they r talking about. I dont think they even kno how to dance properly.
I hate the lightings & the choice of songs. Tak matching langsung dgn type of dance that's chosen for the dancers. Such a turn off.
I hate the dancers as well. Too much drama. Dance je la. Kecoh betul. Diorang memang kureng berbakat. Kalau sekadar bleh lompat2, pusing2 & split at the same time, baik tak yah. All the martial arts practioners bleh buat lagi hebat. Yang lagi boringnye ialah u dont really see where their improvement is in each episode, cam semua sama je, semua pun bosan. Tah mana ntah yg judges ni nampak diorang ni bagus, tak tau la. Cam mana ntah bleh ada top 4 dancers. Mebbie yg paling bosan di antara semua tu kot.
Some of the choreographers pun ntah apa2. Some takde identity sendiri, mcm tiru the Americans (like they always do here). Bosan, bosan...
Memang nak tido la each time terpaksa endure watching this coz there's nuthing exciting to watch on other channels.

I had big hopes abt this show before it started just because of the
So You Think You Can Dance America, which is BRILLIANT!! Tapi segala2nye hancus. 2nd season was thought to be so much better than the 1st one. Ye la dgn Mary & Nigel from the American show appearance as guest judges, and I cant believe these two kasi good comments of the Aussie show! Mebbie sebab nak jaga tatasusila diorang in public eyes kot. Diplomatic nyee. Well, wat to do.

So You Think You Can Dance America memang best. I've been following the show since season 2, would be very angry if I missed one episode. The host memang best, cun, semua la. The judges ada yg tak best, but love Mary, Nigel & Mia Michael & most of them. They give very good constructive comments & very relevant. The dancers are superb, they work very hard and u can see how they progress each episode. The choreographers are all excellent with the dancers depicting their stories thru the dances. Just superb. Love the choice of songs & outfits, also the matching movement of lightings. So uplifting. Terasa nak dance je (kalau aku try sure masuk spital patah riuk).
Tak sabar nak tunggu this year's
So You Think You Can Dance America Season 5. Dengar kata akan start audition afta American Idol abis, which is pretty soon.

Malam ni aku mmg takkan buka So You Think You Can Dance Aussie on channel 10, tak rugi pon tak tgk the finale. Nuthing else to watch, so baik main Wii =D

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