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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

its been a looong time

hi there, its been a while since i last posted something here. it was about 4 years now if i'm not mistaken.
lots of things have happened, both bright sunny & gloomy.
family things, friends who come & go, the environment, global issues.. heck.. haha.
anyways, will be back to spill sth.
at the moment on night shifts. there's been ups & downs of it.
its autumn at the moment, but it feels so like winter. people around me knows that i get sour during winter.. it has been like that since i got here in Australia ~9yrs ago. being here makes me appreciate the lovely sun in Malaysia, even though sometimes it can be a bit hot & sticky. yet, hot & sticky in Malaysia is nuthing if to compare with the heat wave that we just had early this year, or those heat wave every single year in summer. i love the lovely sun & flowers & trees in middle spring. just lovely, except the fact that now i tend to get this foreign thing people call hay fever. its debilitating.
i must say that i'm kinda glad its milder now, with some extreme cold temp as its approaching winter. overall, like i sed before, i dont like winter where ever i go.
okay just wasting my time while trying to stay awake on a night shift.
i'm doing my counting down on FB, its night 6 now, 1 more to go. lets just hope that it will be cru-sy for everyone.
i wont start on different kinds of species whom i hafta deal with in day to day life working as a doc. mebbie next time.
okay, ciao.

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