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Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary, 12years in Australia

I am supposed to study coz VIVA anatomy & pathology next week. But.. I hafta post this..

This is my fb post:
12yrs ago I was this little innocent kid arrived in Melbourne, it was foggy n freezing. Didnt kno anything much about Australia, couldnt understand the accent, couldnt stand the weather, couldnt stand the homesickness.. Life was tough then but great experience. Thanks much to everyone here who've been with me along the journey & still with me, & especially doa keluarga n those close to me di sana I'm wiser, stronger & still going..
Happy anniversary to me & those who were with me along the journey at that time.. We are still standing & going..
Goshhh, what a lifetime, I am sooo old now..
It was spring, it was cold, fog came out of our mouth. We had to listen hard & careful to all these locals talking to us.. Unknown foreign country, kinda scary actually... (drama to be continued).
Okay, back to studying. 


misshannajr said...

tak pernah terpikir nak bermastautin kat tempat orang hehe

Chibi Maruko said...

12 tahun tu, lama sungguh di bumi sana... mesti dah rasa cam di negara sendiri di sana kan, iya ke...

A~ said...

@misshannajr: tak berniat nak bermastautin sini. satu hari nanti akan balik ke msia jugak. insyaAllah.

@chibi: ntah la. dah biasa dgn system sini but still terasa mcm di bumi asing. rindu family di sana.. huhuhu..

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