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Monday, September 26, 2011

Our very rushed short Adelaide trip but very worth while

Lama gila tak jengah sini. Seperti biasa alasah lapuk yg semua pon dah bosan dengar. Malas, busy with work. Hehe.
Malam ni kerja night shift sampai la Khamis malam, abis pagi Jumaat. And then on-call over the weekends. So everyone, please doakan aku tak perlu called in for the weekends, please doakan kesihatan & keselamatan all the registrars so that aku tak perlu menjengah work on the weekends. InsyaAllah. Amin.

Aku & hubby baru balik frm Adelaide pagi tadi. Penat gila. We spent 2 days there basically. Semuanye rushed & a very short time to spend in a new place. Hubby's buddy's wedding, di mana kami dapat the invitation way early this year, but I guess I never thought that I would actually go due to exams, work commitment, etc, so kami tak permah confirmed to go anyways, even though hubby mmg nak sgt pegi. And all the hotel & flight booking semuanye sangat2 last minute, aku rasa abah sure kena heart attack kalau tau this last minute kami punye kerja. Hehe.

I was working Friday night until midnight, didnt leave the hospital that early. Packed last minute. Didnt sleep that night. I think hubby pon tak cukup tido gak, dlm 2,3 jam je mlm tu. Pagi almost 5am bertolak ke airport. I felt like I was flying when I was driving to the airport, semuanye rasa keawang-awangan. Letih + tak tido mlm tu. Alhamdulillah semua selamat sampai kat airport even tho kami kena lari2 dari parking ke terminal. Lambat gila checked in, we were the last people to check in, and luckily airport punye org made it easy for us bila dah lambat2 tu. Seb baik kami bukan the last people to board the plane. Some turbulence on the plane & aku tak dpt tido.
Dr. S. picked us up frm the airport that pagi buta. Aku & hubby sangat2 appreciate their hospitality & kindness that a.m. Breakie jap & main2 with the sweet princess, Alysha, then I had the opportunity to take a very short nap kat rumah Dr. S & Dr. D. Kesian hubby tak rehat, I think dia segan kot. Hubby managed to book a rental car frm Thrifty thru the net kat rumah Dr. D. Kami rush ke tpt kereta afta lunch. Then terus checked in, tukar baju utk gi wedding. Aku pakai the only baju kebaya yg muat for the wedding (dah gemok!!!), itu pon kena unhook the kain & the zip head tinggalkan a bruise on the skin kat my waist.. hehehe. Haru.
Btw, the wedding is somewhere in the valley. Sejuks gilaaaaaaaa! Nice area & everything was beautiful. Many hours afta that, just b4 midnight baru kami drove back to the city. My first ever encounter meeting with a kangaroo on the road, dia kinda selamba je jumped in front of our car masa tgh turn bukit dari valley tu. Sebab dia tak takut kat kereta even tho kami honked, so kami pon drove slowly behind it & amik gambar. Haha. Hubby cakap dia plak yg rasa cam floating je balik dari wedding tu sampai hotel. Sampai bilik dah hampir midnight kami terus basically dead. Dah abis Saturday kami.

Pagi Sunday until late afternoon spent time with hubby's bunch of friends, kat city & kat Adelaide Hills. Balik pon rushed jugak. Packed sket2 prior going to Dr. D & Dr. S. place that early evening. Her mum made us a lovely hearty dinner nasi ayam & apple crumble. Sedap gila, sampai lupa amik gambar food. Alysha wasnt well that evening, but then she picked up & became hyper, mebbie coz of the paracetamol & some chocolate (ooppsss.. my bad! Sorry, Dr. D.). Watched some video's & photos of Alysha, main2 dengan dia sampai aku pon rasa mengah hahahha. Watched a short episode of Modern Family with them, then kol 9+pm balik ke hotel. Sedih la such a short time spent dgn Dr. D. & Dr. S. tak sempat nak buat apa2. Sampai hotel even tho still early, kami dah basically still rasa nak mati & terus tido lepas solat.

We woke up at 4am on today. Drove to the airport & dropped the car. Had quick breakie afta checked in. Aku ternap dlm 1/2hour dlm plane back to Melbourne, hubby plak blom terbang dah padam dah. Sampai Melbourne aku terus drove him to his work, & aku drove to Dandenong straight frm the city to get some halal meat & vegies (dah 2minggu tak masak betul2.. =P opps). Balik tu dah lewat sangat. Such a beautiful dah but alas I couldnt spend it properly. Had some munchies then terus padam atas katil.

There, my hectic weekends, I thought I didnt want to go coz of work/ assignments/ presentations/ etc. I'm soooo glad I made it. Very refreshing even tho semuanye rushed gila. Managed to see the people that I wanted to see for sooo long. Wish we had more time though.
Thanks Dr. D. & Dr. S & Alysha for the lovely time spent together even tho sangat2 short. Hugs. Semoga kita jumpa lagi.

Now its time to get ready to work. Next time aku tulis lagi about our trip to Adelaide, etc. Harap2 aku ok mlm ni sampai pagi coz unfortunately 2 junior docs yg in charge of the department today :(
Doakan kami selamat k. Ciao.


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