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Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Rotation, New Hospital

Okay, it's been ages since I last wrote anything. And everyone knows ni semua gara-gara malas. Nak kata busy, saja mem-busy-kan body with nonsense.

It is the new working year for doctors around Australia mostly, and definitely in Victoria. We started on 2nd Feb 2015 hari tu. As for my non-ED requirements in my ED advanced training, and since I really needed a break from ED, I am now at the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital in East Melbourne, Alhamdulillah. However, my application for the 2nd half of 2015 at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Monash Medical Centre got the silent treatment.. well, dah call banyak kali asking about the status of my application but each time they said they still looking for a full timer, instead of a 6mo registrar that I applied, so, lama-lama tu paham-paham je la memang diorang reject dah. Kalau some job recruitment usually diorang akan hantar email/ letter of rejection. Sigh... bukan rezeki la tu. Sob sob sob...

Anyways, talking about the new term, I will be at the RVEEH for 6 months until raya puasa nanti. Such a steep learning curve. Rasa macam tak tau apa-apa pasal these very specialized areas: the eye & ear. So aku banyak tengok You Tube about eye & ear especially on history taking & examinations. Rasa macam medical student balik. My colleagues with ED training background pun rasa mcm tu. Serious takut. 

The people there are very friendly and supportive. They know that the ED registrars dont know anything and they teach you very patiently, 1 small area at a time. We are probably an expert in general medical/ emergency stuff but zero in eye & ear stuff. 

So far, so good. Am not as anxious at work now. Dah buat a round of night shifts hari tu, where we ED reg cover ENT stuff, codes & the wards (dah lama tak buat kerja resident ni.. sheeshh), and the ophthalmology reg covers all the eye stuff. Scary but I went through it selamat.. Alhamdulillah. A week of nights starting wednesday night & abis wednesday a.m. the next week. Then dpt around 5-6 days off. 5 days tu sebab tak kira the wednesday yg abis nights tu. 

So I will be working next this tuesday teaching je in a.m. then seminggu arvo shift.. huhuhu... 

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