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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Winter Chill

It is mid- June. It has been a very cold winter. In fact winter came a bit earlier than winter itself. It has been persistently lower single digit every night & frosty early morning. The sun comes out late morning for a few hours, at least kinda giving hope to the otherwise gloomy day. Winter officially goes on until 31st August, so we have a long way to go still. Sigh...

I have about 1 month left at the Royal Eye & Ear Hospital to finish my 6-month rotation, and I already feel sad about returning back to my old hospital. Earlier this year on my last day at the old hospital, I was slightly sad on to leave before starting at the Eye & Ear. But here I have already started feeling sad to leave again. I am really enjoying my time here. Sigh.. 

We ED registrars work every other weekends. This weekend is my working weekends. Am doing arvo shift, meaning I finish at midnight. Had a short breakie with hubby & a friend, then back at home. Still sleepy coz slept late last night, and woke up early for breakie today. But it's all worth it. Kinda the last breakie before puasa Ramadhan 1436H. After that mebbie will be a few weeks after Aidilftri coz most of my friends are sitting their primary exams around that time. And at the same time this is the time for our annual work application and interview for next year. Sigh.. annoying that we have to do this every single year... never ending. 

Anyways, enuf of my winter-head ranting. Have a good & safe weekend everyone.

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