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Monday, June 15, 2015

Pengorbanan Kali Ini

Drama queen betul. Heh.

Okay, last night I had to through away my whole work attire (except tudung) to the bin. My top, pants, socks & shoes. They were cheap on clearance ones, but still I threw away my work outfits. All into the bin.

The last case that I saw last night prior going home was an epistaxis (nosebleed), a young professional who has been living with anxiety, which is causing their very high blood pressure & each time this will lead to a nosebleed. X came before my shift started & saw my boss, had their treatment & went home. X came back just before I finished my evening shift with blood pouring out of her nose. 

Normal practice is that I would put on my disposible protective gown & gloves (which are removed once you step out of that particular cubicle) and cover an epistaxis patient with some blue +/- gown, +/- cover the floor with some blue, get the suction ready, etc. It is an arterial bleed, yes, but that extra few seconds of keeping the area safe does make a big difference. So those were what I did anyway with this particular patient.

But of course X didnt bleed when I was attending them. No source of bleeding in either nostrils, other than the obvious 200/120 blood pressure. During the observation, I had to attend to another young hypertensive emergency that already had bleeding & swollen retina in their both eyes that we had to transfer out of the Eye & Ear hospital. And of course, X had to bleed massively while we were doing that. 

On the way to grab a new set of protective attire, X had to cough, cry, stress out. And in turn more blood gushing out of X's nose in response to the climbing blood pressure. And that was when some blood splattered onto my lower half of my front. Sheeeeeessshhhh... So much fun! 
Threw away the attire at home, and yes, I deserve to be a drama queen. 

I dont fully blame patients when this things happens. Orang kata apa guna jadi doctor, hey, kalau takut darah, kencing, tahi & all those disgusting bodily produce. 

Think about you as a patient, mesti u ada sket2 pandang slack kat doctors yg lepas pegang u dia terus basuh tangan, "macam aku ni geli sangat!". Well, think about this again, you as a patient, the doctor dah lepas pegang pesakit lain kat cubicle/ katil sebelah yang u tau ada penyakit u anggap geli or lepas exposed to some darah, phlegm, etc, tanpa basuh tangan terus periksa u. Best tak?

Healthcare is not only about caring & managing health, but also is about prevention. We as healthcare professionals should as much as possible not spread germs, also as much as possible to actually protect ourselves from contracting any diseases. Not worth it at all. In a controlled situation, a little extra of these simple efforts make a very big difference. Of course in real disaster, sometimes you cant avoid it. And nowadays we can actually afford that extra 1-2 minutes to simply grab a pair of gloves/ goggles/ gown. Based on these experiences, I always make an effort to have at least a pair of gloves in my pocket, bags, car, etc coz you will never know.

I dont really have to dwell into it much, just think of the basic. Setiap healthcare professional akan dilatih very basic: DRSABC for any clinical situation. And to me, the first 3 principles can be applied to any situation too.

D= Danger. Avoid, remove any danger.. SAFELY!
R= Response. Check for response.
S= Send for help. 
A= Airways.
B= Breathing. 
C= Circulation.

Yes, and yup, last night memang aku dah jadi a drama queen, tapi at home lah.. Takde kerja la nak meratap bagai kat ED sana nun.. hehehe.
Hopefully doesnt happen that often again. 

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