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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am... officially on my weird-annual-leave

Hmmm.. dah lama tak tulis kat sini. Its like mmmm a week ago. A few things happened from then til now.

My psychiatry rotation.
I was still falling asleep during patient interviews, but to a much less severe extent. Still terhangguk-hangguk time interview especially dgn ppl with personality disorders. There were some stuff relating to physical medicine issues, & thats when I paid much more attention. :D
Stayed back a bit on Friday to do handover for the person who's covering for my 2 week leave. Apparently the person who's doing that quite enjoyed doing psych before, so he was looking forward to do it again. Soooo different from me la kan. Nevertheless, people in psych team are very supportive & understanding, so I think I will enjoy doing the rotation, provided I do some readings & studying while on leave.

Played wit TTM & TTD. Lemah betul stamina. Baru seminit dua dah mengah semacam. Hehhehehe.. bukan apa, aku ni malas bebeno. Sebab malas tu la jadi lemah tu. Teringat zaman uni dulu, I joined karate. Because females sket gila, kitorang tak dpt excuse masa training. Kalau lelaki buat 50 push ups, kami pon kena buat gak. Kalau lelaki buat 200 sit ups, kami pon sama. Disebabkan I was alwiz stressing up dgn training, on the days takde training aku slalu praktis all the moves including the push ups dan jugak other cardio exercises (swim/jog). Looking back, aku puas hati aku buat yg tu dulu. Now sebab kerja dijadikan alasan utk bermalas-malasan, so aku rasa aku agak muncit if to compare wit before.
Kalau ikutkan, with semangat waja boleh je buat cam dulu kan ;)

Helping hands.
Helped a fren, Dr. H, moving out of her old house. Penat gila la coz barang2 dia besau2. Anyhow, I'm glad she moved out of that house coz hidup dia selama ni dah cukup terseksa dgn kerenah the weirdo housemates. Wooo.. gila boleh nangis kalau diingat-ingatkan.
Muscles.. here I come! ahhahahahahah.

Snipping the jungle outside memang best. Terasa mcm tumbuh muscles. Puas hati. Its another good way to hilangkan stress jugak. Clear dah my backyard & tpt parking kereta tu. Tak sempat buat semua hari tu, but I'll make sure this coming weekends kami sempat buat together. Its spring & everything is growing fast. So tak nak la ternak ular/ biawak semua kan. Kena clearkan no matter wat.

Went looking for a car these past 2 weeks. Utk persediaan summer akan datang. Dun want to mati dlm kereta with my current car. Its a very exhausting experience. Beli kereta ni bukan mcm beli handbag/ kasut. Its a big commitment, it involves a large amount of money. So kena la cari kereta that comes with a good deal. Kalau la aku ni kaya gila, aku takkan tension2 cam ni. Dah lama gua sambar Toyota Prius tu satu or Mazda 6 Luxury Sports Hatch or Mazda CX7.
Tapi nak buat cam mana, aku takde la sekaya itu.. yet! :) Bersyukur je la dgn apa yg aku mampu now. :)

Final stage. Dah hantar the documents. Harap2 la settle soon. This is one other reason that could affect me buying a car for now. And other things, including specialty training. InsyaAllah everything goes well.

Driving license.
Waarrgghhh! Aku still blom settle lagi yg ni. Tension gua. I hafta change my M'sian driving license to Vic license, esp. bila visa dah settle. Takutnye nak amik test.

Results out tomorrow. Aku doakan my brother gets an excellent result for this. Amiin. InsyaAllah. Will call home tonite.

Today is the grand opening of the final wing. Am going to buang masa, tenaga & duit there with hubby & Dr. MJ. Saja2. Even tho I kno I'm not in need of anything urgent for now. Eh... wait a minute. I do need a new kettle coz last week I blew our only kettle off. So now kena guna alternative lain. There, ada gak alasan best nak gi Chaddy. Selain tu nak gi beli stuff for Dr. H for her housewarming this weekend.

Til then, nanti gua update lagi wat we found there at Chadstone. Ciao.

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