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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kejap Ada, Kejap Takde...

Its day 2 of work & I'm still alive.
I keep on falling asleep during interviews with patients.. which is not good at all, especially in my bosses' eyes. Its bad that I look attentive each time we begin, then comes 10mins, tic toc tic toc.. mata pon kuyuuu je, pas tu all the voices go fuzzy.. Suddenly I hear my boss thank the patient for their time with us. Aduh!

I'm lost on each attempt of doing the discharge summaries. My brain freezes when I start to flip through the notes.

Well, in ED, if a patient starts to be vague & rambling, I could easily redirect the converstion of what the focus of the current ED admission is.. more on why they are here in ED now rather than seeing a GP or early on into the condtion/ symptoms. But here in psych, I cant really do that, can I? The patients talking, appearance, behaviour, contents, etc are the things that I actually hafta pay attention on... and it doesnt help with me having a super short attention span & impatient. I think thats because I'm soooo used to ED that I'm not used to this new environment. Hmmm... I miss ED so much. :(

I do haf to go to work on weekends but only for 4 hours, then on call for 24hrs. If I am on call, weekdays or weekends, I actually hafta be there, physically, at the hospital if I do get called. Even if its 3am in the morning... Adus!!

Fuh, meetings, discharge summaries, lengthy collateral histories, timely interviews, on calls, linkings, follow ups, etc. All these things that I rarely do in ED, unless kalau terpaksa. E.g. patient with advanced dementia who comes from a high level care nursing home. Have I told anyone that I'm not that keen on working on the wards.. again?

Its a total turn around from ED!

Ckp pasal meeting, teringat tadi meeting dekat dgn BHH Centro. Ingat nak naik kereta, tapi teringatkan parking & keretaku yg sedikit hampes tu, so aku jalan la kaki. Panas gila, but aku control jelita dgn memakai sunnies ku ke sana. Seb baik kasut sedikit comfy. Lama gila kena jalan tgh2 panas tu. Abis la, hangus la lepas ni. 15-20mins jalan pegi (and the same duration utk balik semula ke ward). Sesat plak tu. Aduh. Ingat nak naik cab je tadi. Tapi bila teringatkan kang ada yg panggil aku badak ke, gajah ke (cam waktu obese dulu), maka aku slamba je la. (Eleh, badak & gajah macho je dlm panas tu... so takleh la panggil aku dgn gelaran2 bertuah tu kan).

All these symptoms are transitional I believe. I'm not nervous each time I walk into the psych ward. Well, I suppose thats a good start.

Anyho, I'm glad that everyone in psych team is soooo nice & patient with me being impatient & nervous all the time (nervous of myself losing it, pretty much). And kinda think of it, I am glad to be here than having to spend the next 3 months on the medical/ surgical wards.. which is more exhausting & draining (emotionally, mentally, physically, socially) than anything else. The environment here is definitely more relaxed than that of an actual physical medicine wards, & of course ED.

And more, I'm glad that I can actually have breakie & dinner with hubby, also some fun weekends.

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