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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

ACEM Primary Exams dah selesai


Sat my primary exams viva on the 19th Sept hari tu, and passed. Sangat-sangat lega dah selesai primary exams and now onto nak selesaikan the final hurdle of being in the basic training. Lepas tu I will be in my advanced training of Emergence Medicine, in sya Allah. 

In the meantime, I want to focus on getting that balance in my life. In the past 1 1/2 years right up to the viva, my life was kind of an upside down roller coaster. Aug 2012 sat anatomy & pathology primary exams. Didnt pass Pathology unfortunately. Then Feb 2013 sat the pathology, pharmacology & physiology pulak. Unfortunately didnt pass physiology. Emergency college changed the primary exam format for Aug 2013. Dulu for each subject you have to sit the written exam then dah pass, baru invited to sit for the viva pulak, which is separate for each subject. So 4 subjects (anatomy, pathology, physiology, pharmacology) equal to 8x exams. Now for each subject you sit the written exam like before, but after passing all written exams baru boleh sit the combined viva. The new viva format pulak, 1 station will have 4 questions (1 question for each subject), and there will be 4 stations in total. So in Aug 2013 I sat the written physiology exam, passed, then sat the combined viva & alhamdulillah passed.

My certificate yg kemek2 pasal basah kena hujan while in the mailbox

Bersyukur sangat-sangat. So traumatizing, that all the plans I had before passing, the plans of what to do once I pass my exams, semua still stalling lagi coz still traumatized by the primary exams. Lega, that now I can focus on my clinical & research aspects of my work & also my advanced training stuff, tak payah risau kena study the boring raw basic sciences stuff. I can start focusing on my exit exam, which will be in 3,4 years time pulak. I can take it easy with my everyday life & enjoy the warmer season now. Rasa macam kepala ni lebih ringan.



Norhayati Fadzil said...

congrats ana. been watching out for updates tp lama menyepi. i'm glad your exam is over. congrats again! pasni trip to UK meh. ;P xyatx

Norhayati Fadzil said...

congrats ana! been watching out for latest news. lama menyepi blog ini. am glad your exam is over. congrats again. mesti sangat sangat happy. pasni meh jalan jalan UK ;p *hugs* yat

A~ said...

exam dah abis. tapi ada lagi exam in a few years time, tu exit exam before jadi ed physician. kat sini cuma GP, medical physician & peads je ada 1 exam. lain2 specialties sumer ada 2 or 3 parts of exams.
In sya Allah, kalau murah rezeki gi uk plak. korang plak bila nak dtg sini?

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